Online fitness for pregnant women

The full development of the fetus and the birth of a healthy baby depends on the well-being and physical condition of the expectant mother and her correct behavior during childbirth. Daily fitness classes for pregnant women for 15-20 minutes eliminate pain associated with pregnancy, allow you to strengthen immunity, prepare the body for childbirth.

Беременный фитнес: йога на каждый день

Benefits and contraindications

Hatha yoga is best suited as a fitness for pregnant women, as gentle effect on muscles and joints provided by asanas, does not cause discomfort to women in the position and provides a deep workout of major muscle groups, ligaments and joints.
Having a beneficial effect on the body, yoga:

– calms the nervous system and improves mood;

– gets rid of stress, insomnia and insecurity;

– Serves as a drug-free cure for illnesses;

– Makes elastic muscles and ligaments, removes excess fat deposits, corrects posture;

– raises the body’s tone, charging it with vigor and positive energy.

Women practicing yoga while carrying the baby learn the art of correct breathing and more easily endure prenatal labor and delivery.

Pregnant women should practice yoga with caution, following simplified asanas and using devices to simplify the poses, avoiding discomfort, abdominal stress and pain. Expectant mothers who have been diagnosed with dropsy, threatened with miscarriage or risk of premature birth, hypertension or severe toxicosis should not exercise.

Exercise kits by trimesters

Properly selected asanas make yoga classes comfortable and beneficial for all 9 months.

Беременный фитнес: йога на каждый день

1 trimester:

– Hero pose with tilt is performed from a sitting position on the heels of the knees bent, the shins touching the mat, the back is slowly tilted back on the blanket roller;

– Cow muzzle pose is a sitting asana with crossed legs, knees placed one above the other, feet aligned at the side of the hips, palms interlocked behind the back in a lock;

– The snake pose is taken lying on the stomach, with the upper part of the torso lifted above the mat and the top of the head stretched upward;

– Lying on the back with the legs stretched along the wall, the pelvis is pressed against the support, and under the loin for convenience is placed a roller;

The butterfly pose is named after its resemblance to the wings of a fluttering insect: in the sitting position the bent legs with jointed feet are lowered closer to the floor and raised to the starting position by pushing on the knees with hands;

Diamond pose is performed with straight back sitting on bent legs, with the pelvis resting on the inner surface of the feet.

Беременный фитнес: йога на каждый день

2nd trimester:

– Sitting pose with legs crossed;

– Bridge pose involves bending the spine in the thoracic region, with the pelvis resting on a chair and the head and shoulders resting on a roller;

– A half tilt forward standing posture is performed to a support corresponding to the height of the legs;

– The muzzle-down dog pose visually resembles an angle formed by bending the torso with straight legs and arms resting on the mat;

– The pose with sitting twist consists of turning the body at an angle to the back of the chair and twisting it slightly against the straight position;

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– The extended triangle pose is taken by leaning the torso to the side and touching the ankle with the palm of the hand;

– Warrior pose is performed in broad stride, with the leg bent at the knee and the other leg pulled toe back, straight arms raised above the head.

Беременный фитнес: йога на каждый день

Third trimester:

– Butterfly pose in a supine position, with the head and back resting on a blanket roller;

– Standing pose with foot extension, to make it easier to perform which the raised leg is placed on a support or fixed horizontally with a belt;

– The crescent pose is a bend to the side with the limbs straight, with the back resting against the wall. The foot and palm touch the floor, the other leg is stretched horizontally, and the arm is raised above the head;

– The garland pose involves a full crouch with the knees pulled apart and the abdomen freely placed between them;

– The swimming fish pose is taken in an intermediate position between lying on your side and stomach with a bent leg, the knee is placed on a pillow so that the belly is comfortable, the head is lowered on the interlocked hands.

It is useful to perform two asanas throughout pregnancy:

– Corpse pose – relaxing the body while lying on the back with the legs and arms stretched out along the body;

Cat pose with support on bent knees and straight arms, when on inhalation the back is rounded upwards and the head is lowered between the arms, and on exhalation the spine is bent to the floor, the head is pulled upwards with the crown.

Visual fitness lessons for pregnant women in the videos on the site allow you to exercise at a comfortable speed under the guidance of an instructor and get online advice on any questions you may have.

What should beginners know?

Беременный фитнес: йога на каждый день

Yoga for pregnant women is recommended to practice in a quiet home environment in a checked room with enough free space. Comfortable clothes made of natural materials allow the body to breathe and do not constrain movements. Exercise is done barefoot on a gymnastics mat or folded blanket.

Yoga aids such as belts, rollers and others can make it easier for moms-to-be to enter the pose; they can be replaced with a rolled up plaid or other items available at home, if necessary.

The classes should begin with a warm-up to warm up the muscles. To avoid injury, it is recommended to follow the safety rules:

– mastering the oriental practice begins with simple exercises, gradually the complex becomes more complicated and the duration of daily training increases;

– Slow and smooth movements in asanas, do not allow quick entry into and exit from the pose;

– Do not practice on a full stomach or with a feeling of hunger, any discomfort is an excuse to get out of the pose and stop the practice;

– It is useful to alternate exercises with relaxation, sitting postures with standing postures.

A calm and even breathing plays an important role in yoga.

Fitness during pregnancy is aimed at benefiting the expectant mother’s health and positive emotions. Posted on this site yoga asana sets are chosen with the peculiarities of women in the position for the comfort of classes, their effectiveness and safety for the unborn baby.

Беременный фитнес: йога на каждый день
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