Hair loss after childbirth: what to do?

During pregnancy, a woman’s hair becomes better than usual — thick, lush, shiny and grows faster. Later the girl notices that after childbirth her hair started to fall out strongly. Hair loss after childbirth is a very common problem.

Выпадение волос после родов: причины и лечение

Why does one lose a lot of hair after childbirth?

There are a number of reasons


During pregnancy, the level of estrogen in the body increases. The hormone prolongs the life of the hair and its growth phase. Hair loss after childbirth is a natural process. During this period, the amount of estrogen returns to normal. Hair, whose life span has been extended, begins to fall out.

Androgenetic alopecia.

Genetic predisposition. Alopecia in this case comes closer to menopause, but it can be triggered by hormonal changes and disorders during pregnancy (and after childbirth). In this case, you should consult a doctor, a trichologist. He will select the necessary methods and medications.


  • The loss lasts more than a year.
  • Hair becomes brittle and dull (thinner than it was).
  • The parting «glows».
  • No new hair is coming in to take the place of the hair that has fallen out.

You can visually compare the density of hair in a photo taken a year earlier.

Stress and overwork

Childbirth is a significant strain on the nervous system. Some babies are restless. A newborn requires constant attention both day and night. This leads to lack of sleep. If the girl is inexperienced, there is even more stress.

Lack of micronutrients

Lack of protein and vitamins occurs due to insufficient nutrition. In late pregnancy, doctors keep an eye on the girl’s weight. After childbirth, a woman may be chasing a figure. Dieting may be forced (on the recommendation of a specialist). This stimulates hair loss.

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Iron deficiency anemia

During pregnancy, the amount of blood increases and the viscosity decreases. The level of hemoglobin decreases. It is normalized by taking vitamins. Also hemoglobin can fall if a girl has lost a lot of blood during childbirth or pregnancy proceeded with complications.

Endocrine disorders

In this case, hair loss continues for more than a year. Symptoms of endocrine system disorders include dizziness and headaches, swelling, acne, pressure surges, significant weight gain or loss. An endocrinologist can help solve the problem.


Hair after childbirth can rash due to anesthesia during childbirth and cesarean section. The problem goes away on its own after a few months.

If doubts arise, you need to see a doctor. He will help to determine the root of the problem and eliminate it. When large baldnesses are addressed to a trichologist.

Выпадение волос после родов: причины и лечение

What to do if hair loss started after childbirth?

Recovery after childbirth takes time. A comprehensive approach is important.

  • Normal sleep and nutrition, rest. Part of the household chores and care for the baby can sometimes be entrusted to the husband or entrusted to grandparents.
  • Vitamins. Normal complexes will not work. You need supplements for pregnant women. Help the right doctor to choose everything you need.
  • Psychological support from loved ones is important. If this is not enough and the emotional background is disturbing, you can see a psychotherapist.
  • Yoga promotes relaxation and speeds up recovery. The website is designed for self-study at home.
  • Hairbands, tight hairstyles and drying with a hair dryer «finish off» the hair. Instead of metal combs, it is better to use wooden ones.
  • Gentle massage of the head accelerates blood circulation, relaxes and relieves tension from the eyes.

You can use a burning mask of pepper and mustard, but carefully. If you have thin skin and sensitivity should abandon this endeavor.

Выпадение волос после родов: причины и лечение

If the loss is excessive and very disturbing, it is better to see a doctor. He will appoint the necessary tests, identify the cause of the problem and help eliminate it. has a blog with useful information for moms, a 12-week recovery course and a free chat on Telegram.

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