Strengthening the buttocks by lying down

Did you know that the snake pose, familiar to everyone, not only stretches the front of the body, but also strengthens the buttocks? To enter it you should put your palms as close to yourself as possible and rise up on your hands, at the end straightening them completely. The legs and buttocks are tensed. For flawless performance, do not put your knees and hips on the floor. In this way, the support goes to the outside of the feet, gently stretching them.

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Less common, but no less useful, is the grasshopper pose. It may seem difficult for beginners:

  1. Lie face down.
  2. Lift your straight legs up, straining them as much as possible.
  3. Ideally, try to lift the thorax, so that the pose looks something like a boat.

Tense your buttocks and hips to make the pose complete. To complete the asana, you should also raise your arms. Newbies can stay in the previous position.

Асаны йоги для мышц ягодиц

Asanas from a sitting position

Yoga for firm buttocks includes an angle pose. Sit down and spread your legs as wide as possible. Make sure your back stays straight. Extend your arms out to your feet (with your toes facing up) and touch your big toes. If your stretch allows, touch the floor with your forehead. However, in case your back is rounded and you are no longer in control of its position, stay in the phase where you can “hold” the back.

Асаны йоги для мышц ягодиц

Butterfly pose also allows you to stretch the inner thighs and buttocks muscles. Sit down and straighten your back as in the previous option. Put your feet together in front of you, pushing your heels to the pubic bone as much as possible. There should be no discomfort or painful sensations. If there is symphysitis, put a support under the knees. If the pose is comfortable, then start slowly and gradually “waving” up and down the knees, like the movement of a butterfly.

Асаны йоги для мышц ягодиц

Yoga for the buttocks while standing

Chair pose – also an effective and safe way to strengthen not only the muscles of the buttocks, but also the hips and back, if you connect your hands.


– feet in a stable position at the width of the pelvis;

– Raise your arms above your head and inhale;

– As you exhale, gradually lower your arms and squat down to a comfortable position, bending your knees a little;

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– The body is tilted at about 45 degrees, and the straight arms are an extension of the body.

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The posterior thigh muscle group is also well worked through the warrior pose:

– Spread your legs as wide as possible;

– Turn your body to the side – bend one leg at the knee so as to make an angle of 90 degrees above the heel;

– Legs straightened behind, the muscle above the kneecap can be tensed, the heel is not lifted off the floor;

– Arms are lifted upright along the body, bringing them slightly behind the head – make sure that the head does not “fall” into the shoulders;

– chest out.

Асаны йоги для мышц ягодиц

Yoga for the buttocks also requires compensatory exercises. For example, dog muzzle down. In the final version, the body forms a “triangle”, where the buttocks are the highest point in the asana, and the support goes on the straightened arms and legs. You can take your heels off the floor if you feel that you can’t get your arms and back to form one straight line.

Асаны йоги для мышц ягодиц

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