Many people ask themselves – is it possible to do yoga during pregnancy? Our answer is unambiguously yes, especially when it comes to yoga to strengthen the hands. Thanks to it strengthens the joints, working out the hands – and this is all greatly needed for a young mother in the first months after childbirth, to constantly lift and carry the baby. And another plus of yoga is that the muscles are strengthened, maintaining a neat feminine shape. After all, you’re not an athlete, you’re a mom!

Is yoga for hands – is it good for you?

It certainly is!

  • Joints become more pliable.
  • Ligaments become more elastic.
  • You get a beautiful outline.
  • Reduce fatty deposits
  • The skin tightens
  • The wrists get stronger.

And these are just physical manifestations! And don’t forget that at the heart of yoga is an inner state as well. For example, sitting with your back straight, folding your arms “namaste” and concentrating on your breath, you can free yourself from extraneous thoughts, devote time to yourself and your emotions, feel your body and simply fill up with new strength and energy. And if you complete it all and breathing practices, it will be just great!

Асаны йоги для рук

And there are contraindications?

Rarely, but there are. Let’s take a look at:

  • Elbow, wrist or shoulder injuries (past or existing)
  • hypertension
  • Individual contraindications to pregnancy.

If you have even slight doubts, consult your doctor or a yoga specialist. Yoga asanas are never aimed at harm, but in your case it is better to foresee everything and be sure that everything will be fine with you and the baby.

Asanas for arms and shoulders


  1. Stand on all fours, palms and knees resting on the mat, arms straightened.
  2. Do push-ups with pelvis pointing up.
  3. Keep your elbows moving along your body, do not move them to the sides.
  4. Do a light twist from this position: with your right hand, bring your left hand up and slightly behind you.
  5. Repeat the twist, leaning on the left arm and pulling the left arm up and back.

This asana helps to strengthen the arms and improve mobility of shoulder joints.

Asana practice time: 30 seconds

Adho Mukha Shvanasana

  1. Stand on the mat.
  2. Bend down, place palms parallel to feet.
  3. May bend knees slightly.
  4. Stretch out, pushing pelvis up.
  5. Try to relax your neck and head.

This asana focuses on mobility of the shoulder blades and, again, of the shoulder joints. It can be performed in combination with Marjariasana.

Asana practice time: 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Асаны йоги для рук

Pashchima Namaskarasana

  1. Sit on the mat with your back straight.
  2. Put your fingers behind your back in namaste.
  3. Lift folded fingers to the back of the head or to the shoulder blades.
  4. Hold in this pose and breathe.

This asana relaxes the mind and body and strengthens shoulder joints and the cervical-chest area.

Asana practice time: 1 minute.

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Асаны йоги для рук


  1. Sit on the mat
  2. Put your fingers together in the castle.
  3. Raise joined fingers above head with palms turned up.
  4. Straighten up and open your chest.

This asana helps relieve rheumatic pains. Combined with Pashchima Namaskarasana it also helps strengthen the shoulders.

Asana practice time: 30 seconds

Асаны йоги для рук

Gomukhasana for hands

  1. Sit on the mat.
  2. Place right hand above head.
  3. Place your right hand behind your back, elbow bent and palm down.
  4. Place your left hand behind your back with elbow bent and palm up.
  5. Put your right and left hands together.
  6. Spend some time in asana.
  7. Gently uncross your arms and repeat the exercise with a change of hands

This asana opens the chest and helps straighten the back. To work the shoulder joints, it is useful to change hands.

Asana practice time: 1-2 minutes

Асаны йоги для рук


  1. Stand on the mat, straighten your back.
  2. Extend right leg.
  3. Wrap your right leg around the calf of the left leg.
  4. Try to find a steady position
  5. Arms outstretched.
  6. Curl your left arm around your right arm and put your palms together
  7. Gradually squat down without uncrossing your legs
  8. Try to reach your knees with your elbows.

It promotes flexibility of joints in legs and arms, develops flexibility of shoulder joints.

Asana practice time: 30 seconds – 1 minute.

All these asanas can be practiced individually or in combination with each other or with other asanas for different groups of joints or muscles.

Асаны йоги для рук

Some helpful tips:

  • If you find it hard to sit on a yoga mat, choose a higher and softer mat, or put a pillow or a yoga brick under your pelvis.
  • try to keep your back straight when doing asanas.
  • Try not to push your ribs forward.
  • Go into the asanas slowly and smoothly, avoiding sudden moves and jerks.
  • Do asanas as you can, don’t be a hero.
  • do a warm up before your practice
  • Try to do the exercises every day.

Remember, yoga is not a fitness program, it’s not a bodybuilding program. All actions are soft, smooth and aimed at maintaining inner comfort and tranquility. After practicing the techniques, complement the asanas with breathing practices, and then yoga classes will bring more satisfaction and inner harmony.

On our website we’ve selected yoga asanas for arms and shoulders, suitable for pregnant women at any stage. In addition, we’ve taken care of the fact that you can prepare for the practice: our video lessons are supplemented with a warm-up and tips on the practice. But we still recommend you to consult your doctor if you have any doubts.

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