Tips and advice for the 2nd trimester

The period from 13 weeks to 27, or the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, is considered interesting. The toxicosis is going away. The baby is starting to move, but is not yet pressing on the organs. The pregnant woman has a lot of questions. How to sleep so as not to harm the baby and yourself? Can I go on vacation by plane? Can I get a massage and take a bath? Let’s find out.

Sleeping positions for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester

After 12 weeks, it is forbidden to sleep on your stomach. It can affect the fetus. Sleeping on the stomach disrupts the blood supply to the placenta due to pressure. This leads to oxygen deprivation and developmental defects.

Sleeping on the left side is recommended. Sleeping in one position all the time will not work. Doctors recommend flipping from side to side. If you really want to lie on your back, you should put a pillow under your lower back, put your legs on the ottoman, and take a half-sitting position.

It is not necessary to worry about the pose for sleep. The body itself chooses a comfortable position, in which you can sleep peacefully. It is important to take care of your nerves and to get enough sleep.

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Water procedures

Taking a shower during pregnancy is necessary for hygiene purposes. What about a bath? It used to be thought that it is contraindicated for pregnant women, including in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Now doctors say this is a myth and prejudice.

There are a number of contraindications:

  • Diseases of a gynecological nature.
  • Tonic uterus. In this case, there is a threat of miscarriage.
  • Infections and inflammatory processes. Complications are possible.
  • Diabetes. When relaxed, there is a chance that the sugar will drop.
  • Hypertension. Hot water increases blood flow. Stress on the cardiovascular system can lead to a hypertensive crisis and stroke.
  • Hypotension. Warm water relaxes and dilates blood vessels. Unconsciousness may occur.
  • Hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Hot water puts additional stress on the veins and overloads them. It leads to aggravation of the disease.

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The right bath

If the doctor allowed to take a bath, there are some features to consider:

  • Hygiene and disinfection. In order to lie quietly and relax, you need to take a shower beforehand. You should wash the bath with hypoallergenic products.
  • The water temperature should not exceed 38 degrees. It is important not to overheat.
  • Safe immersion involves the use of a non-slip mat. This also applies to the shower.

Hypoallergenic bath salts and foams are permitted.

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Flying on a plane

It is better to refrain from flying in case of complications, because there are no specialists on board to help.

By 15 weeks, the body is in optimal condition for flights.

  • Business class tickets. This way you can stretch your legs in peace and the atmosphere will be calmer.
  • Tickets in the nose section – you feel more jolt in the tail.
  • Move your legs and walk around the cabin if possible.
  • Comfortably buckle your seatbelt – lower abdomen so you don’t feel pressure.
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  • Developmental abnormalities. Often this happens because of genetics or the parents’ lifestyle, but not from a few flights.
  • Radiation exposure. This is factored into the design of airplanes. Nothing to fear.
  • Respiratory diseases. The journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published the results of a study by American scientists that was conducted at the height of the disease. Airplane filters do the job. It is better to bring a mask with you if your neighbor turns out to be sick.

Massage and pregnancy.

Light, gentle, delicate, smooth and gentle strokes are allowed – hand massage. It is necessary to trust a specialist. He will be able to relieve pain and tension from the disturbing areas. Massage can be done only after consulting a doctor.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage of hands and feet relaxes, prevents swelling, drains fluid, relieves pain and improves skin condition.

Cosmetic massage of the face, neck and head relieves swelling, fatigue and relaxes.


  • Vigorous, harsh rubbing, hitting and vibrating, kneading tissues.
  • Massage with heated stones.
  • Apparatus massage, electromyostimulators, vibromassagers.
  • Hydromassage and high temperatures, Jacuzzi.
  • Lymphatic drainage machine massage.
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You can also perform self-massage or entrust your husband a light and gentle massage of the hands, feet, neck and head. The procedure from a loved one is accompanied by psychological comfort.

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