Can I have sex in the first trimester?

Intimacy during pregnancy often raises questions and concerns among couples. Does a woman’s body now belong only to the growing baby? Fortunately, real reasonable bans for sex in the 1st trimester are quite rare. You only need to observe reasonable precautions, and you can enjoy togetherness and give each other love and tenderness, transmitting these feelings to the future child as well.

Секс во время 1 триместра

Sex in the first trimester: what doctors say

Pregnancy is not an illness. Why should this period be prohibited for normal life activities, such as conjugal intimacy? On the contrary, there can be many additional benefits to having sex in the first trimester:

  • Additional enhancement of the tender relationship between the spouses;
  • you don’t have to worry about protection and you can give yourself to each other;
  • orgasm gives a release of endorphins, which improves a woman’s mood and has a positive effect on her well-being;
  • the growing fetus gets a boost of “happy hormones”.

All this is true for a normal pregnancy. There are several medical contraindications to sex in the first trimester, when a woman’s new condition is still so fragile and unstable.

  1. Previously intact pregnancies: if a woman has had miscarriages, especially in the early term, it is better to be careful during these important weeks.
  2. Bleeding or “pudding” – a reason not just to refuse sex, but immediately consult a doctor.
  3. Uterine tone or hypertonicity: Your doctor will determine this at an ultrasound or the mother-to-be will feel it by herself based on discomfort in the lower abdomen.
  4. Placenta close to the cervix or placenta detachment, prevalence – all this is within the competence of your gynecologist.
  5. Partner’s health problems – in the presence of genital infections in men, intercourse is out of the question.

Any threat of pregnancy is a reason to limit or temporarily remove intimacy.

Секс во время 1 триместра

So, the first answer to the question whether you can have sex in the first trimester should be given by a doctor.

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The desire should be mutual.

It happens that the doctor gave the permission, but the woman has no desire for sex in the first trimester. Why is it so? There are many reasons:

  • Hormonal “storm”, when a drop in libido can be abruptly replaced by an increase in it;
  • Fears and anxiety about her new position;
  • Family turmoil;
  • A natural deterioration of health – toxicosis, heartburn, general weakness, etc.;
  • possible hypersensitivity in the mammary glands.

The husband should be especially attentive: even if in the first trimester you can have sex, it is not always necessary when the man wants to insist on it. It is worth to show understanding and tenderness to the future mother of your child: most reasons of this kind will quickly come to naught, and a normal intimate life will be restored.

Секс во время 1 триместра

Important intimate details in the first trimester

With pregnancy, a woman’s life changes completely, and this will affect intimacy as well. For some time, a number of intimate habits will have to change somewhat. This is due to physiological, hormonal and psychological reasons.

Here are 5 important recommendations so that it is safely possible to have sex in the first trimester of pregnancy.

  1. No to violent passions. In this period you should categorically avoid brutal manifestations of mutual desire. No rudeness, even if previously the couple liked it: it is time for tenderness and some restraint.
  2. Positions, poses. In the first trimester, when the belly is not yet growing, you can not be too restricted in the choice of position. Further on you will have to think about it. The only thing is that you should be more careful in those positions where penetration will be especially deep – it is better to postpone them for the “post-pregnancy” future. In the absence of general contraindications, the least risky positions are “spooning” (on your side) and “woman on top”.
  3. Oral caressing is possible. There are no restrictions, except the only absolutely obvious one: the oral cavity of the partners, especially of a man, must be healthy. Infectious diseases such as herpes, exclude this type of intimacy, and not only for the duration of pregnancy.
  4. A woman is uncomfortable – you can’t be silent. During this important period, a woman’s comfort and convenience during sex is an important and fundamental safety criterion. Discomfort in a certain position or movement of the man almost always shows the possible risks. Therefore, you should monitor your well-being and protect it. You should not sacrifice your health and risk the baby for the pleasure of the partner. A loving husband will be sympathetic and try to take care of his wife’s comfort.

So, it is quite possible to have sex in the first trimester of pregnancy, if you remember about some important nuances.

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