Should I dye my hair after giving birth?

A new mother wants to look attractive. The question arises whether it is allowed to cut and dye hair after childbirth. The older generation often reacts sharply negatively to this procedure. Women believe that with the dye in the girl’s body will get the chemicals that can harm the baby. This is a myth.

The greater harm to the health of the baby and the mother comes from lifestyle:

  • Eating low-quality foods with unclear composition.
  • Megalopolis air pollution.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Excessive worry, worry and stress.

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Ways toxins enter the body

When you dye your hair there are 2 ways: the scalp and the respiratory tract. The amount of chemical reagents is small. But a girl can get sick from the smell of paint. Then a mask will help. It is better to choose a salon with good ventilation (air purifiers and extractors).

There are types of hair work where the dye is not in contact with the skin. In the case of perms and melting, 1 cm from the root.

It is important to remember that after childbirth the condition of the hair becomes worse than during pregnancy. This is due to hormonal restructuring. During pregnancy, the level of estrogen increased. After childbirth, its amount returns to normal. Therefore, the hair is thinning. Over time, their number will be the same.

Can I dye my hair after childbirth?

You can. Taking care of yourself (whatever it may be) has a beneficial effect on the psychological component. A woman feels more confident.

Nuances of coloring

  • After childbirth, the hair darkens by several tones. Already proven by years of dye can give the wrong shade. Even if the coloring is done by an already proven master, it is better to remind him of this.
  • There are ammonia-free and natural dyes. Give preference to them.
  • To avoid inhaling the paint, you can wear a mask. Do the coloring in a large, well-ventilated room.
  • Be sure to check for allergic reactions. Try the paint on your elbow bend and temporal area. Allergies can occur to paint that has already been used many times.
  • If the baby is very young, you should decant the milk beforehand. Then the baby will be fed in the absence of mom, and she will have less anxiety.
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