Cardio for moms: running after childbirth

After the birth of a child there is a question of getting back into shape. Can I go running after giving birth? Of course. Any training is important to have the right approach.

When can I start running after giving birth?

You need to take into account how the birth took place. After natural childbirth and cesarean section the body recovers differently. If a girl has trained before, she will need less time to recover and start training.

It is important that the pelvic floor muscles and deep abdominal muscles recover. The earliest time to start their recovery is the fifth week after delivery. Only after that can you start running.

It is important to exercise with a heart rate monitor, not just run until you are tired. It is necessary to understand at what heart rate you run. The average value should not exceed 150. For beginners, this is the optimal figure to benefit and not overload your body.

The online course has detailed recommendations on incorporating running into cardio workouts: when to start, how much and how to run.

What to pay attention to:

  1. Postpartum discharge must end.
  2. If you had a C-section, you can’t exercise until the stitches heal. Otherwise they can separate.
  3. The body’s own feelings.
  4. Before you start training, you should visit a gynecologist. The doctor will give an accurate assessment of the body’s readiness – an ultrasound will show whether the uterus has recovered.
  5. Restore the pelvic floor muscles and deep abdominal muscles. They hold the internal organs.

кардио для мам

Can I run after giving birth?

Before you start doing cardio after childbirth, it is important to pay attention to the contraindications:

  • Congenital heart disease;
  • Hypertension;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Arrhythmia;
  • Chronic joint disease;
  • Flatfoot;
  • Anemia;
  • Thrombophlebitis of the legs.
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Running after childbirth: pros and cons

Running has a number of pros and cons.


  • Joint injuries.
  • Stress on the spine and muscles, which are already weakened.

All of this is easily avoided with an adequate approach to exercise.


  • Lose weight and increase overall tone. It is important to combine exercise with a proper and healthy diet. Otherwise, there will be no effect.
  • Improvement of blood circulation and metabolism allows you to reduce swelling, avoid acne. The skin becomes more elastic and supple.
  • Sound and healthy sleep.
  • Prevention of depressive disorders.

бег после родов

Running after childbirth and breastfeeding


  • Milk can change taste or go missing. May be seen in professional athletes because of the level of exertion.
  • The baby will start rejecting himself because of the smell of sweat. This is his mother’s natural smell. On the contrary, the baby is put on a t-shirt if he needs to go somewhere. Feeling the smell of mom, he feels safe.
  • Ten minutes of running is enough. This time is negligible. You need to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes at a good heart rate.
  • It is better to exercise from 11 to 13 hours, because the body is at the peak of its activity. This myth is not scientifically confirmed.

It is necessary to remember the simple truth:

  • The selection of clothes and underwear for exercise. A girl should be comfortable. Freedom of movement is important, but it is necessary to support the breasts.
  • It is not necessary to chase after marathon results. You can begin with walking.
  • During the lactation period, it is important to drink a lot during the workout and after it to restore the lost moisture.

Approach to exercise

Girls who haven’t exercised before can start with walking. Then move on to running and more serious exercise.

Types of running:

  • Slow pace – jogging.
  • Fast pace and short distance – sprinting.
  • Fartlek combines the previous types of running. It consists of a change of pace.

кардио после родов

Exercise running after childbirth

It’s best for any girl to start as if she were a beginner. Even if her level of training before giving birth was impressive. This way she will gradually get into a rhythm without traumatizing herself. At the initial stage, fast walking and slow running are used. The load is built up gradually.

It is important to pay attention to the body’s signals. If you have discomfort in the legs, chest or abdominal area, it is better to give up training for 2-3 days. Fever and weakness for more than an hour indicates that the body is not ready.

Exercise helps to produce “happy hormones”. Therefore, pay attention to sleep and nutrition. If they are lacking, the body will start to activate the already depleted reserves. So not long before apathy and bad moods. In the first place is the health of the family, and only then workouts.

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