Exercises for pregnant women in the first trimester

Many expectant mothers wonder: “I am in my first trimester of pregnancy, can I exercise?” Reasonable physical activity, if there are no contraindications, is beneficial for the health of the pregnant woman and the growing baby in her. So what exercises are recommended for pregnant women in the 1st trimester?

If before the “interesting situation” a woman practiced fitness or yoga, you should not abandon the workouts, they will only have to be slightly revised, and we will tell you how. If the lifestyle was not too active, it’s time to change it a little – for the sake of yourself and the future child.

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Занятия спортом для беременных в 1 триместре

What are the benefits of sports for pregnant women in the first trimester?

The first three months of pregnancy greatly change the workings of the mother’s body, and for the baby they are decisive in many ways – during this period all organs and systems are formed. Regular physical activity is beneficial for the health of the pregnant woman and the growing fetus. The ancient wisdom says that movement is life, it is also relevant while waiting for a new life. Improving oxygen metabolism, optimizing the work of all body systems, contributing to your own beauty and health, and taking care of strong offspring – this is what reasonable and moderate physical activity brings to the life of the expectant mother.

Benefits of regular exercise in the 1st trimester:

  • Compared to sedentary moms-to-be, active moms carry a baby more easily and have an easier birth;
  • the feeling of chronic fatigue is considerably lowered, mood increases, and insomnia goes away, as movement promotes the production of hormones of happiness;
  • toxicosis is reduced or does not manifest itself at all;
  • edema will be prevented;
  • The risk of fetal hypoxia will be minimized: the baby will not be affected by oxygen starvation, because the placental blood is constantly saturated with oxygen.

How much exercise should I do in the first trimester?

It depends on the level of preparation of the pregnant woman and her well-being. Regular exercises of 10-20 minutes a day are absolutely sufficient. Those who are not used to constant activity, you can do exercises every other day, and it is good to complement them with walks in the fresh air and, if possible, swimming.

Занятия спортом для беременных в 1 триместре

Contraindications to exercises for pregnant women

The complex, which the future mother will choose for regular exercise, should be gentle. The first trimester does not yet demonstrate a growing belly, but the woman is already pregnant and is responsible for the health of her child.

When is it impossible to train?

Then, when your doctor opposes it! It is necessary to consult it before starting the exercises. Some pregnancy conditions temporarily exclude physical activity, such as increased uterine tone.

Of course, the exercise should be canceled if you have severe toxemia, headache, infectious disease. It is unlikely that a doctor would recommend gymnastics for a woman who is carrying twins or triplets. And it is out of the question to exercise with a threat of miscarriage.

Categorically not recommended: unadapted yoga asanas.

Did shortness of breath start during the exercises? The workout will have to be interrupted – this means that the baby also lacks oxygen. You should not try too hard, the load should be acceptable, but not excessive.

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What kinds of exercises are welcomed in the first trimester?

All elements of fitness, gymnastics or yoga that are performed at a measured pace, without abrupt movements and difficult unnatural positions.

Exercises in the first trimester:

It is possible to choose suitable exercises from the online course of the project, distributed in the schedule by trimesters.

It is more effective to work out in the fresh air or at home, having previously ventilated the room.

Занятия спортом для беременных в 1 триместре

Warming up before you start.

Uncomplicated preparation of the body for physical activity is necessary before each class. The warm-up may include a variety of exercises. Various variants with detailed techniques are presented online at momslab.com.

Elements of yoga for 1st trimester classes

Complex and advanced complexes – not for pregnant women, but adapted asanas, which are performed without discomfort, will bring a lot of benefits.

Here are the elements of hatha yoga that are recommended in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Initial position: legs bent at the knees, the woman sits on her heels, her shins lie on a mat or a roller.

  • “Cow face”: legs crossed with knees over each other, feet bent in line with the hips, palms interlocked in a clasp behind the back.
  • “Butterfly”: a seated asana in which the feet are joined, and the bent legs are lowered to the floor by the woman’s knees, pressing lightly on them with her hands, then raised back up.
  • “Diamond”: sitting pose, back straight, legs bent, pelvis lowered to the inside of the feet.
  • Relaxation: lie on the back, legs extended, pelvis pressed to the floor.

Занятия спортом для беременных в 1 триместре

Elements of fitness and gymnastics in the 1st trimester

It is worth choosing exercises without the use of jumps and other abrupt movements, do not apply any weighting elements. Here are the most effective elements from which you can form a regular complex.

  • Breathing exercises are performed according to the Pilates principle: one should imagine that between the ribs there is a balloon, which should be filled with air. Standing on a hard surface, you should take 10-15 slow, calm, deep breaths and exhales, “letting the air out” of the imaginary balloon.
  • Elements of stretching. Here you should not overdo it, but prefer comfortable variants:
  1. From the “sitting on heels” position, stretch forward with the palms of your hands, trying to touch the floor with your forehead;
  2. Sitting down, arch your back toward your knees;
  3. sit with legs spread wide apart, gently bend to the sides;
  4. sit down, bend your legs at the knees, very quietly bend them to the left and right.
  • Exercises for the pelvic muscles are performed while standing. Spread your legs a little, put your hands on your hips, rotate your pelvis in both directions, 5 times in turn.
  • Exercises for pectoral muscles. In upright posture with shoulders straight, arms bent at the elbows and in front of the chest. Clench or fold your palms, exhale and press. As you exhale relax, turn your palms to yourself. Do it 10 times.
  • Exercise with a fitball. This large ball is very useful for relieving tension and strengthening ligaments. In the future it will be very useful for classes with the baby. In the first trimester it is possible to perform such elements of gymnastics on it:
  1. A fitball behind the back of a sitting woman, she slowly “drives” on it with her buttocks and then just quietly slides down, 3-5 repetitions;
  2. The pregnant woman sits on the fitball, pelvic rotation in both directions;
  3. kneeling in front of the ball, squeeze it with both hands at the same time;
  4. The ball is squeezed between the legs in a sitting position, squeezing the ball and releasing the pressure.

The complex should consist of a warm-up and 2-3 exercises from each group. It is better to conclude the workout with relaxation routines.

Занятия спортом для беременных в 1 триместре

Any reasonable form of physical activity in the first trimester will benefit the pregnant woman and the future child.

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