Pregnancy is a trembling period, which requires a high degree of responsibility of the expectant mother. It is very important what the pregnant girl eats and drinks, whether she has given up bad habits, as well as how she feels. The struggle to feel well during pregnancy is one of the most difficult. Headaches now and then visit a pregnant woman. But what medications for headaches during pregnancy can you take? How to banish pain safely for the baby? Do folk methods work? How to prevent the occurrence of pain?

What are the medicines for headaches during pregnancy

Causes of headaches

It is necessary to choose a cure for headaches during pregnancy, not only with regard to the safety of the baby, but also by looking at the causes of its occurrence. Globally, they can be divided into primary and secondary.

  1. Primary headaches form on their own. They can arise due to the influence of external factors. For example, stressful music, a change in the weather, a change in external pressure, unpleasant prolonged noise, etc.
  2. Secondary – arising as a result of some disease. It is necessary not only to select a cure for headaches during pregnancy, but to look for the cause of their appearance, in order to abolish it and get rid of an unpleasant, dangerous syndrome.

When are headaches generally safe?

If the pain occurs in the 1-2 trimester, is not constant in nature, it is necessary to take the right medicine, ask the gynecologist for advice at the next appointment. Such headache can have different forms. From squeezing to throbbing sensations in the temples and the back of the head, to nausea and photophobia. It is important to protect yourself as much as possible.

  1. If you are driving – be sure to stop and take your medicine.
  2. If you feel sick around people – try to warn someone about the deteriorating condition.
  3. Always keep a safe painkiller and clean water near you.

Although intermittent anxiety usually does not signal a serious illness, you need to be vigilant. See your doctor with the problem at a routine appointment, and write down the date – time the pains formed, as well as the suspected cause.

When it is necessary to see a doctor urgently and undergo examination

In some cases, it is necessary to urgently contact a specialist to find out what medications can be used for headaches during pregnancy, as well as its cause. Contact your doctor if:

  1. If the headache is accompanied by neurological symptoms.
  2. When a sharp headache, unpleasant feelings intensify for a long time and is accompanied by nausea, visual disturbances, other uncharacteristic symptoms.
  3. If the unpleasant feelings intensify lying down.

Attentive attention to your own health will help to avoid problems with the development of the fetus, will facilitate the process of carrying the baby, will simplify the coming birth.

What are the medicines for headaches during pregnancy

Main groups of drugs for headaches

There are 5 groups of effective drugs. Each of them has its own active ingredient, which is an underlying component.

  1. Group #1 – Analgesics.

Drugs in this group can be opioid and non-opioid. The former are distinguished by the presence of components that cause tolerance to the drug. They are prescribed by doctors in extreme cases, and the use of drugs should be under the strict supervision of a specialist. Analgesics do not cause the effect of anesthesia, have a complex analgesic effect.

  1. Group № 2 – Antispasmodics.

Drugs that help to eliminate spasms of cerebral blood vessels. Myotropic and neurotropic are some of the effective drugs. Some drugs in the myotropic group are allowed to be taken during pregnancy.

  1. Group #3 – Vasoactive drugs.

This group of drugs eliminates cerebral angiodystonia, normalizes vascular regulation, and restores normal venous outflow from the cranial cavity. They will help to quickly cope with migraine.

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  1. Group #4 – Dehydrating agents.

Provide normalization of intracranial pressure, which leads to elimination of pain.

  1. Group #5 – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

A complex group of drugs that is very popular with customers. Analgin, Paracetamol, Aspirin, Diclofenac and other popular drugs are included in it. Some medications for headaches in pregnancy are used from this group.

It is worth noting that pregnant women can take a very narrow range of drugs. It is necessary to select the means cautiously.

What are the medicines for headaches during pregnancy

List of effective headache pills

The list of effective drugs for non-pregnant girls is quite wide. Dozens of drugs that can be purchased and taken without a doctor’s prescription. During pregnancy, the situation is completely different. The list of medications for headaches in pregnancy is very short.

From safe remedies that can be taken in any trimester, only Paracetamol can be designated. This is the only remedy that will help to recover and will not harm the baby. At the same time, it is worth remembering about the need to take headache medication in moderation during pregnancy. A number of other medications can also be noted. For example, ibuprofen. It can be taken in the second trimester. However, the drug is not suitable for the treatment of headaches in the first and third trimester of pregnancy.

What drugs are dangerous for pregnant women?

Some drugs are categorically contraindicated in pregnancy. They can not only cause discomfort, nausea, dizziness in the expectant mother, but also cause serious consequences. Here are a few headache remedies during pregnancy that are strictly forbidden to take:

  1. Aspirin. Seemingly simple, understandable remedy that is in every medicine cabinet, during pregnancy can lead to fatal consequences. It is especially worth completely refusing to take the remedy in the third trimester.
  2. All opioid medications are forbidden. They are dangerous for the baby.
  3. Despite the fact that observations of women taking triptans have not shown negative effects, it is dangerous to take them, because clinical studies have not been conducted.
  4. Forbidden pain medications for headaches in pregnancy with phenobarbital and codeine.
  5. Do not take phenazepam and ergotamine under any circumstances.

In fact, virtually all medications are forbidden during this trembling period. And, if in a complex clinical picture it can be a real challenge, during natural headaches for pregnant women you can find alternative ways to soothe.

What are the medicines for headaches during pregnancy

What helps for headaches other than pills?

If you have a headache, you can treat it with more than just medication. With minor pain, you can use a few simple ways of salvation. They can become a daily companion throughout pregnancy, abolishing headaches, for general relaxation, soothing.

  1. Take a warm shower. This is a great cure for pregnancy headaches. Do not forget about regulating the temperature. It should be optimal to feel comfortable.
  2. A good remedy for pain is the Chinese point massage. Gently press and release the points located in the recesses on the sides of the back of the head 15-20 times.
  3. The consumption of pure non-carbonated water, lingonberries, strawberries will help. Water restores the water balance, the imbalance of which leads to headaches. Fruit promotes the expansion of blood vessels.
  4. Tea, tea, tea and again … You know. Moderately hot chamomile tea reduces stress, oxygenates the brain, and calms.
  5. A good cure for a headache during pregnancy is rest. If you feel severe pain, try to rest as soon as possible. Perhaps your body is just signaling fatigue. If possible, try to sleep.

Aromatherapy is often advised. It is true that you can resort to this technique, but with the scents during pregnancy, you need to be careful. Some may cause irritation, even though they used to be your favorite, some lead to nausea, and some may cause allergies.

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