What you need right after the birth: making a list

A properly packed bag at the hospital ensures a comfortable stay there for mom and baby. However, the list for the mother after childbirth always turns out to be too big: it includes personal hygiene products, clothes, medicines for two.

Что нужно сразу после родов

In order not to bring too much stuff with you to the maternity hospital, you should contact the health care facility directly or read reviews on the Internet. As a rule, each maternity hospital provides a part of the necessary things for the mother and child, and you do not have to take them with you. Therefore, if you find out in advance what the doctors will give out on the spot, you can significantly lighten your luggage.

During and immediately after the birth, the mother will need:

  • clothes to change;
  • shoes;
  • Drinking and food during labor;
  • nursing bra;
  • breast pads;
  • nipple cream;
  • pads;
  • personal hygiene products.

It is important not to get carried away in your choice of clothing: you will only need a nightgown and a couple of comfortable home kits on the spot. As shoes for moving around inside the building, it is better to choose washable slippers – they are comfortable and suitable for trips to the shower.

As for water, having water with you in labor is a must. Women experience a strong thirst during the delivery process. Instead of water any other drinks will do. It is also necessary to choose food with high energy value, which will quickly replenish lost strength and give new ones.

Что нужно сразу после родов

You should not forget about the most important thing – documents. On the eve of childbirth, it is always better to have them with you.

List – what you need immediately after childbirth for the baby:

  • Pampers – an average pack for newborns;
  • diapers – 2-3 pcs;
  • Clothing for the season + hat with ties;
  • baby soap;
  • Elegant clothes for discharge.

For convenience, baby soap can be replaced by gel – it is more convenient and hygienic. As for clothes enough to take with 2-3 sets of choice. These may be vests, body, slip-ons. If selected clothing with open arms, do not forget about scrunchies.

What to have at home – a list for moms after childbirth

By the time mom and baby are discharged at their place of residence, everything should be ready for their arrival. And it’s not balloons over the crib – although, of course, special decorations also have their place.

First and foremost are the oversized items that are always purchased in advance. These include:

  • crib;
  • Bathtub for bathing;
  • changing table;
  • stroller.

In general, everything is very individual. Some women neglect the purchase of a changing table, doing all the manipulations on the bed. In the future, such savings are reflected in the condition of the back. Crib can not buy, if you plan to sleep together. From strollers refuse adherents of slings and kangaroosh.

Список необходимых вещей после родов

Also for a child must buy:

  • clothes to change;
  • warm diapers;
  • pacifiers;
  • bottles;
  • Breastfeeding medications in case the baby refuses to breastfeed;
  • first aid kit with essential medicines;
  • bedding;
  • a separate towel.

Everything else is purchased as needed.

In a house where a young mother lives with her baby, there should be all the conditions for the comfortable management of the household. This means that all necessary things should be in stock. Do not interfere with stocks of household chemicals, products, personal care products. The importance of such supplies is explained by the fact that the mother of a newborn is limited in movement. She is not always able to go to the store for the necessary things at a convenient time for her. To avoid a situation where the salt ran out, and the child is asleep and one scares to leave, you need to keep a spare pack – and the problem is over.

On an individual basis, a mother may need a bandage, breast pump and other medical supplies after childbirth.

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