Yoga classes after childbirth

A woman’s body after pregnancy and childbirth is depleted and weakened, it needs proper rest and recovery. One of the universal ways to restore energy is yoga. Yoga classes after childbirth help to cope with excess weight, hormonal disorders and postpartum depression, strengthen the nervous system and tone the skin. In addition, yoga helps to speed up the metabolism, so that literally in a matter of months disappear tummy, cellulite and other postpartum “surprises”.

Йога после родов

When do I start practicing?

After childbirth, a woman needs to readjust to a new regime, which includes breastfeeding the baby. More rest is recommended at first. Overwork and lack of sleep should be avoided. Sleep is very important for recovery after childbirth. You should not burden an already tired body with excessive loads in the form of training or stiff diets. Let the first two or three weeks be a kind of relaxation and time to get used to a new way of life.

To help the body prepare for recovery faster you need:

Eat quality food without overeating;

– Be outdoors more often, take walks, if there are no restrictions to walks.

The first classes of yoga for breastfeeding mothers should begin with meditation and breathing exercises. These exercises should be done outdoors or in a clean, well ventilated room. Learning how to breathe correctly will help a detailed study of the technique and prior preparation.

Йога после родов

Exercise “Breath of Life”.

Necessary to perform two approaches of 20 reps. The basic basic exercise: on an exhalation connect the abdominal muscles and press up, pull the pelvic floor muscles up. For best results it is recommended to perform this exercise as often as possible (while sitting, reading, feeding the baby, cooking, washing the dishes, etc.). You should incorporate this exercise into your daily life! You can find out more about the exercise after you register on the website.

As soon as you are 5-8 weeks after a natural birth or 8-12 weeks after a caesarean section, you can start a comprehensive recovery. The complex of such exercises includes working on the abdomen (especially necessary if you have diastasis), strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, and toning the entire body. Yoga after childbirth can be practiced at home as long as your mother has some free time. The simplest exercises can be started from the second week. Asanas become more complicated as the body adapts.

Йога после родов

Examples of asanas


Shavasana is designed for a woman to have a little rest before starting the exercise. The exercise takes no longer than 5-10 minutes. This asana removes sad thoughts and stress. To do Shavasana, lie on your back and spread your arms and legs apart. Close your eyes. It is important to monitor your breath, breathe easily and freely. It is necessary to relax every part of the body, starting with the head, then move to the arms, the trunk, and finish with the feet. During this exercise, the woman feels comfortable and her body is filled with a sense of pleasant heaviness.

Adho Mukha Shvanasana

Another name for this pose is “dog face down.” One must stand in the pose, breathing calmly. The navel must be directed to the spine. In this position, you should hold for about 8-10 breaths. This asana brings fresh blood to the head, which renews the brain cells and improves the complexion. It’s also a great stretch for the back of the legs. And it also lengthens the spine, opens up the ribcage and removes cervical clamps.


One of the necessary dynamic asanas during lactation is Marjariasana, or cat pose. This exercise will help improve lactation as it aims to open the chest and shoulder girdle. This pose also relieves tension from the spine and increases its mobility.

Yoga after childbirth for weight loss

Yoga for breastfeeding moms for weight loss includes 24 effective asanas that can be performed at home and help get rid of excess weight and make the body more flexible and youthful.

You can learn more about the techniques of performing these and other useful exercises by purchasing an online postpartum recovery course at

Йога после родов

A new mom, in addition to videos on yoga classes after childbirth, may need additional help, such as psychological or lactation consultant help. Thepostpartum mom team includes professionals such as a yoga coach and nutritionist nutritionist, as well as a baby sleep consultant, psychologist and pharmacist. Together, they are ready to help and support the new mother during her comprehensive recovery after childbirth. Thanks to the online program, you can not only gradually return to your previous figure, but also improve it.

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