Breast condition after childbirth: how to care for your breasts and general recommendations

Even during pregnancy, the breasts undergo changes – increase in volume, filled with milk. After childbirth you always feel some discomfort. Those who have chosen breastfeeding, there are problems associated with it. Those who do not attach the baby to the breast, also have to endure discomfort. Breast condition after childbirth is a rather sensitive topic.

To feel as comfortable as possible and reduce the risk of developing breast diseases typical after childbirth, it is recommended:

  1. Wear comfortable underwear.
  2. Use pads for the breast.
  3. Take air baths: leave your breasts exposed for a few minutes after feeding.
  4. Use a breast cream after delivery.
  5. Do hydromassage with a contrast shower.

All of these rules are true for breastfeeding mothers as well as for women who do not practice breastfeeding.

The mother’s comfort depends on the compliance of the amount of milk produced with the baby’s needs – she will not have to constantly squeeze the milk and knead the breasts.

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What to eat after childbirth to stimulate lactation:

  • cumin;
  • nuts;
  • meat and fish;
  • herbs;
  • buckwheat porridge;
  • carrots and onions.

For detailed advice on nutrition during breastfeeding, you should contact an online nutritionist.

Советы по уходу за грудью после родов

Harmful tips: what should not be done to your breasts after childbirth?

There are a lot of misconceptions about women’s health in the people, so it is important to know what can cause harm to the breasts after childbirth.

First, it is erotic underwear or just an uncomfortable bra. If you overstretch your breasts after childbirth with uncomfortable underwear, the risk of lactastasis increases.

Another dangerous method, which women often resort to in the name of beauty – drastic weight loss, poor diet, exhausting themselves with physical exercise. All this negatively affects the condition of the breasts and the course of lactation.

Also, you should not do hard massage of the breasts. It is very easy to damage the mammary glands after childbirth, so if you knead the breasts, then only gently and gently. It is important to observe the direction of movement and moderate force of pressure.

Советы по уходу за грудью после родов

After childbirth, under the influence of hormones a woman is particularly susceptible to ultraviolet light. Therefore, during this period it is acceptable to sunbathe only with covered breasts.

Negatively affects the state of the breast after childbirth too much desire to be clean. If you often shower with soap and other detergents, there is an increased risk of cracked nipples. But the use of masks and wraps, by contrast, will accelerate the restoration of elasticity of the skin.

In no case can not wipe the nipples of alcohol-containing fluids – it dries the skin, which over time will certainly lead to cracks. To heal the damage will have to use ointments, which is very inconvenient: they can be applied only after feeding and soon wash off, so that the medicine does not get into the body of the baby.

Breast care after childbirth is not only about hygiene and diet, but also in the prevention of mastoptosis (sagging of the mammary glands). You can prevent an unpleasant aftermath of childbirth by doing exercises for the breasts. A set of such exercises is included in the course. In general, any physical activity has a beneficial effect on the breasts, because these muscles are involved in almost all of our movements.

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