Anti-stress exercises for anxiety

Many people have noticed that after yoga, their mood improves and their depressed states are leveled. Now we can talk about the positive effects of yoga from a scientific point of view as well!

Yoga against depression is effective. Because the gamma-aminobutyric acid content in the body increases while doing a set of asanas, we feel peaceful.

For example, the same event before and after practice has a different effect on a person. Neurons are not as excited as they could be. So you are more difficult to “unleash” strong emotions, including worry, anger. At the same time, this does not mean passivity. On the contrary, you are awake, but calm!

Important: Yoga for depression can only help if you’re happy with the exercise. To do this, you need to do the programs, where you picked up the best and safest load. For example, in our MomsLab practices we always take into account the state of a woman’s body right now.

Asanas as a way to improve your condition.

For pregnant women it’s especially important to take into account not only the factor of mood, but also the trimester and the nature of pregnancy development. Let’s not forget that moms have different levels of fitness.

The following practices are quite easy to perform, but it is still better to consult with your doctor, as well as with a competent trainer who specializes specifically in yoga for pregnant women.

Йога в борьбе с депрессией и стрессом

Baddha Konasana is one of the simplest and most effective asanas. It can be performed in several variants:

  1. Spread out the mat. Put a pillow or any other stable elevation, such as a yoga block or a thick book, under your pelvis. Make sure that you “sit” on your pelvic bones without pushing your lower back. Do not force or push your shoulder blades against each other. Your back is straight by spreading your rib cage and stable position on the pelvic bones below.
  2. Take a bolster or form a kind of “cocoon” out of a thick blanket. Place it vertically behind you and lie down gently, positioning yourself along the length of the bolster. Make your head and back comfortable. Bend your knees, as in the previous variant, apart. Feet as close to the pelvis as possible.

Pay attention! If there is pain or discomfort in the pelvic area, also put elevations – pillows, books, etc. – under your knees. Stay in the comfort stretch zone.

Stay in this position for up to 10 minutes. Breathe calmly and try to “catch” a pause after breathing in and out.

Йога в борьбе с депрессией и стрессом

Prasarita Padottanasana is not only a good position, but also a relief for the back.

Again, you can do it if there is no pain in the pelvic area. In this case we do only one light variation of the pose. Under no circumstances carry the weight on one leg only! Distribute the load gently and evenly.


  1. Stand along the mat and spread your legs as far apart as your body “allows.”
  2. Lean forward. Your stomach “lies” between your thighs.
  3. If it is possible, then touch the mat with the palm of your hand, or even stand on the elbows. But do it only if it is comfortable!

With extreme caution, watch for an increase in blood pressure. It is not recommended if you have hypertension.

Йога в борьбе с депрессией и стрессом

Balasana – the pose of a baby.

Probably the most pleasant and relaxing yoga pose, which also compensates the load on the back and lower back. It will be especially pleasant for pregnant women.

Get on all fours. Feed back with your pelvis, gently resting your torso on your knees. Palms remain stretched out in front, or lay them quietly along the body with palms up.

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Pregnant women will be more comfortable with their knees apart and their feet together, which will be more comfortable for their abdomen.

Йога в борьбе с депрессией и стрессом

Viparita Karanit – against apathy and varicose veins

A simplified version of the “birch” for pregnant women to improve venous outflow.


  1. Lay the mat by any stable vertical surface – such as a wall;
  2. Place a roller or cushion under the wall;
  3. Bend your legs and lie on your side perpendicular to the wall;
  4. gradually turn onto your back so that your lower back is on the pillow and your legs are on the wall.

Lie like this for 1-2 minutes to start. Try to distract yourself and listen to your body. After the pose it is good to lie down and relax with straight legs.

Yoga for depression – will it help?

Sarvangasana – the advanced version

If you’re more advanced and have been practicing yoga for a long time, then the previous asana can be complicated by using a higher support – a stable chair.

Gradually raise your straight legs, then move your pelvis, supporting yourself at the waist with your palms. Don’t strain the neck area. Let the weight rest mostly on the shoulders.

Йога в борьбе с депрессией и стрессом

Ananda Balasana is like a happy child!

In addition to being a “fun and easy” pose, it is also good for gastrointestinal problems. And it is very pleasant to do:

  1. lie down on a mat – there can be a small pillow under the lower back;
  2. Bend your knees, move them apart until they are comfortably stretched, and put your hands on your feet.

Let the weight of the legs do everything for itself, do not strain your abs.

The exercise relaxes and increases mobility of the hip joint, which is good for pregnancy.

Йога в борьбе с депрессией и стрессом

Shavasana is the final and obligatory part of a good practice

Some people think they can easily do without shavasana, but in fact the pose has a deeper meaning for the recovery of the body. Have a cozy blanket ready and lie down on the floor – make sure the spine is straight and the head does not “sag” down to the shoulders. Palms and feet relaxed.

In case lying on your back is already uncomfortable, you can put a pillow under one side for comfort.

Yoga for stress and depression – adding meditation

During shavasana or any other relaxing posture, we recommend including meditative techniques, recordings of which are presented on the programs “MomsLab”. Don’t try to get rid of all thoughts instantly. This is impossible, so at the first stage just note each of them.

Imagine that each of your thoughts is a gem that you hold in your hand. Put it in an imaginary chest. Then do this with each thought that comes next. Sooner or later, the flow of disturbing thoughts will slow down. Close the “trunk” and promise to return to it later, after the end of the meditation.

Connect also deep relaxing breathing techniques. It’s enough to devote 10 minutes a day to feel instant results. Include meditative practices during the day as well, while doing routine activities.

Йога в борьбе с депрессией и стрессом
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