Sex after childbirth: how long before I can resume making love?

The first sex after childbirth is possible in most cases after 4-6 weeks. The exact period of recovery depends on the progress of healing the wounds received during childbirth, the presence of complications, the process of childbirth. The first sex after the first birth has no special nuances – it is allowed in the same period.

After childbirth, the gynecologist makes an appointment for the woman to track the progress of the body’s recovery. When the genitals come back to normal, the doctor will immediately tell you how soon you can have sex after childbirth. If the doctor is silent about it, you should not hesitate to ask the question directly.

In general, an indicator of healing of internal wounds is the cessation of bloody discharge – lochia. Usually the cessation of lochia signals the beginning of the period when you can start having sex after childbirth.

When women look for information about how long after childbirth they can have sex, they often specify the mode of delivery. This clarification is not necessary. There is no difference, because external stitches heal much faster than internal lacerations and wounds, the presence of which determines the period of abstinence. Thus, both after natural childbirth and after cesarean section surgery, the recovery period is about the same.

Когда можно начинать заниматься сексом после родов

Why is it impossible to have sex after childbirth for some time?

Making love after childbirth, started early, leads to negative consequences for the young mother. This is due primarily to the presence of open wounds on the genitals, as well as the ensuing consequences.

First, there is a risk of impaired healing of damaged tissues. If you take a pause in sexual activity after childbirth, but do not wait for the full recovery of the internal organs, the mechanical impact of the partner will lead to a re-tearing of the vaginal walls. This will devalue all the body’s efforts to heal the wounds.

The psychological mood also plays an important role. Often women have no desire to make love the first time after childbirth. After all, she has a lot to learn, to get used to the new rhythm of life, to restore not only the reproductive system, but also the entire body. And to go against her will in such matters – a last thing.

Those for whom the threat to health is not an impressive argument, refrain from sexual activity after childbirth forced by the fact that the woman will not be able to enjoy the process. Healing stitches, rips, incisions, bleeding – all this will turn making love into an ordeal.

For the first time after a C-section, there is an additional risk of abdominal stitches coming apart. A woman needs as much rest as possible to heal the stitches, and the stress of having sex is likely to provoke divergence of the stitches.

Another reason not to have sex immediately after childbirth is a lowered immune system. Getting any infection is fraught with dire consequences. But there is no reason for the mother to get additionally ill: after childbirth the organism is weakened as it is.

How long is it impossible to have sex after childbirth if there are additional complications?

Absolute contraindications to sex will be all the classic problems of new mothers after childbirth, until they are completely resolved, namely:

– A tear (incision) of the perineum;

– healing stitches;

– aching pain in the lower abdomen;

– pain while trying to have sex;

– psychological fear of resuming sexual activity (fear of pain, new pregnancy);

– rupture of the cervix;

– The presence of diagnosed infectious diseases.

If there are any contraindications, even in the period when sex after childbirth is possible, the resumption of sexual activity will have to be postponed. The period of sexual rest will last until the problem disappears completely. For example, with a ruptured cervix, you can resume sex after childbirth in a few months, which is two to three times later than without such a complication.

Когда можно начинать заниматься сексом после родов

Sex for the first time after childbirth: how not to spoil the romance?

After such an ordeal as childbirth, a woman’s body undergoes irreversible changes. Many of them directly affect the quality of sexual life. So that the first sex does not kill in a woman’s desire to return the former passion, prepare for it thoroughly.

Before you start sex after childbirth, it is necessary to get the permission of the doctor. Even if the woman feels that she feels good and her body has recovered, the exact verdict can be made only with the help of additional studies.

It is important to remember that after childbirth it is especially important to observe hygiene before and after sex. This is due to the high susceptibility of damaged genitals to infections. In addition, you should use contraception for the first time. It will give additional protection against the infection of unpleasant diseases, as well as protect against such an unwanted pregnancy in this period.

Sex after childbirth should be as gentle and accurate as possible. At this time a woman is exploring the new state of her body, getting used to the changes. Be sure to listen to your sensations: pain during intercourse, even though it occurs frequently, can indicate incomplete recovery and signal diseases of the reproductive system.

Kegel exercises and comprehensive strengthening of pelvic floor muscles will help in solving problems with sensitivity during sex. Performing the set of exercises presented in the online course helps you to regain the pleasure of sex.

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