Sometimes a woman is tormented by the problem that she gained weight after giving birth, but sometimes the opposite is true: she lost weight after giving birth. Yes, this also happens. In any case, pregnancy and hormonal background, one way or another, affect the appearance of weight, in one direction or another.

How exactly does a mom’s weight behave after giving birth? At what point can a woman begin to lose weight after giving birth? Ideally, it happens as soon as the childbirth process is completed. More than half of the weight gained during pregnancy is:

  • enlarged uterus – more than 1 kg;
  • amniotic fluid – about 1 kg;
  • baby weight – normal weight of about 2 kg 500 to 4 kg;
  • placenta and membranes – 600-700 grams.

Total, minus 6 kilograms at least. Let’s add here a prolonged serious load on the body during childbirth – the calories are burned no worse than in a full-fledged workout. Of course, this does not always contribute to the immediate achievement of the “pre-pregnancy” weight, since, as many people know from experience, a woman can gain much more than 6-8 kilos during pregnancy.

Вес мамы после родов: что происходит с организмом

How much does a woman lose after giving birth in the first days?

Changes in weight after childbirth occur very gradually. Although, literally in the first weeks the young mother will leave at least a couple of kilos more. This is due to changes in hormonal background – during pregnancy hormones took over, and the figure on the scale automatically crept up. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy there was:

  • an increase in blood volume;
  • an increase in the amount of intracellular fluid;
  • Swelling of the breasts and other hormonal changes, not to mention the weight associated with changes in the pelvic organs and fetal growth.

Next, there’s more. Within a few days after childbirth, hormonal background can change dramatically, because now the body has a new task – to feed the baby. And this is possible thanks to lactation.

Due to these changes, a young mother will be able to lose 2-3 more kilograms soon after the birth of the baby.

Вес мамы после родов: что происходит с организмом

Weight after childbirth when breastfeeding

Regardless of whether the mother gained weight after childbirth or lost weight after childbirth, it is still necessary to monitor her weight and her diet – breastfeeding and the changes in weight associated with it will remain for some time (6 months to a year). These are the kilograms that were put by nature in a woman’s body to produce milk.

So, not counting the weight, which automatically went away after the birth process and stabilization of the hormonal background, in the next period, including the period of lactation and breastfeeding, a young mother will be able to lose another 5-7 kilograms without any excessive efforts. Not breastfeeding women have a superpower – they can accelerate the process of weight loss, this is due to the diet and the opportunity to engage in more physical activity. By the way, breastfeeding can be greatly affected by a sudden weight loss: along with this, the lactation level will decrease and most likely, the hormonal background will suffer. So it is recommended to do everything gradually and under the supervision of a specialist, otherwise you will have to work on the consequences even longer. We all understand the urge to get into your favorite dress immediately after the birth, but it is better to take care of the recovery of your body. You have given life to a new person, and that is the most important thing now!

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Вес мамы после родов: что происходит с организмом

Why does a woman not lose weight after childbirth?

It can happen that weight is not lost, but, on the contrary, is added. In that case, you should look for the cause: help doctors, nutritionists, nutritionists. And with these questions is better not to delay, as gained weight after a long time already “take root” in the body of a woman, and get rid of them will be very difficult.

Why don’t you check yourself?

  • Do you still have the habit of “eating for two”;
  • Whether you have not got RPP on the background of hormonal changes;
  • Do not you “feed” loved ones, “so that milk was nutritious;
  • whether your eating habits have been disrupted;
  • Whether there is no lack of sleep.

If you’ve noticed these signs, you should reconsider your lifestyle and diet: our experts will be happy to help you do it taking into account your individual peculiarities.

Вес мамы после родов: что происходит с организмом

But what if you need to see a doctor?

Very often the loss of weight after childbirth or, on the contrary, a strong increase in body weight after childbirth is influenced by hormonal imbalances. Also to the imbalance of hormones are more likely to women whose pregnancy went with complications – the threat of miscarriage, gestosis, elevated sugar levels and similar malfunctions in the body.

Because of this there may be a significant, and, more importantly, a very rapid weight gain – more than 8 pounds in the first months after the birth of a child! In this case, do not put it off and should always consult a doctor, who is likely to prescribe medication therapy (if, of course, it is about hormones).

But against the background of taking medication do not forget about proper nutrition and proper selection of exercises – in these matters we will gladly help you.

Do not melt in front of your eyes

There are also cases where a woman rapidly loses weight after childbirth, without taking any special measures. This is also a kind of deviation from the norm, on which it is necessary to work comprehensively with a specialist. The rapid weight loss only indicates a malfunction in the health of the mother, which can negatively affect lactation.

So, dear moms, try in your daily hustle and bustle to monitor not only the development of the baby, but also your own health (physical and psychological) and weight. The specialists of our project will do everything to help you and make your motherhood comfortable and happy!

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