Physical exercise in the postpartum period

Despite the fact that pregnancy is not a disease, its logical outcome – childbirth – provokes a strong weakening of the body. This has a serious effect on a woman’s health. That is why it is recommended to train the muscles, which suffered a lot during the period of childbirth. Exercises after delivery are recommended for new mothers, especially because some exercises are very effective after childbirth.

Exercises in the first days after childbirth: can we start exercising right away?

The first days after childbirth are very difficult for the body. One way or another, pregnancy and childbirth is a great stress on the whole body. That is why you can start full-fledged exercise only a month after labor, or even later. And even at this time there are still a number of restrictions.

As for the postpartum period, and it is 6-8 weeks, at this time allowed only therapeutic exercise. These exercises from the outside look quite frivolous, but for the mother they are very useful. Performing these exercises will play a preventive role in solving many common postpartum problems.

Who is contraindicated to gymnastics after childbirth?

In some cases, even therapeutic gymnastics is contraindicated for postpartum women. For such women, the doctor prescribes complete rest until the situation improves. The main problems that exclude the performance of gymnastics in the postpartum period include:

  • Heavy childbirth with great blood loss;
  • nephropathy;
  • eclampsia in labor;
  • severe weakness;
  • 3rd degree perineal tears.

In all these situations gymnastics should be postponed. In any case, you should inform your doctor before starting the exercises.

Послеродовая гимнастика: первые упражнения для мамы

The first gymnastics after childbirth – exercise technique

In the absence of contraindications, after one day you can start doing simple exercises after childbirth. It should be understood that with the apparent ease, they are of great benefit to the weakened body.

So that blood does not stagnate in the muscles, little involved after childbirth, it is necessary to perform postpartum exercises for the legs. For example, lying in bed on your back, you can stretch your legs flat and alternately squeeze and unclench your toes. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times in one approach. After that, it is useful to perform another similar exercise: on one leg pull the toe toward you and then pull it forward. Do it on both feet in turn.

Having done such a warm-up, you can do another easy exercise after childbirth:

  1. The starting position is lying on the back, legs bent at the knees.
  2. The knees should touch each other.
  3. Slide your feet on the floor or bed and slowly straighten your legs, trying not to separate your knees from each other.

A set of postpartum exercises includes breathing exercises as well. In this section there are almost no prohibitions for women in labor. It can be done lying down or in another position, depending on the exercise. Breathing exercises not only help to recover from childbirth (by the way, it primarily helps the abs and pelvic floor muscles), but also develop the habit of breathing correctly in the future.

Послеродовая гимнастика: первые упражнения для мамы

Benefits of gymnastics after childbirth

Gymnastics classes after childbirth, if done correctly, have invaluable benefits for the health of a young mother. So, the early start of physical therapy classes will ensure:

  1. Faster cleansing of the uterus.
  2. Restoration of the nervous system: improved sleep, appetite, mood.
  3. Strengthening of deep abdominal muscles.
  4. Prevention of thrombosis.
  5. Preparation for more intensive workloads after the final recovery.

The free online course provides one of the postpartum exercises that will help in recovery. In addition, we have a qualified trainer who will offer his or her own program for postpartum recovery.

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