It sounds unusual, but it’s a fact – regular yoga practice can have a positive effect on the body in terms of cleansing it of toxins. Just think about how much pollution is in the same atmosphere that we all breathe. Especially in environmentally disadvantaged areas, there are many people with chronic respiratory diseases. In addition to the lungs and respiratory system, the skin suffers, many people complain about the condition of their hair and their general well-being. All this can be explained by the fact that the body has accumulated toxins, and it’s time to remove them. And yoga to cleanse the body – it’s just a wand in this situation.

Практика хатха-йоги: очищение организма

Clearance, of course, is beneficial to the body, and especially to the body of the expectant mother:

  • sleep and digestion are normalized;
  • the balance of hormones is reached
  • weight is reduced;
  • the appearance improves;
  • strengthens the mood;
  • vivacity appears.

Where do I start a cleanse?

The first step is to determine how much of the body needs to be cleansed and how much toxins have accumulated at the moment: this can be seen in the condition of the skin, in the presence of bags under the eyes, in the general well-being, in the food, in the presence of chronic diseases and in the frequency of sudden colds. Sometimes all it takes is a colon cleanse and the body is good as new, but sometimes that’s not enough. Body cleansing and yoga always go or should go hand in hand. Because the effect of yoga on the body is based on how the body is prepared for the asanas. And that’s why in the old days yogis were not allowed to start some of the practices without doing the cleansing routine.

When we talk about cleansing the body, we are talking not only about washing in the bathroom or in the shower, but even then a person is sort of cleansing his mind and emotionally preparing for the new day. Experts say that there are six cleansing techniques. They are called Shatkarma (“six actions”) or Kriya (“purification”).

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Практика хатха-йоги: очищение организма

What is included in the “six actions” for cleansing?

  • Basti: cleansing the colon with an enema – this can be dry or water. Helps to eliminate constipation.
  • Neti: cleansing the nasopharynx with salt water or a special catheter. Helps rid the respiratory system of dust particles and mucus.
  • Dhauti: cleansing of the digestive tract. Helps with a troubled gastrointestinal tract, indigestion, indigestion or unstable appetite.
  • Nauli: purification of the abdominal organs, which is done by tensing the left abdominal muscle first, then the right, then the middle one. And so several times. This exercise helps to improve digestion and normalize the menstrual cycle.
  • Tratak: clearing the attention with an eye exercise. The exercise involves looking at one point without blinking, which improves concentration.
  • Kapalabhati: purification of the lungs with the breath. It is necessary to make a calm breath and sharp exhalations.

Of course, it is not possible to do these procedures often, and besides it is not necessary. Because the body tends to purify itself and to engage in this internal mechanisms. And frequent performance of cleansing practices with the wrong technique can have not the best effect of yoga on the body.

Практика хатха-йоги: очищение организма

What exercises can be done for daily cleansing of the body?

Here are a few procedures that do not take much time, but will help to cleanse the body of stagnation. By the way, these exercises are quite appropriate during pregnancy and even in preparation for pregnancy.

  • Ashwini mudra: in the sitting position, draw in the muscles of the anus and perineum on the inhale, relax them on the exhale. This exercise helps to improve the health of the excretory system.
  • Vrajana pranayama: while walking outside, inhale for 4 counts, exhale for 6 counts – it is best done while walking because you can count the inhales and exhales in time with your steps. The exercise is aimed at cleansing the respiratory system.
  • Jala-neti: rinse your nose with water, this process has a folk name “cuckoo”. It helps to remove dust from the nose and nasopharynx, and is also good for a runny nose.

These practices can be done at home by yourself, but more complex, such as “six actions” is better done under the supervision of a specialist or after consulting your doctor.

If you do simple cleansing practices daily and combine them with pregnancy asanas, you can spend your pregnancy in comfort and good spirits.

Практика хатха-йоги: очищение организма
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