Psychological state of a woman in the first month after childbirth

The first month after childbirth a woman is always somewhat uncomfortable: she used to go to work, perform socially useful functions, communicate with friends, have hobbies. Now a young mother has to sit in four walls and is constantly chained to the baby. She may feel helpless in some situations, useless to society, lack of communication. All of this combined can cause postpartum depression.

However, there is a downside – caring for a baby makes many women happy, they enjoy looking at the new member of the family, telling him about the world around him and generally having fun.

If a young mother has problems with her psychological state, she should contact a specialist. There is a psychologist on the online course who will help with problems.

Первый месяц после родов: советы мамам

Condition of the body and the course of recovery

The first time after childbirth, a woman is still experiencing some of the effects of pregnancy. The internal organs are not yet back in their places, and the circulatory system is gradually rebuilding itself after working on “two fronts” – for mom and baby. Throughout the first month there will be bloody discharge – lochia. They signal the final cleansing of the uterus.

An important step at this time is the establishment of lactation. Women who have decided to breastfeed should learn how to do it correctly, how to decompress the breast and establish lactation, learn how to prevent lactastasis and mastitis. Those mothers who are committed to artificial feeding will also have to go through a lot: to learn how to prepare formula quickly and accurately, sterilize bottles, and cope with lactation at the same time.

In general, all the problems that arise in women in the first month after childbirth, solved by either waiting or visiting the doctor of the appropriate profile.

Первый месяц после родов: советы мамам

How to fill the first days after childbirth at home with positive emotions?

After childbirth, women experience a number of restrictions: in food, in rest, in free time. All this, combined with the burden of caring for the baby and the painful recovery worsens the overall condition of the woman. In order for this not to become a hindrance in love with your baby, you need to take a sensible approach to all aspects of your new life.

Food in the first weeks after labor should be nutritious and balanced. It is important to abandon outdated misconceptions that breastfeeding mothers are very limited in food and must adhere to a strict diet. Another myth is the need to eat heavily and “eat for two” while breastfeeding. In fact, this practice has no logical arguments.

There are only two basic rules for young mothers in the diet: avoid allergens, and pay attention to the laxative and fortifying properties of foods. Both rules are relevant not only for breastfeeding mothers, but also for those practicing artificial feeding. The fact is that after giving birth, allergies can develop to new products, even those that previously did not cause a reaction. The second rule is justified by the fact that after childbirth the intestines do not work as smoothly, so it is easy to cause his disorders.

Abundant drinking – a sure companion of increased lactation. This is worth considering for women who choose the type of feeding for their baby. A woman who has decided to give up breastfeeding, but drinks a lot of fluids, will have difficulty with the withdrawal of milk.

An outlet for a woman in the first month after childbirth is personal time. It can be devoted to rest, learning new skills or even for a few hours back to work, if it is so beloved. It is important to agree in advance with family and friends on the possibility of possible help. For example, some need time that can be fully devoted to themselves, and some just need constant help with minor household chores.

Some moms rush to start losing weight and getting back into shape after childbirth in the early days. This is wrong, because the body needs time to come to its senses after the birth of a child. The specialists of the online course will help you cope with all the problems associated with recovery after childbirth.

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