Many young parents want to calculate whether they will have a boy or a girl. This desire is reasonable. Calculations can be done in different ways: for this there are charts, calendars and various calculators.

The sex of the child seeks to know a lot of parents. Someone wants a girl and someone a boy, but most want to be able to choose. To do this, expectant parents resort to a variety of methods. Some of the methods have no scientific basis, some involve the use of special calendars.

Planning the sex of a child – methods and effectiveness

What determines the sex of the baby

When planning the sex of the baby, you need to consider that it depends on genetic material. A woman’s egg consists of two X chromosomes and a man’s egg consists of X and Y chromosomes. After the egg is fertilized, the two chromosome sets merge. Even in the early stages of fetal development, genetic information is laid down. As a result, a child of a particular sex is born.

Thus, it is possible to use methods of various formats when planning the sex of a child even before conception has taken place, but it is necessary to take into account that a certain percentage of inaccuracy is always allowed. To find out the sex with maximum accuracy is possible only with the help of genetic expertise.

Planning methods

Planning the sex of a child is carried out in different ways. Each of these methods has a certain specificity.

Genetic diagnosis

It is possible to calculate the sex of the baby with the help of genetic diagnosis. The procedure is carried out during IVF. So, after the fertilization of eggs, embryos are formed. After three days, when the embryos include 6-7 litters, the genetic composition of one of the cells is studied. At this stage it is possible to determine which embryos contain sex chromosomes, i.e. the sex of the future baby.

There are several criteria because of which this method is considered the most effective:

  • A scientific approach to planning;
  • Analysis of both the father’s and the mother’s data;
  • Application without attachment to external factors;
  • Is conducted in special laboratories.
Planning the sex of a child – methods and effectiveness

If the sex of the future child suits the parents, the selected embryo is implanted. As a rule, genetic diagnosis is carried out to avoid hereditary diseases associated with the birth of a particular sex.

By ovulation.

Sex planning can also be done by ovulation day. To monitor ovulation, you need to measure your temperature and make a schedule. It is also possible to use special tests for convenience. This method involves determining on what day from the ovary will ovulate.

By the duration of the cycle, focusing on the calendar, you can easily determine the date of ovulation. If unprotected intercourse occurs on the date (allowed plus or minus one day) when the egg is released, then most likely a boy will be born. You should be guided by the month.

If coitus happens three days before that event, then the most active sperm with a Y-chromosome simply will not survive. And then the X chromosomes will be activated, resulting in a girl. When planning the sex of the future baby using this method, special schedules will be the best option.

By blood renewal

It is generally believed that the child will be the sex of the parent whose blood has an earlier renewal. This is quite easy to calculate by the age of the partners. But attention should also be paid to forced blood loss. We are talking about giving birth or donating blood.

Planning the sex of a child – methods and effectiveness

There is also another option, which allows you not to bother with calculations by months. All one needs to do is to go and donate blood to the parent whose sex of the baby is planned. The best option will be if you do it 3 months before the direct conception.

It is also possible to determine the sex of the child by using a special table. It allows you to specify the probability of having a future baby of a certain sex.

Using the Chinese calendar

The question of planning the sex of the child was thought about a few centuries ago. If you use this option, you will need a special table. The specifics of this method is that you need to add a year to the age of the mother. This is due to the fact that in China, a newborn baby is considered 9 months old.

The Chinese gender calendar can indeed be used to determine the sex of the baby. When planning according to the age of the mother, the time of the planned conception is also taken into account.

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Planning the sex of a child – methods and effectiveness

You will need to calculate the age of the mother using the Chinese calendar. It has 28 days in each month.

Japanese method

There is also a Japanese method of planning the sex of the child. For this purpose, there is a special table. Guided by it, you only need to determine the secret number: to do this, you need to specify your month of birth and the month of your partner’s birth. At the intersection of these numbers will be the very secret number.

Next, you need to go to the second table. In it, you need to find the number that fell out in the first table, as well as the month you plan to conceive a child. In the cell where both columns intersect, the gender will be indicated. This is a very effective technique that allows you to determine the sex of the baby before birth if conception has already occurred by month.

Planning by Mother’s Age

This method of sex planning was first described in ancient China. The sages were convinced that sex depended on the month of conception. The age of the expectant mother also plays a role. For example, a 25-year old mother has a 70% or higher probability of giving birth to a boy in the autumn and winter months, and a girl in the spring months. But for a 24-year-old mother, the situation with child planning is exactly the opposite.

To make calculations by age much easier, special tables have even been compiled. They indicate the favorable months to conceive a boy or a girl according to the age of the mother.

Planning the sex of a child – methods and effectiveness

As the experts point out, this method of planning the sex of the child on the table is very close to the truth. If you follow the advice formulated in ancient China, it is possible to increase by about 60% the probability that a child of the desired sex will be born.

By blood type

To plan the conception and sex of the baby, you can also use a special calculator. For this purpose, it is necessary to know the blood type of both parents. It is the rhesus factor that plays a special role in planning the sex of the child. So, if a man and a woman have the same Rh factor, then they should expect a girl. If the rhesus factors are different, then the family will be born a boy.

It should be noted that planning by blood type does not provide 100% results. Thus, in one family may be born both a boy and a girl. Therefore you can certainly try to calculate, but there is still a probability that the results will not coincide with expectations.

Planning the sex of a child – methods and effectiveness

Sex planning in IVF

IVF is suitable for infertile couples who never managed to conceive their own baby. It is the entry to IVF that is quite often the very chance to have a child of your own.

Due to the fact that the fertilization process is carried out in a test tube, the doctor is able to independently select an egg that has the necessary genetic material. This procedure is called genetic diagnosis and is one of the most reliable methods of sex planning.

Freyman-Dobrotin method

This method was developed by Michael Freiman. In order to perform a complete analysis, you will need to use 12 tables. Information about the composition of these tables is not disclosed. They are divided into 2 groups: “M” – take into account the father’s data, “W” – the mother’s data. In some cases, the father’s tables are highlighted in blue and the mother’s tables in pink for greater distinction. The Freyman-Dobrotin methodology also provides special calculators.

Planning the sex of a child – methods and effectiveness

In order to calculate the sex correctly, certain rules should be followed:

  • Based on the data on the birth of the father and the day of conception, we get the first coefficient. Using the table M-1, find the number where these numbers intersect.
  • In table M-2 we find the correction for the month of the father’s birth, and in M-3 for his day of birth.
  • In table M-4 and M-5, respectively, find the correction for the month and day of conception, respectively.
  • Add up all the previously obtained numbers and find the coefficient in table M-6.

In Tables W-1 to W-6, you need to find the coefficient for the mother in the same way. According to this technique, the couple will have a child of that sex, which of the parents has a higher coefficient. If both numbers are equal to zero, then with a high probability a girl should be expected.

Planning the sex of a child – methods and effectiveness


Planning the sex of a child can be done in different ways. Someone prefers to be guided by a special calendar, someone looks at the blood type and Rh factor, and someone even resorts to calculators. Regardless of the method chosen, it should be kept in mind that it is practically impossible to predict the sex of the child with 100% probability. The only exception is the method of genetic diagnosis, which is carried out during IVF.

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