You are a mother, the birth process is over and you can enjoy motherhood to the fullest – at least for the first few months. This time you can devote to yourself and your body, and yoga for mothers is a great alternative to training. As much as you want to immerse yourself in Shavasana and practice it for as long as possible, you can still do yoga at home and learn a lot of useful and simple asanas. You can start with simple exercises, especially if you haven’t practiced hatha yoga before. After a couple of months, you can already move on to more intensive workouts and complex complexes. And thus it is not necessary to find a lot of time and go to the fitness center or to the center of body practices, because the yoga at home – a great opportunity to combine pleasure with use and save more time for favorite activities and household chores.

You will need a mat and, if you wish, some yoga equipment (for example, a brick, a belt or a towel and a soft roller).

Yoga for moms, in addition to the classic suggested exercises, also contains breathing practices – they can be practiced in the first weeks after childbirth. Then you can add from simple to complicated asanas and whole postpartum recovery complexes. Depending on the intensity and number of exercises you can change the time of your workouts – gradually increase the load, start with simple short complexes aimed at mastering the technique and understanding of your body. Yoga for beginners at home can help form different sets of asanas: for example, for weight loss after childbirth and for restoring the body’s tone.

Йога для мам: упражнения дома

Coping with the consequences of childbirth with the help of hatha yoga

After childbirth, special attention is paid not only to the baby, but also to your body. Pelvic floor muscles, pelvic organs and abdominal cavity need care and support (including physical support) no less than the baby. The back, arms, shoulders – we must not forget about them, because stooping is observed in many young mothers. Remember how you usually pick up the baby: it’s either with a pelvic tilt, or through slouching. And by paying attention to proper posture and arm muscle tone and joint mobility, you can avoid these problems.

To cope with all these ailments, it is worth introducing the following postures into your training:

  • Panipurna Navasana, or Boat Pose: this asana positively affects the muscles and organs located in the abdomen and allows them to recover faster after childbirth;
  • Adho Mukha Shvanasana: an asana that can restore tone to the internal organs;
  • Pavanamuktasana: this asana affects the pelvic floor muscles and also stimulates digestion, thus getting rid of constipation and reducing the risk of hemorrhoids;
  • Garudasana, Matsyasana and Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana: it’s simple – they are proven asanas for good posture

If you’re interested in yoga after childbirth, you’re already on the way to a better version of yourself, and you need to do it well and effectively. Video lessons made by professional instructors can help you in this. Yoga at home will be as comfortable and useful as possible thanks to them.

Йога для мам: упражнения дома

Are there any asanas for lactation?

In the postpartum period, every mother is concerned about the baby’s nutrition. And lactation is an indispensable companion of every mother, but if you feel anxious about it, then try to introduce asanas for lactation into your practice – they are aimed at opening the chest or at normalizing blood flow in the breast and shoulder girdle area. And of course, no one has cancelled the consultation with a specialist on the issue that bothers you. After all, the main thing is to give a healthy diet to your baby.

Asanas for lactation

  • Marjariasana, or Cat pose;
  • Uttanasana;
  • Gomukhasana;
  • Sarvangasana, or “birch tree.”
  • Viparita Karani, or upside-down candle pose;
  • Halasana, or Plow pose.

Йога для мам: упражнения дома

Will yoga at home help you lose weight?

It is certainly important for a woman to be beautiful. And the postpartum period is no exception. And although the hormonal background is trying to prevent this, we will try to defeat it in the most gentle ways. The most important thing in this matter is regularity. Practice simple complexes every day, and it is desirable to choose dynamic complexes, allowing excess water to leave the body, well, or just sweat.

What asanas will help:

  • Vrikshasana;
  • Garudasana;
  • Virabhadrasana;
  • Utkatasana .

Thanks to them you can tighten the hips and strengthen the buttocks, as well as these asanas will have a positive effect on the pelvic floor muscles and pelvic organs.

As for the abs, the following asanas can help:

  • Urdhva Prasarita Padasana;
  • Supta Padangushthasana.

Йога для мам: упражнения дома

Remember, you can train your abs not earlier than three months after childbirth. In addition, it is very important to understand that there is definitely no diastasis. You can do a diastasis test at home yourself, or you can ask your doctor for a consultation on this issue.

How to find time for yoga at home?

Perhaps every mother asks herself this question. It takes a long drive to the gym, and it’s hard to practice regularly. There are always distractions, and as a result there is no free time for yourself. The first thing you should do is learn how to create this free time. Allocate at least 15 minutes to a home practice every day – this is enough time to at least start and implement yoga practice into your habit and into your daily rhythm. Home classes will help you, and our video lessons will practically replace the instructor in the fitness center. Choose the right exercises and join in!

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