Yoga postures for the abdomen and waist

During pregnancy, wanting to maintain the waist and strengthen the abdominal muscles, which are under additional strain, it is useful to perform special exercises. You should be careful in choosing yoga asanas for the abs, because it is extremely dangerous to affect the rectus abdominis muscles during this period. An easy version of a daily workout is presented in the video lesson on the site.

Йога для живота: асаны для пресса и талии

Benefits of asanas for the abdomen and waistline

Yoga poses for the abs are designed not only to form a slender waist. In the complex to perform during pregnancy, these exercises are included for the following reasons:

Abdominal muscles support internal organs and the spine, being a kind of support for them;

– Training the oblique muscles helps them withstand the pressure of the growing fetus during pregnancy, preventing sagging abdomen;

– Daily exercise makes the abdominal muscles elastic, allowing the abdomen to quickly “gather” and return to shape after the birth of a child.

Before performing yoga asanas for the abs, you should consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of premature birth and the presence of diagnoses that prevent the practice of oriental practices.

Abdominal exercises

Asanas are performed barefoot on a gymnastic mat, in comfortable clothing with pleasant music. Breathingshould be calm and even, the movements should be slow and smooth.

Йога для живота: асаны для пресса и талии

1. Sit in Vajrasana(Diamond Pose): the pelvis is on the heels of the bent legs with the hands on the knees. We listen to our body and how we feel, and tune in to the practice, letting all unnecessary thoughts go.

Switch to a sideways posture: left leg stretched along the mat, lean on the bent right leg and the palm of the straightened right hand, do bends to the right. Put your left hand behind your head and pull your fingers forward, then bring it back to the starting position in front of your chest, as if you are doing a semicircle with it. The pelvis is moving up and down, putting strain on the oblique abdominal muscles.

Йога для живота: асаны для пресса и талии

Lie on your right side, with your right bent arm supporting your head. Take the position with the palm of your left hand resting on the mat in front of your chest, right leg bent at the knee, left leg straightened along the mat with the toes pointing down. Do the following movements:

– Raise the left leg and lower it down with a comfortable amplitude, making sure that the heel looks strictly up;

– fix the leg in the up position, and then go in circles to one side and back;

– straighten the right arm so it becomes an extension of the body, and with the left foot on the mat, lift the body up as much as possible, with the left hand resting on the hip;

– Straightening both arms and legs in the same position, lying on your side, pushing your left arm forward and pushing your leg backward, stretching your oblique abdominal muscles. 3.

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Йога для живота: асаны для пресса и талии

3. gently move to the supine position, stretching your arms along your torso, legs bent at the knees, feet resting on the mat, shins perpendicular to the floor:

– lower and raise the pelvis several times;

– As you are lying on your back, put the palms of your hands and knees together above your belly, then, as you exhale, straighten both folded arms parallel to the mat and raise them parallel to the floor; as you exhale return them to the starting position;

– Put your palms around the knees of bent and slightly separated legs and roll to one and the other side.

Let’s move to the other side and repeat the exercise, loading the muscles of the right side of the abdomen.

Practicing the asanas in a comfortable way

The classes should start with a small warm-up to warm up the muscles and joints. Yoga postures for the abdomen, which help to maintain the elasticity of the abs during pregnancy, must be performed safely:

– A diagnosis of uterine/abdominal tone is a contraindication for performing yoga asanas for the abs;

– the transition to the supine position is performed from the supine position on the side by gentle rolling;

– do not start the practice after a meal or with a feeling of hunger;

– exercises are performed at a comfortable speed, the amplitude of bends and rotations is individual and depends on the well-being and physical preparation of the future mother;

– in asanas performed lying on the back, the lower back should be pressed against the mat;

– The appearance of the slightest painful sensations is a reason to stop the practice.

In order to perform the abdominal postures correctly and get a positive effect from yoga classes, it is convenient to follow the advice from the video lesson on the website during the practice. Stress on the abdomen for pregnant women is unacceptable, so the set of yoga asanas, which exclude the negative impact on the growing fetus, is selected to gently work the abdominal muscles and maintain a slender waist.

Йога для живота: асаны для пресса и талии

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