During pregnancy, even small pains cause anxiety for the expectant mother. It is worth noting, not in vain. In some cases, a pulling pain in the lower abdomen can signal danger. Let’s find out when these “cases” occur, and when there is no reason to worry.

Causes of the pulling pains

Lower abdominal pain occurs in almost every pregnant woman. It is almost impossible to avoid unpleasant sensations during this magical period. They may vary in intensity and their subjective perception and localization. In this case, the pain may occur while walking, physical activity, as well as at rest.

The most common reason for the occurrence of a pulling pain is the tension of muscles and ligaments of the uterus as a result of its growth. The same factor affects the location of internal organs, the migration of which can also cause pain.

But, how to distinguish normal physiological pains, from pathologies that are dangerous for a leaky pregnancy.

Pulling belly during pregnancy

Is the pain of pregnancy dangerous or not?

The danger of dragging pains is related to the causes of their occurrence. If it is a physiological process described above, then there is no danger either to the baby or to the mother. Moreover, dragging pains do not require anesthesia, medical intervention, etc. But, in some cases, pains can be really dangerous. Let’s break down these cases.

When are dangerous pulling pains during pregnancy

Severe pulling pains can signal the onset of serious malfunctions in the course of pregnancy. Among them:

  1. Threatened miscarriage.
  2. Pregnancy failure.
  3. Ectopic pregnancy.
  4. Increased uterine tone, which requires correction.
  5. False labor. Occur in the late stages of pregnancy. This is how the uterus prepares for an impending pregnancy.

To understand whether the pains that a woman is experiencing are dangerous, it is necessary to evaluate them.

Pulling belly during pregnancy

Additional characteristics of painful sensations will let you know whether there is a reason to urgently consult a doctor. So, dragging pains are dangerous if:

  1. They irradiate to other areas. If, after lower abdominal pain, the lower back begins to hurt, pain appears in the genital tract – it is worth seeing a doctor.
  2. Are you experiencing any bleeding pains? – Call an ambulance. This can signal a threatened miscarriage.
  3. Tightening of the abdomen during pregnancy is accompanied by a lack of baby response (if the pregnancy is in the second or third trimester).
  4. The pain increases and does not subside when you change position.
  5. During pregnancy, the pulling pains are accompanied by nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness.

Non-obstetric dragging pains may also occur, which require attention, but are not pathological management of pregnancy.

Causes of abnormal pain

A number of pathological causes can be identified among abdominal pain during pregnancy. Pathological pulling pains are characterized by a change in the perception of the pain impulse. They can occur for a variety of reasons.

  1. Pathology of the digestive system.

Almost the entire period of pregnancy, a woman experiences discomfort associated with the digestive system. Hormonal malfunctions, physical displacement of internal organs, pressure on the intestines, reduction of its contractility. All this leads to abnormal pain, and the feeling that the abdomen pulls during pregnancy.

Pulling belly during pregnancy
  1. Surgical pathology.

Pathologies can be surgical in nature. The most common among them is appendicitis. Pulling pains appear abruptly and intensify, the temperature rises, nausea and vomiting appear. It is worth noting that surgical removal of appendicitis is carried out with the preservation of pregnancy. However, it is very important to quickly contact specialists.

  1. Gynecological pathologies.

Above, we have already described the gynecological reasons for the occurrence of tugging pains during pregnancy. Among them are miscarriage, frozen pregnancy, etc. In order to distinguish normal pain from pathological pain requiring urgent intervention, pay attention to its dynamics, as well as the presence of bloody discharge.

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What pains are not related to pregnancy

There are a number of pains that are not related to pregnancy. They also require treatment, because they can lead to a general deterioration of well-being and progression, which is absolutely unnecessary during the period of carrying a child.

  1. Inflammatory processes in the body.

Modern research has proven that against a background of reduced immunity in pregnant women, contributes to the activation of previously inherent inflammatory processes. Inflammation of pelvic systems often occurs during pregnancy, which becomes the cause of abdominal pain during pregnancy.

Pulling belly during pregnancy
  1. Diseases of other organs.

The cause of the tugging pains may be hidden in diseases of other organs. Urinary tract, kidneys, pancreas. These are only some of the body systems that undergo increased stress, resulting in abdominal pain.

  1. Cystitis.

Can give pregnancy pulling pains of a strong nature, burning when urinating, even a false feeling of miscarriage.

  1. Poisoning.

You may have eaten stale food, food that is difficult to digest, etc. As a result of poisoning, a woman feels nausea, fever, general weakness and abdominal pain during pregnancy.

  1. Physical exertion.

The cause of pain may also be hidden in increased physical exertion. If you have had a busy day, the pulling pains may occur in the evening. It is worth to rest and observe the dynamics of pain.

Also among the causes of pain can be noted – stress. Exercise, negative emotions, being in an unpleasant environment. All this can provoke a sharp pain in the abdomen.

Pulling belly during pregnancy

Prevention and elimination of abdominal pain during pregnancy

Eliminate taut pains during pregnancy can be done at home, if their origin has no pathological nature, and is not associated with a possible termination of pregnancy.

  1. First, with abdominal pain you should take a comfortable position. Try to distribute the load evenly. Take pressure off the abdomen.
  2. Provide access to fresh air. Open a window to ventilate, or go out into the fresh air. It is important to ensure safety, and assume possible unconsciousness.
  1. Make sure you do not have an elevated body temperature and there is no bloody discharge. These signs may signal a dangerous condition that requires immediate medical attention. In such a case, the only thing to do is to call an ambulance or get to the clinic on your own (driving is categorically not recommended).
  2. Take a painkiller prescribed by the doctor. It is important to take only those medications that the doctor will prescribe. They should not only be allowed to be taken by the pharmacological company, but also correspond to your individual picture of carrying a baby.
  3. Drink a cup of warm herbal tea. Study the composition of the tea. Some herbs in long-term use can provoke premature labor, increase blood pressure, and have a negative effect on the fetus.
Pulling belly during pregnancy

The occurrence of pain of a non-pathological nature can be avoided. To do this, it is worth changing your approach to daily tasks. As a preventive measure the following should be applied:

  1. Wear a bandage put on the term of pregnancy. It will help support the abdomen, reduce pressure on the organs of digestion and urination, unload the spine.
  2. Avoid hard-to-digest food. During pregnancy, it is worth to reconsider the whole diet. It is better not to eat a lot of fresh fruits, to give up spicy foods, processed foods, etc.
  3. Wear only comfortable shoes and clothing.
  4. Limit the weight and choose a suitable sport.
  5. Try not to be nervous. Stress may be one of the causes of the pain of pregnancy.

By taking care of your health on a daily basis, you will significantly reduce the risk of unpleasant feelings and the manifestation of pathological conditions.

Pulling belly during pregnancy

When to contact a specialist

Sometimes it is worth seeing a doctor immediately, or to be consulted at your next visit. Urgent treatment is required if the pulling pains intensify, there is a discharge with a mixture of blood, the condition is accompanied by fever and other symptoms. In these cases, you should call an ambulance and undergo a complete examination.

If during pregnancy your lower abdomen is pulled, but the pulling pains are not sharp, there are no accompanying symptoms, you should discuss the discomfort with your gynecologist during your next visit. The doctor will be able to prescribe the correct painkillers, and give recommendations based on your individuality.

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