Benefits of Facial Yoga

Having learned about the existence of facial yoga exercises, not every expectant mother dares to do them, because most women mistakenly believe that exercises for facial muscles will stretch the skin and only worsen its appearance. Years of practice has proven the opposite: yoga for facial rejuvenation can slow down the aging process of the skin, replacing costly surgery.

Йога для лица: для омоложения и подтяжки

The positive effect of yoga exercises is based on strengthening facial muscles, keeping them toned and improving blood supply to tissues, which helps smooth out wrinkles, eliminate sagging cheeks, skin becomes firm and taut. Acting on subcutaneous fat deposits, yoga exercises form a beautiful facial oval, while relaxation of spasmed muscles restores symmetry to the features.

Yoga for facial rejuvenation

Improve the condition of the skin and get rid of wrinkles by doing special exercises and devoting a quarter of an hour a day to facial beauty during pregnancy, you can sit in a comfortable posture and put a pillow under the lower back if necessary. The following exercises are recommended to be practiced as a single complex or to choose several of them for daily practice.

Get rid of wrinkles around the nasolabial area and sagging cheeks.

Inhale and roll a ball of air around your mouth, first to one side, alternately “touching” your lips and cheeks, then in the opposite direction. Do 5-7 repetitions, giving a short rest to the muscles in between.
A similar exercise can be performed using your tongue instead of the air balloon.

Йога для лица: для омоложения и подтяжки

2. Correcting the chin.

Extend the chin forward as much as possible, fix the position, bring the chin back by pressing it into the sternum, hold in this position. Then move the lower part of the face alternately to the right and left, each time pausing before changing position. Repeat the chin forward – backward – right – left movements 5-7 times.

3. Improve blood flow and muscle tone.

Breathe out, keeping your lips and teeth pressed together and tense your cheek muscles. Imagine that you have a pen in your mouth, and you’re trying with all your might not to let them take it away. Make sure your lips do not protrude, and your facial expression remains natural. Hold for 10-20 seconds. As you breathe in, slowly relax your facial muscles.

4. Reduce puffiness, tone the eyelid muscles, prevent wrinkles.

With your index fingers gently lift the upper eyelids. Try to close your eyes, overcoming the resistance of your fingers for 3-5 seconds. Repeat the movement 8-10 times at short rest intervals.

In the same way, try to lift the lower eyelids slightly pulled down, preventing it with the set fingers. Do 8-10 repetitions for 3-5 seconds each.

Йога для лица: для омоложения и подтяжки

5. Prevent dark circles under the eyes.

Blink with your right eye, keeping it open, and fix the position for 5-6 seconds. Do the same with the other eye. Wink 5-7 times for each eye.

6. Preventing wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

Smooth over your forehead and act surprised, widening your eyes with effort. Hold for 10-20 seconds, then completely relax your muscles. Repeat the exercise 5-7 times.

7. Improve lymphatic drainage to relieve puffiness.

Alternate between smiling and relaxing your facial muscles as quickly as possible. When you start to lose your rhythm, take a little break, then repeat the movements.

Йога для лица: для омоложения и подтяжки

Face Yoga Class Recommendations

Yoga exercises for facelift require focus and peace of mind. There should be no distracting sounds or objects in the room during the class. Daily repetition of the technique affects the mental state, teaches you to control your facial expressions, and at the same time your emotions.

Performing facial yoga exercises should be done with caution to expectant mothers who have brittle blood vessels or suffer from skin diseases. It is useful to consult a doctor beforehand. The optimum time for exercise is in the morning before the application of makeup or in the evening before going to bed. Starting practice with 5-10 minutes a day, after a week of practice you will notice a positive effect on the face, and after a month of practice increase their duration by 5 minutes weekly.

It is useful to combine the practice of yoga for face during pregnancy with asanas that improve blood supply to the head and cervical spine, help to relax the body, as well as to complement them with pranayama techniques to get rid of negative thoughts, fill with positive energy and develop the ability to control your emotions.

Йога для лица: для омоложения и подтяжки
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