About the hoop, the bar, squats, and jumps

After childbirth, a woman who wants to get back into shape is tormented by doubts about the safety of exercise. The information on the web is contradictory and not always reliable, and there is no possibility to go to the doctor with every question. Online course specialists come to the rescue – they will answer all questions and offer a safe and effective training program.

Sports after childbirth: can I spin a hoop?

Immediately after childbirth, it is strictly forbidden to spin a hoop. This is due to the fact that the muscles and internal organs have not yet recovered from pregnancy and childbirth – are in a stretched state, weakened, displaced. The early beginning of classes with hulahoop leads to the loss of internal organs, as well as their even greater displacement. In particularly serious cases, internal hematomas may appear.

Only when all the organs have taken their former position and shape, and the muscles have strengthened again, can hula hooping begin. This happens by about the fourth month after childbirth, although everything is individual.

Even 3-4 months after childbirth, women should not twist a hoop if they have been diagnosed with:

  • Gynecological diseases (cysts, etc.);
  • problems with the vestibular apparatus;
  • spinal illnesses;
  • Gastrointestinal inflammations;
  • repeated pregnancy.

Вопросы про спорт после родов

Can I do the plank after giving birth?

In the first few months after childbirth it is not allowed to do the plank, even for those women who before pregnancy were actively engaged in sports and practiced this exercise. Weakened muscles will not benefit from such load, and only harm them. If you start to do the plank before the end of the loins, it will increase their duration and in general will have a detrimental effect on the recovery process. With diastasis the bar is also forbidden – it will only aggravate the disease. Also, heavy childbirth with tears or cuts in the perineum are contraindications to this exercise – it is necessary to wait for complete healing of the sutures.

Beginning to do the plank for most women is optimal six months after childbirth. Violating the terms of the recovery period is fraught with problems with the back and pelvic floor muscles.

Вопросы про спорт после родов

Sports after childbirth: can I squat?

Squats are also on the forbidden list of exercises after childbirth. Yes, it really is the fastest and easiest way to pump your butt and thighs. But if you rush to start exercising, it will lead to weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, the prolapse of internal organs and problems with the reproductive and excretory system.

There are more appropriate exercise options for young moms to restore their pelvic floor figure. They are presented in the program of the online course. But to start doing squats can be 6 months after childbirth – only then they with the right technique will benefit.

Вопросы про спорт после родов

Can I jump after giving birth?

Jumping jacks in all kinds of variations can be started 2 months after childbirth, if they took place naturally. After a cesarean section, you will have to wait 12 weeks and get permission to exercise from your doctor. And also if there are no problems with pelvic floor muscles.

Before you start jumping, be sure to warm up, otherwise there is a risk of injury. After training, to consolidate the result it is worth to make a warm-up in the form of a light pleasant stretching.

It is better to start exercising with small loads: jump at a quiet pace for a short time, until you become slightly tired. Increase the intensity of training as you feel.

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