In addition to the many bright, first-time emotions that pregnancy entails for a woman, carrying a baby is a time of different fears and worries related to the health of the unborn child and her own, the upcoming birth, as well as with their appearance after the new member of the family will come into the world.

Among them – whether you can get rid of excess weight after childbirth and prevent or, if necessary, to quickly remove stretch marks – stretch marks that appeared on the body as a result of changes in its size during pregnancy. It is well known axiom – an illness or an unpleasant consequence of something is always easier to prevent than to deal with them after the fact. Of course, there are enough ways that can serve as a means of preventing stretch marks during pregnancy and, if they still appeared, easily get rid of them.

What is stretch marks

First of all, it is necessary to understand what are stretch marks during pregnancy and why they occur. In medical language, these abnormalities of the skin are called “stretch marks. They look like lash scars. The main culprit for these troubles is the hormonal storm, leading to severe tension and damage to the elastic cells of the epidermis. This is caused by a disruption in the synthesis of proteins, elastin and collagen, which give the skin its elasticity, firmness and contractility. Lack of their synthesis leads to loss of skin “rubber” properties and thinning.

The skin defects, which are pale pink or purple at first, appear on the abdomen, breasts, legs, buttocks, and thighs. Subsequently, they appear as oblong folds 1-2 mm to several centimeters wide. On the chest stretch marks are usually white, covered with wrinkled epidermis, on the stomach – colorless because of the lack of pigment in the cells of connective tissue.

Stretch marks during pregnancy: what are they, why can they occur, preventive measures

The main causes of stretch marks

There are many known causes that affect the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy. They may not be isolated, but combined and consist of mechanical stretch marks, genetics, hormonal imbalance, lack of physical activity. But the main reason experts call the sharp weight gain in a relatively short period of time and the resulting mechanical stretching of the skin. Most often exposed to the appearance of stretch marks in pregnant women are breasts and abdomen. Their volume increases rapidly, preventing the skin from stretching and regenerating.

Its top layer becomes thin, tearing the subcutaneous tissue. Fatty or connective tissue then overgrows in the place of the micro tear. This is the process that creates stretch marks. Under the thin layer of epidermis in the places of stretch marks see through the blood vessels, causing the scar’s purple color. As time passes, active blood flow ceases, and the blood vessels become dilapidated, making the stretch marks pale.

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Risk Factors in Pregnancy

Stretch marks during pregnancy are not at all a mandatory nuisance that should happen to every woman a priori. Their appearance is caused by a number of factors, among which the number of pounds gained is not decisive. Among the reasons that can trigger the development of stretch marks in pregnant women, experts note:

  • Heredity – if a woman’s mother or grandmother had a pregnancy accompanied by stretch marks, it is likely that they will appear in her too;
  • lack of a balanced diet – has a negative impact on the skin;
  • low physical activity – intense physical inactivity leads to inadequate blood circulation, exposing skin cells to starvation of oxygen and leading to more intense occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy
  • Smoking – this bad habit leads to a loss of elasticity of the skin, many times increasing the risk of stretch marks.
Stretch marks during pregnancy: what are they, why can they occur, preventive measures

Factors that also affect the appearance of stretch marks

Excessive consumption of fried, spicy, salty food also has a negative impact on the synthesis of polymer proteins. To reduce the risk of stretch marks during pregnancy, it is necessary to exclude from the diet especially harmful to a woman’s skin candy, sweet pastries, chocolate, uncontrolled consumption of sugar. Prevent the appearance of stretch marks is possible by avoiding vitamin deficiencies. Consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetables will replenish the body necessary for future mothers of minerals and vitamins, which serves as a good prevention of stretch marks.

Too rapid weight gain is another cause of stretch marks. The rate of weight gain is directly proportional to the speed of their formation on the butt, chest, abdomen and thighs. Contributes to stretch marks and metabolic disorders, as well as the age of the expectant mother. The probability of stretch marks is high for women aged 18-30 years.

How to prevent stretch marks

It is easier to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy than trying to get rid of them after childbirth. Appearing stretch marks will be difficult to remove completely, even with the help of cosmetic procedures and modern laser correction. The prevention of defects is based on basic principles:

  • hydration;
  • increase physical activity;
  • nutrition;
  • Maintaining the elasticity of the skin with special clothing or underwear.

Experts advise that in order not to then fight with stretch marks on the legs, butt, abdomen:

  • Gain weight at a moderate pace, distributing the set evenly over weeks and months, adhering to a healthy diet;
  • giving massages with water;
  • continue exercising;
  • drink plenty of water;
  • consume oatmeal;
  • avoid exposure to ultraviolet light;
  • Wear a special bandage and a comfortable support bra;
  • Use special oils and creams to moisturize your skin.
Stretch marks during pregnancy: what are they, why can they occur, preventive measures

How to get rid of stretch marks on the skin

If at any stage of pregnancy stretch marks still appeared on the buttocks, abdomen, chest or legs, to cope with them in the short term is unlikely to work. Gradual results provided by cosmetic techniques, fully achieved by carrying out a set of procedures. After a few weeks or months, they lead to the fact that stretch marks in pregnant women are pale, reduced in size. Start fighting with them as soon as they appear, when the procedures are most effective.

The most effective ways to reduce the severity of stretch marks, among others, include:

  • chemical peels;
  • mesotherapy;
  • mechanical peels;
  • laser skin resurfacing;
  • ozone therapy.

Methods of hardware cosmetology will not only reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but also make them almost invisible. Completely get rid of stretch marks after childbirth can only help plastic surgery.

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