Pros and cons of the inverted asanas

In this article, let’s look at the effects of these postures on the human body. First, practitioners of inverted asanas have repeatedly noticed that after performing inverted postures correctly, it’s as if something “clicks” in the mind. So we become more positive, open-minded, think and make decisions faster. This is partly because it improves blood flow – because all the blood “goes back” down to the heart and to the head.

Secondly, we also relax the muscles that are usually tight – the lumbar spine and the spine area. It turns out that due to better blood circulation the blood vessels are strengthened.

But, alas, not everyone will benefit from inverted asanas. Among the disadvantages are some contraindications for asanas. For example:

  • Heavy periods;
  • high blood pressure;
  • heart disease;
  • problems with the spine.
С ног на голову: перевернутые асаны йоги

Benefits of inverted asanas for pregnant women

  1. Normalization of the hormonal background, due to which the level of stress hormone is reduced, and this is good for the baby as well.
  2. Reducing the pressure of the fetus on the organs of the mother, which gives a temporary state of relief.
  3. Prevention of varicose veins and improvement of blood flow, as we reduce the constant pressure in the leg area.
  4. Prevention of cramps in the feet and shins.
  5. Saturating the fetus with oxygen.

Safety precautions when performing

If the pregnant woman has no contraindications to perform, then before you start, you should make sure of the following:

– Space – move away from sharp bollards, unstable chairs and other furniture;

– Support – it should not let you down; do NOT do asanas on a bed with springs, inflatable or water mattress so as not to hurt yourself; a non-slip mat or a thick blanket on the floor will do;

– do not support asanas – for beginners, 30-60 seconds is enough to understand how our body reacts to the load in the state of pregnancy.

С ног на голову: перевернутые асаны йоги

Birch pose.

You should not perform the pose very diligently. If you have a large belly, the counterpart of the pose is raising straight legs on the wall. The effect will be very similar.

The usual order of the pose:

  1. Lying on the mat, tense the abdominal muscles and lift the legs, pelvis and lower back.

Feel the weight on your shoulders, don’t overload your neck!

Another option is to do it with a chair or a sofa. Please check the stability of the chair legs – put the back of the chair against the wall and ask your family to help you get in and out of the pose.

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С ног на голову: перевернутые асаны йоги

Upside-down asanas: Leaning your legs forward behind your head

The pose helps with anemia, as well as the frequent problem of constipation in pregnant women. Lift the legs gradually, helping yourself with your hands. Carry your hands behind your body, try to keep your lower back straight.

To help yourself, put a chair behind the end of the mat, on the seat of which lower your feet.

С ног на голову: перевернутые асаны йоги

Pay attention to this asana if you want to relieve swelling, get rid of headaches and relieve sensations in the back.

Unlike the usual asana technique – in this one we don’t try to touch the floor with our feet.

С ног на голову: перевернутые асаны йоги

Upside-down asanas: headstand

The pose is suitable for those who already have enough experience in yoga. Helps against bad moods, insomnia and apathy.

Important! It is advisable to practice this asana under supervision. Get on your knees, then rest your head on the floor, holding it securely in place with your hands.

Smoothly straighten your legs and start “walking” closer to your hands and head. Lift the bent legs one by one and at the end straighten fully form the pose. Watch the pressure and the feeling of any discomfort in the body!

Do not overload the head and the neck, redirect the weight to the shoulder girdle.


Inversion poses are good to do at the end of a workout when the body is already warmed up. If there is no time, at least warm up the back and neck area. You may just perform a few asana sets “greeting the sun“.

It is especially useful to include inverted asanas after balancing on your feet. To get maximum benefit, practice Shavasana after inversion poses.

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