Myths about vacuum

Be warned right away that if you want “cubes”, vacuum will not do it. In principle it is impossible to say that vacuum for weight loss works. Visually it is only a temporary effect of a flat stomach, and weight loss is always a caloric deficit.

But you will massage your internal organs and stimulate your circulatory system. It is commonly believed that Uddiyana Bandha is the way to health and longevity. But you can do the vacuum only with the right technique and with gradual progression. How – we tell you below.

Вакуум для живота: техника выполнения

Technique of performing vacuum for the abdomen

It is best to practice the vacuum exercise even before breakfast, but after you have done all the “morning procedures”. The bowel should be empty. However, it is allowed to drink some water before the practice.

Perform in this order:

– stand up and take a full slow breath – you can do it with raising your arms, the movement of which is synchronized with your breathing;

– As you exhale, bend your knees and lower your body, resting your hands above the knee;

– exhale sharply the remaining air from the lungs – chin on the chest;

– The vocal slit is tightened – look in the mirror to see if you are doing the exercise correctly;

– Stomach “pulls” to the spine.

Note: don’t use abdominal muscles, work only through the pressure in the abdomen.

At first hold in such position for 10-30 seconds up to the comfortable state of breath-holding. Don’t wait when you start not having enough air at all. After all, our goal is to do several such cycles without pausing to catch your breath. Do it at your own pace and according to your abilities. Gently, smoothly and calmly.


– while maintaining a vacuum, try to straighten up;

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– Breathe out calmly and repeat the practice again.

Up to 10 approaches at the right tempo will be enough.

For more advanced yoga practitioners, the vacuum can be done not only standing, but also, for example, on all fours or lying on a mat.

The abdominal vacuum is a fairly versatile and discreet exercise that is not time-consuming, so it is easy to fit into a routine, even if the energy and time for a full-fledged practice is not available.

Вакуум для живота: техника выполнения

What the vacuum affects the body

First, the vacuum brings a visual slimming effect. After all, no one looks good with a bulging belly, even if you have pumped abs? Minus – the effect of the vacuum needs to be maintained with constant and regular practice.

Secondly, here are the other benefits that the vacuum actually gives:

– Tones your internal organs;

– Reduces the “stretched” volume of the stomach – for example, not bad to practice after a couple of days after a big feast, where you “filled up” too much;

– breath holding enriches energetically, and the overall tempo of the breath calms and sets you on a soft wave;

– Blood drainage from MTD, prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids;

normalization of gastrointestinal function.

Вакуум для живота: техника выполнения

Abdominal vacuum: contraindications

In some cases, vacuum is not recommended:

  1. heavy periods;
  2. pregnancy;
  3. Labia after childbirth;
  4. Gastrointestinal diseases;
  5. inflammations and infections in the genitourinary system.

Important! We perform vacuum after consulting a doctor and learn to do it under the supervision of a trainer. You can always get a remote consultation from a postnatal recovery coach at our online programs. You can find more information about the vacuum on the project’s Instagram account.

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