Safe Yoga Sets for Pregnant Women

By paying more attention to physical activity, you will significantly increase the chances that your condition during childbirth will be stable and the baby will be born healthy. So, the second trimester: the exercises that you can do are already limited. So, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, choose any “sport” you like: combine pilates, yoga and other relaxing techniques.

Which of them are relevant in the second trimester – we tell in the article.

Yoga for pregnant women: asanas from the second trimester.

Unlike the first trimester, in the second trimester you can afford a little more in terms of physical activity. Use both those poses you practiced at the beginning of pregnancy and add new ones.

Open and close the practice with calm Sukhasana – sit with your legs crossed and prepare your breath by slowing the inhale and exhale.

In this trimester, it will be correct to perform asanas according to the method for pregnant women. Therefore, put two pillows, curled plaids or blankets under your feet for comfort. If there is pelvic pain, then do not use the pose or limit the time you stay, minimizing the pressure and stretching in your legs.

Take Adho Mukha Shvanasana (dog pose) to prevent or get rid of constipation. At the same time, you’ll stretch your back and legs and open your shoulder girdle for easier breathing.

What about fitnessball in the second trimester?

Sports centers use fitballs for regular exercise as well, and some experts recommend engaging them in labor as well. But you can start your acquaintance with a fitball at home as well.

Here is a list of useful exercises:

  1. Sit on a step, spread your feet wide and put your palms on your knees. Using your pelvis and without engaging your legs, move the fitball under you. Left and right, back and forth.
  2. Raise your arms to chest level and gently pull them away, bringing your shoulder blades together.
  3. Lay down on a mat and sit on the floor. Lean behind your body. Then bend your legs and squeeze the ball between your knees. Squeeze and relax several times.
Второй триместр: делаем только полезные упражнения

Exercises in the second trimester. Elements of Pilates for expectant mothers

Pilates is good for moms because it combines static exercise, stretching and safe gymnastics.

Try these exercises:

  1. Sit on the floor, spreading your legs and extending your arms out to your sides. Gently begin to turn your body alternately to the left and to the right.
  2. Stand up and raise your arms at the same time as you take a breath. Lower your arms as you exhale.
  3. Get down on all fours. Place your hands strictly under your shoulder joints and your knees under your pelvis. Arch your back as you inhale and lift, bringing your pelvis inward, as you exhale.

Sound easy? If you try to do it, strictly following the technique, you will feel the first results – relaxation, relief, and chest opening – very soon!

Stretching correctly

First of all, stretching will help to prepare properly for childbirth, as well as to ensure good blood flow so that the baby inside does not experience oxygen starvation.

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Of course, in the second trimester your belly has noticeably increased and you should not hope to stretch as deeply as before. The baby presses on your abdomen and your lungs, and your back strains more because of the load. Hence the pain, difficulty with shortness of breath and other problems.

The golden rule is not to give up on stretching, but to do what is comfortable for your body. Feel the natural resistance? Stop and go no further.

What we do:

  • Bend right and left.
  • Very easy twists.

If there is no time and it is difficult, even 10 minutes a day will bring you more results than an hour-long workout once a week.

What pregnant women can and cannot do in the pool in the 2nd trimester

If you doubted whether you should go swimming, the answer is definitely yes! First, it is useful to attend special aqua aerobics training for pregnant women in the water, but if there is no time or money, it is optimal to perform on your own: “underwater bicycle”, “scissors” and even just imitation walking with lifting the knees to the stomach.

If it is difficult or lazy to do all these exercises, just move.

Important! Observe safety precautions, keep hold of the edge and monitor your well-being. Always wear slippers when leaving the swimming pool to avoid injuries.

Второй триместр: делаем только полезные упражнения

Exercises in the second trimester. If you are used to squat during your workouts – should you continue?

As usual, you should take into account your state of health and indications given by your doctor. Pay special attention to technique: do not think about the number of repetitions, do it only with the foot pressed to the floor and the support, for example, the wall.

Running, elliptical and other cardio during the 2nd trimester

We talk a lot about training for running and how the exercise is actually traumatic. It happens because of improper technique, sometimes because of an unprepared body.

If you haven’t been running for it, pregnancy is not a good time to rush into it. Cardio will certainly benefit you in a mild form. For example, brisk walking.

When exercising in the second trimester is questionable

In some cases, it is worthwhile to consult with your doctor additionally. “Filter” the list of allowed exercises:

  • When you are diagnosed with uterine tone higher than normal;
  • If there is a risk of pregnancy termination;
  • you observe swelling;
  • vomiting more and longer than usual;
  • there are problems with joints;
  • if you feel unwell and have untreated infections.

Dear moms, we wish you a comfortable pregnancy and a successful delivery!

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