How yoga for women can help overcome problems

When a pregnant mother moves little, she runs the risk of provoking blood stagnation in the pelvic organs. Such processes can lead to some female diseases.

Prevent them by using pelvic asanas in daily practice. However, the benefits for pregnant women can be even more significant! Yoga helps to properly prepare for childbirth, reduce the risk of ruptures, and provide relief to yourself, as well as the most favorable conditions for the birth.

Хатха-йога для малого таза для женщин

Yoga for the pelvic organs – exercises

It is important to remember that the process of the first birth often seems daunting for women. Yoga changes the way we relate to our bodies and how much we can

  • feel our reactions;
  • manage the contraction and relaxation of muscles;
  • deal with panic through breathing and awareness.

Asanas aim to normalize blood circulation in the pelvic area and prepare the muscles so as not to tighten and consciously control them at the most important moment.

Хатха-йога для малого таза для женщин


Malasana pose is the most effective for making the ligaments more elastic, to open up the hip area. In addition, the pose helps to make it easy for the baby to get into the right position before delivery.

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Хатха-йога для малого таза для женщин

How to Perform

Prepare a yoga mat or an analogue – a plaid or blanket.

  1. Spread your feet as wide as is comfortable for you. Don’t lose your balance – you can ask a loved one for help and enter the pose near a chair or wall.
  2. Slowly squat, pulling the knees apart.
  3. Not everyone will be able to leave their feet completely pressed to the floor, so you can help yourself! Place books of equal height or rolled up cloth under your heels.
  4. Put your palms together in front of you. Elbows – “push” your knees apart, creating gentle pressure.

To make the exercise even more useful, connect the exercise with the pelvic floor muscles. Squeeze and relax the MTD organs, synchronizing the micro-movements with your breathing (inhale – squeeze, exhale – relax).


A pose that gently massages the back muscles, relaxes the lower back, and works on the nerves. The pose should not be excluded from daily practice and during recovery. Yoga for women, in principle, helps to maintain the state of health to get even more pleasure from motherhood later, to avoid postpartum depression and to discover the new role of a mother with a positive attitude.

Important: Don’t engage your abs! Yoga for small pelvis should not be uncomfortable for you, especially during pregnancy. Make sure that each pose gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation and stretching.

How to Perform

  1. Kneel down, with your outstretched hands on the mat just under your shoulder joints. The knees in turn are under the pelvis.
  2. As you inhale, round your back, twist your pelvis, and press your chin to your chest.
  3. With an exhalation, compensate! Arch the spine in the opposite direction, lift the head and bring the pelvis back.
Хатха-йога для малого таза для женщин

More exercises at the MomsLab online pregnancy preparation program. As little as 10 minutes a day of pelvic yoga will not only help ease the birthing process itself, but also speed up recovery.

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