Every woman who learns that she will soon become a mother, among others, is looking for an answer to the important question of how long it is allowed to have sex. The arrival of the desired pregnancy always comes unexpectedly, even if waiting for her for more than one year, and for its occurrence made every imaginable and unimaginable effort.

Realizing that life from now on will never be the same again, expectant mothers still try as long as possible to keep its usual rhythm and natural schedule. Therefore, the question of whether sex during pregnancy is useful or harmful, a woman should discuss with your gynecologist. It is worth going to him as soon as possible to make sure there are no contraindications, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, and not to harm the embryo and the developing fetus, as well as the health of the woman herself.

Sex during pregnancy 1

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy

Can sex during pregnancy – many researchers have addressed this issue and came to the definite conclusion that having sex during pregnancy is not that harmful, and even beneficial. If the well-being of the expectant mother is not a cause for concern, and nurturing the baby takes place without any complications, experts believe it makes absolutely no sense to give up the pleasure and such an important component of married life.

They are practically unanimous in their opinion that making love during the period of carrying the baby is of undoubted benefit to the mother and child, because:

  • uterine contractions during orgasm serve as a kind of massage for the baby, preparing him for the future birth;
  • the “happy hormones” produced by the mother are transmitted through the blood to the baby;
  • helps pregnant women to get rid of constipation;
  • The sperm enriches the uterine walls with useful substances, making them more elastic, which is important during childbirth.
Sex during pregnancy 2

Change of libido by trimester

Sexual desire, which is the main trigger for marital intimacy, undergoes changes throughout the term of pregnancy. The strength of desire for sex during pregnancy changes in each woman unpredictably and individually. Largely subject to changes in hormonal background, it can decrease or increase. Female libido during pregnancy is a parabola with the lowest values in the first and third trimesters and significantly increased in the second.

It is not uncommon for increased sexual desire to remain throughout pregnancy. Moreover, it is in this period of life that sex becomes especially vivid for a woman due to physiological changes occurring in her body.

Sex during pregnancy 3

First trimester

Considering the changes in the desire of women who are expecting a child to have sex during pregnancy, researchers note the naturalness of its decrease. It can be both insignificant and quite drastic, up to complete rejection of physical intimacy. This situation is explained by the beginning of physiological processes that prepare the body for the nine-month marathon, which requires considerable strength.

In the first trimester the decrease in desire is associated with so often occurring in women in early pregnancy toxicosis, which leads to a deterioration of the general condition, dizziness, weakness. The beginning of hormonal rearrangement also leads to mood swings, manifestation of negative emotions that inhibit the occurrence of sexual desire.

The second trimester

The middle of the period of pregnancy – the second trimester – is reasonably considered the “honey” or “golden” time of pregnancy. At this stage all fears connected with the possibility of losing the embryo pass away, the toxicosis manifestations practically do not make themselves felt at all. The woman gets used to the internal and external changes occurring in the body, becomes less anxious and more relaxed.

Forced abstinence is replaced by hypersexuality and increased sexual activity, leading to an increase in the number and quality of sex during pregnancy. The delivery is still far away, the belly is not so big to hinder movements and you can allow yourself a lot of fantasies – awareness of this increases the sexuality of the pregnant woman.

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The third trimester

Compared to the previous trimester, in the third trimester women may have a sharp decrease in interest in having sex during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that during this period, the “nesting syndrome” is especially pronounced. At this time, all the thoughts of the expectant mother are focused on the imminent arrival of a new member of the family, and directed to arrangement of the house for the unborn child.

Now the woman is fully occupied with the question of how the birth will take place, where to put the crib, which stroller to choose, and sex during pregnancy in this period is pushed into the background. Although this is not always the case, and in some cases there is no significant decrease in sexual desire, and sex life remains full until almost the birth.

What kind of sex you can have during pregnancy

If the doctor does not generally prohibit sexual intercourse and the well-being of the woman allows it, it does not mean that there are no restrictions on the technique and the positions that can be used by spouses. A woman should still determine what kind of sex is allowed during pregnancy at her term and adhere to the recommendations of the leading gynecologist. As for the variety of sexual activity, this period is possible as the usual intercourse, and oral caresses.

But a man should absolutely make sure that he is not a carrier of any viruses and infections. In addition, it is worth bringing as much love and tenderness as possible in the love game, even if in normal periods of life, future parents are supporters of harder sex. Close attention should be paid to the choice of sex positions during pregnancy, especially in its last trimester.

Sex during pregnancy 4

Positions for making love during pregnancy

From the “pre-pregnancy” period, sex in pregnancy is not much different in the first trimester. And the second and third leads the couple to the need to reckon with an actively growing belly. For example, experts recommend completely abandoning the positions in which the woman lies on her back, with 12-13 weeks. This is due to the fact that you can get dizziness, weakness and nausea due to obstructed blood circulation – the heavier uterus can constrict blood vessels.

Conversely, doctors advise certain positions that are comfortable and safe in the second and third trimesters. These include the positions:

  • Knee-elbow – partner on all fours, partner behind;
  • “spooning” – the woman is on her side with her back to the man;
  • “horsewoman” – the woman is on top, the partner is sitting or lying down;
  • A woman either lies with her back to a man or sits on his legs.

In what cases should refrain from intimacy

According to experts, the myth that sexual intercourse during pregnancy can cause harm to mother and child is absolutely not valid. With a normal course of pregnancy, good health of the expectant mother, the presence of her and her partner’s desire for physical intimacy, refusal of sex during pregnancy is completely unreasonable.

Among the reasons why you should not have sex during pregnancy are the earliest terms of pregnancy, carrying two or more fetuses or detected:

  • threat of miscarriage;
  • bleeding;
  • leakage of amniotic fluid;
  • Placenta too close to the cervix;
  • The cervix is too short;
  • One of the partners has an infection.

Experienced gynecologists advise against having sex during pregnancy a couple of weeks before the expected delivery, so that the orgasm does not provoke premature contractions.

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