Torsion postures in yoga

Asanas for twisting occupy a special place in yoga practice, because their performance requires caution and smoothness of movement, so as not to injure the spine and not to get a stretch. It is not correct to try to turn the body to an angle of 90 degrees relative to its natural position. Twists are performed with an amplitude that is comfortable for the body and individual for each expectant mother. In this case, the daily practice of yoga with twisting can bring tangible positive results for your health.

Асаны скручивания в йоге

The benefits of asanas with twisting

The therapeutic effect of twisting yoga poses is as follows:

– reduction of fat deposits;

– Stimulation of the digestive tract and gentle massage of the abdominal organs;

– elimination of pain in the thoracic and lumbar spine;

– normalization of the reproductive function of the body;

– strengthening the muscles of the back;

– removal of fatigue and muscle tension;

– getting rid of negative thoughts and filling with positive energy.

Contraindications for performing twisted poses of hatha yoga are recent surgeries and injuries of the spine, acute osteochondrosis, and individual complications that may occur during pregnancy. Therefore, you should consult a doctor before the start of classes, so as not to harm your body and the development of the baby.

During twisting exercises, the muscles of the back are stretched, which is a natural and, if performed correctly, a safe process. Turn the spine should be made in the thoracic region at an angle of 30-40 degrees, to apply force to the hands for a maximum body turn is dangerous and harmful to health.

Асаны скручивания в йоге

Yoga exercises

The practice of yoga includes asanas with twisting, uncomplicated to perform during pregnancy and beneficial for future mothers. Before starting the exercises, a small warm-up is done for the muscles and ligaments. If you feel any discomfort, stop doing asanas.

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Utkata konasana (Goddess pose):

Spread your legs about a meter wide, squat a little lower and keep your pelvis in a position where your hips are horizontal. Bend your body forward and do small twists to one side and the other, while resting your hands on your knees and pushing them back in turn.

Prasarita Padottanasana variations (Wide Angle Forward Bending Stance):

Place your feet as wide as possible along the mat, lean forward, resting on straight arms, in this position:

– raise the right hand up, turning the body after it, lower it to the mat and repeat the exercise in the other direction with the left hand raised;

– put right hand on left foot, lift left hand up and do twisting to the left, change the position of the hands and make turns to the right side with right hand raised.

Variations of Parivritta Virasana (Hero Pose with Twist), which is performed with the hips apart during pregnancy to accommodate the abdomen comfortably:

Sit on the mat, left leg bent in front of the body, heel as close to the crotch as possible, right leg thigh pulled back behind the pelvis:

– make a turn of the body to the right, resting the fingers of both hands on the mat at the sides of the body, fixing the position for 2-3 breathing cycles;

– Putting your right foot on the mat in front of your left foot, resting your left hand on the floor behind your left hip and putting your right hand around the knee of your right foot, twist to the left. The top of the head is pointing up, the abdomen is open and free between the thighs, the gaze is over the right shoulder.

Then repeat the exercise in the other side.

Twist performed from Marjariasana(Cat Pose):

Knees shoulder-width apart, feet resting toe-to-toe on the mat. Put your right hand on the mat, touching its surface with the shoulder, put your left hand behind your back and palm it on the inner side of the right hip. Fix the pose for 3-5 breathing cycles. Repeat the exercise with the left hand lying on the mat.

Ignoring the rules of safety in the postures of twisting is fraught with exacerbation of existing diseases of the spine, constriction of nerve endings, and damage to the health. It is useful to perform twisting yoga asanas under the guidance of an instructor, clearly following the instructions of video courses.

Асаны скручивания в йоге
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