To conceive quickly should not only drink medications, but also vitamins, and even herbal infusions. It all depends on the indications, so you need to know clearly which medicines you can and which are forbidden.

Many women are interested in what to drink to get pregnant quickly. To stimulate conception, a number of medicines are available, including hormonal drugs and vitamin complexes. It is also possible to increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy with the help of folk remedies.

What medications stimulate conception

Given that a woman cannot conceive for a variety of reasons, medications to stimulate conception also come in different forms. Pills to get pregnant depending on the type of purpose are:

  • Progesterone and hCG drugs;
  • drugs of follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones.
What to drink to get pregnant fast

In order to conceive a child, three main conditions must be met: the egg matures, the sperm fertilizes the egg, the embryo takes hold in the uterus

This is why LH and FSH drugs are aimed at stimulating the ovulation process. HCG preparations are designed to support the volume of the largest follicle. With their help, the egg is brought to the sperm, which provokes further conception.

Progesterone pills are necessary to prepare the inner layer of the uterus for conception. They also reduce the risk of various complications during pregnancy.

Hormonal preparations for conception

Statistics show that more than 60% of women take various medications to stimulate conception. This is partly due to frequent stressful situations, bad ecology and improper lifestyle. But medication can solve this important problem.

The main process that plays a key role for pregnancy is ovulation. If a woman has problems with fertilization, in most cases, the cause is related to impaired ovulation. After examination with a doctor, pills are prescribed for comprehensive restoration of ovulation.

There are situations that the inability to conceive is associated with a lack of certain hormones. To determine this, blood tests are performed beforehand. Only the attending physician can prescribe hormonal treatment medications.

What to drink to get pregnant fast

In some cases, hormonal pills are prescribed to get pregnant. Such a prescription is due to the fact that taking hormonal contraceptives allows the ovaries to “rest” for a while. After canceling the drugs, they begin to function with greater intensity and fruitfulness.

When you can’t take hormones

Medicines to get pregnant quickly, including hormonal drugs, should only be prescribed by a doctor. The fact is that OC contraceptives can clot the blood, thereby increasing the risk of thrombosis.

With the admission of hormonal contraceptives should also be postponed, if there are cardiovascular diseases. In addition, you should consult a cardiologist for all questions, undergo an ECG and a number of other examinations.

Drinking hormonal pills to get pregnant is not recommended in the presence of digestive problems. Due to the estrogenic components of contraceptives, there is a risk of bile thickening. Because of this, stones form in the gallbladder, and cholecystitis occurs.

What to drink to get pregnant fast

Using hormonal pills to get pregnant quickly is not recommended in a number of cases. Among them: diabetes, visual impairment, long-term smoking, liver disease, tumor disease, and chronic headaches.

The most common side effect of taking hormone pills is the occurrence of severe headaches. There is a risk of migraine. In such a case, it is necessary to change the drug.

TOP medications

Among the pills to get pregnant, there are several of the most popular, which are prescribed most often. They are of the FSH type – under their influence, there is an active growth of follicles on the ovary, in which one egg matures. Such drugs are designed to stimulate the growth of follicles: Puregon, Menogon, Clostilbegit. They are prescribed only by the attending physician after a comprehensive examination and taking all the necessary tests.


This drug refers to one of the most common, which are prescribed for rapid conception. The pills are responsible for the production of pituitary hormones: FSH – in order to stimulate the growth of follicles, LH – to stimulate ovulation, prolactin – for the production of milk in the breasts.

According to the instructions, these drugs can only be taken in a certain course with long intervals. If you do not follow the prescription prescribed by the doctor, you can provoke disorders of the reproductive system.

What to drink to get pregnant fast

Stimulation of oocyte maturation with the help of these drugs is carried out from the 5th to the 9th day after the beginning of menstruation. It is necessary to take 1 piece per day. It should be taken into account that these pills, which help to get pregnant quickly, have a negative effect on the growth of the endometrium. In this case, you should be guided by the results of an ultrasound scan.


This is a gonadotropic drug, which is responsible for the stimulation of sex hormones. Such pills, to get pregnant, accelerate several times the onset of ovulation in the middle of the menstrual cycle. With the help of “Puregon”, the ovaries produce new follicles.

What to drink to get pregnant fast


These are pills that help you get pregnant faster. Their purpose is to make up for the lack of sex hormones FSH and LH. Due to this there is a growth of follicles on the ovaries, as well as an increase in the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium). Because of this, the chances of a successful pregnancy increase several times. Such pills should be taken on the second day of menstruation. The duration of reception – no more than 10 days, is appointed by the attending physician on an individual basis.

HCG preparations

After an ultrasound investigation reveals that the follicles have grown to the required size (20-25 mm), HCG injections are prescribed. This is a hormonal drug to get pregnant quickly. It is injected one day after the last dose of Menogon or other medications.

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What to drink to get pregnant fast

HCG hormone is contained in the following medications: Pregnyl, Choragon, Profasi, Gonacor. The drug is administered once. One day after the injection, ovulation occurs. In order to enhance the effect of therapy, you should have sex the day before the injection and for 24 hours afterwards.

Progesterone medications

If the above drugs to get pregnant quickly had a positive effect, the treating doctor prescribes progesterone medications. They are designed to “fix” the pregnancy. Prescribed only on an individual basis.


In order to restore and prepare the body for conception, the doctor may prescribe not only pills to get pregnant, but also complete vitamin complexes. Their composition is dominated by substances designed to stimulate the sexual system, as well as stimulating the normal development of the fetus.

Such pills contain vitamins of groups B, C, E, iodine, calcium, magnesium and potassium. The most common preparations that contain vitamins and useful trace elements:

  • Elivit pronatal;
  • Vitrum pronatal forte;
  • Complivit.
What to drink to get pregnant fast

Pills that help to get pregnant quickly are prescribed on an individual basis by the attending physician. Based on the results of tests is determined by the missing one or more components. For example, it could be folic acid or magnesium B6.

Are in demand also drugs to get pregnant quickly on the basis of herbs. They contain phytoestrogens of natural origin. In terms of components such substances are as close as possible to female hormones. The most popular among them are Cyclodinone, Remens, Golden mustache, Bromocriptine.

All pills to get pregnant, have their indications and contraindications, an individual scheme of reception. This also applies to vitamins that stimulate pregnancy:

  • it is better to drink vitamins after meals and simultaneously with meals – this promotes better absorption;
  • Do not combine several drugs at once – this can lead to an overdose of vitamins, due to which the assimilation of certain minerals will be disrupted;
  • Taking pills that help to get pregnant quickly, as well as various vitamin complexes are not recommended to combine with antibiotics, psychotropic drugs or anticonvulsants.
What to drink to get pregnant fast

Be sure to take into account the fact that the pills to get pregnant, prescribed individually by the attending physician. Additionally determined by the full scheme of treatment on the basis of examinations and tests taken.

Doctors often prescribe not only pills to get pregnant, but also vitamins of a particular kind.

Vitamin A.

Form cellular immunity, normalize the full functioning of the organs of the visual system and skin. Vitamin A is prescribed with special caution during the period of planning a child. This is because this substance is able to properly absorb only with a sufficient amount of vitamin E in the body.

Vitamin B

Responsible for the nervous system and stable metabolic processes. For women who are planning to conceive a child, a special role played by vitamin B9 or folic acid. It is he who is responsible for the proper development of the fetus.

Vitamin C

Strengthens the body’s immune system and provides prevention of many diseases. Also has a positive effect on the reproductive system, which increases the likelihood of successfully conceiving a child.

Vitamin D

If there is a lack of this component in the body, complications arise in the reproductive system. Vitamin D enhances the function of the ovaries and promotes the attachment of the fetal egg to the uterus.

Vitamin E

The most important vitamin for conceiving a child. If this component is deficient in the female body, hormonal imbalances occur. Moreover, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps normalize the menstrual cycle.

Additionally among medicines, taking vitamin complexes with glutamic acid will be useful. It returns the menstrual cycle to normal, and also prevents the onset of anovulation. It is recommended to take different vitamins during different phases of the cycle: during menstruation – vitamin C, during follicle formation phase – folic acid, during the ovulatory phase – vitamin E.

Folk methods

It is not necessary to take the pill to get pregnant. Also, it is possible to use folk remedies to stimulate ovulation. To do this at home, you should prepare decoctions based on plantain, aloe and sage.

These herbs contain phytoestrogens, the principle of which is identical to female hormones. Such decoctions stimulate the release of eggs from the ovaries. Drink natural decoctions for the greatest effectiveness in the first phase of the cycle.

In the second period, you can take not only the pill to get pregnant, but also decoctions of the hogwort and red brush. These medicines have similar properties to female sex hormones.

What to drink to get pregnant fast

To stimulate ovulation, essential oils based on cypress, basil and anise are also suitable – they are responsible for the production of estrogen in the body. To this end, it will also be effective to take pills that help to get pregnant faster.

To accelerate the onset of pregnancy, you should take advantage of additional such folk recipes:

  • Decoction of plantain seeds. You need to drink 4 times a day for 2 tablespoons. To prepare it requires 1 tbsp of seeds pour boiling water.
  • Tincture of Adam’s Root. To prepare: 2 tablespoons of the plant pour 250 ml of boiling water. Drink is required 4 times a day.
  • Decoction of sage. This is a full substitute for the pill to get pregnant. Recipe: 1 tsp. plant pour boiling water. Take the prepared drink should be for 11 days, 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day.

Women are not only suitable pills to get pregnant, but also individual vitamins.

Every woman who has long dreamed of pregnancy is ready to resort to any methods to conceive a child. For this purpose, special medicines, hormonal drugs, vitamin complexes and herbal infusions are suitable. Each of these means has a different effectiveness, indications and contraindications. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with your doctor before choosing a remedy to conceive quickly.

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