Many people wonder if yoga and metabolism are somehow connected. Do yoga and metabolism affect each other? Is it possible to lose weight and get rid of excess weight just by doing yoga asanas?

Yoga classes should not be considered as the only and one hundred percent method that can help in getting rid of excess weight and maintaining a toned body. If you do asanas in combination with pranayama breathing techniques, you can harmonize the processes going on in the body, including metabolism. You learn to better understand your body, control your mind, learn to “hear” the signals your body sends you. But is there a direct link between yoga and metabolism?

Йога и метаболизм

It’s worth saying that there are different directions in yoga, such as hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga, or vinyasa yoga and bikram yoga. When practicing ashtanga yoga you burn calories more intensively, because these practices themselves are more intense, more agile and dynamic. You should be in good physical shape and work on developing your muscles and stamina to perform them.

During bikram yoga, more calories are lost due to the fact that the asanas are performed continuously. The body sweats and a lot of moisture and energy is released.

During vinyasa yoga, challenging positions are introduced, and balance-oriented asanas are used. Imagine an acrobat – vinyasa yoga will require you, if not the same physique, at least an understanding of how the body works and the ability to counterbalance it.

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Йога и метаболизм

How do asanas affect the metabolism?

Are yoga and metabolism connected? We can say yes. Many of them stimulate blood circulation, have a positive effect on the thyroid gland, pituitary gland and adrenal glands, and also activate the digestive process. Because of this, the endocrine system, which is responsible, among other things, for metabolism and metabolism, is activated.

Asanas affect the processes in the body, including metabolism, by increasing blood flow to the organs and starting to work actively different muscle groups.

Йога и метаболизм

Proper breathing and calorie consumption

Yes, it may seem surprising, but the breath can help reduce calories as well as the asanas. This is because the oxygen content of tissues is dependent on how and in what amounts it enters the body and is distributed throughout the body. When yoga breathing technique, oxygen is actively transported through all blood vessels, saturating all organs and replacing the accumulated carbon dioxide in them. At the same time there is oxidation and burning of fat.

So yoga and metabolism can be synchronized through breathing practices. Beginners can start with basic breathing techniques (such as belly breathing) and then progress to more advanced levels of practice.

Йога и метаболизм

Nutrition while practicing yoga

For yoga and metabolism to have a positive effect on the body, you should build a proper nutrition system. Here are the general rules of nutrition and drinking while practicing yoga:

  • There should be at least one hour between meals and practice;
  • do not practice on an empty stomach; it is better to have something light to eat;
  • assess any diet through the prism of health care and remember that not all diets are healthy;
  • Normalize the composition of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in food.

Be aware of your body’s needs and be healthy!

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