A woman is accompanied by another person during the joint birth. This role is usually performed by her spouse. Keep in mind that such a decision has certain specifics, including advantages and disadvantages.

Childbirth is a process where women need the support of a loved one. That’s why partnered childbirth is a great solution. It is not just a modern trend, but a good opportunity to help and strengthen the relationship with proper preparation.

Partner delivery: how it happens and what to consider

Basic specifics

For the most comfortable course of the process, a woman is recommended to give birth together with her partner in a specialized institution. This will ensure a low risk of developing complications. Partner delivery implies that the woman in labor is assisted by her spouse or other close person as both parties decide. It is possible to deliver with your husband, mother or sister. The woman herself chooses the person who will support her.

The decision is made in advance, because some preparation is required. The representative of the stronger sex must be clearly aware of what is waiting for him. As practice shows, nurses and obstetrician-gynecologists and anesthesiologists are favorable to such a decision. It is important that the attendant does not interfere with the medical personnel. Certain requirements apply to the attendant:

  • he/she must be able to find the right words to reassure the woman in labor;
  • To be able to stay with the woman for a long time to help her move, change her position, go to the bathroom;
  • Providing moral and psychological support.
Partner delivery: how it happens and what to consider

By complying with these requirements, the lover will provide the most effective assistance. Partnered births allow you to experience the process of giving birth to a baby together. For many Western countries this practice has become commonplace. In Russia, this trend is gradually beginning to gain momentum.

What to know

The main difference between partner delivery and usual birth is that in addition to the woman in labor, another person is also present. All nuances are discussed in the early months of pregnancy. The partner of the woman in labor should be clearly aware of her responsibilities. Keep in mind that the process of giving birth to a baby can take a long time.

In a partnered birth, the man may not be with the woman the entire time: from contractions to pushing, or the entire period from the beginning of the birth process. During the initial consultation with the doctor in charge of the pregnancy, all the details will be known. Particular attention is paid to the rules of conduct.

If you plan to give birth with your husband, it is necessary to show your man’s desire to be present during contractions and in the next stages. Many people may be frightened by the development, and entreaties will disrupt the family relationship. If, however, the partner reveals a desire to be present, then no negative emotions will arise.

It is forbidden to allow a man to enter the operating room during a cesarean section. He will be able to see the baby after the operation, as well as see his wife after she has rested from general anesthesia. This also applies to force majeure situations that may arise during the birth of the baby.

How the man should behave

A partner delivery is only possible in a private room. You should ask the administration of the hospital in advance about this possibility. If the partner decides to stay with the woman from the beginning of the birth process until the end, he may help her in some points:

  • Seconds count. The woman in labor herself is not up to it during contractions. Therefore, if the father-to-be starts counting the seconds, the time will fly by much faster;
  • Breathe together. A woman will be able to stick to a certain rhythm and do everything correctly.
  • Do massage. The husband can use his fist to massage his spouse’s tailbone area. It should be taken into account that the massage should be intense;
  • Encourage the woman. The main purpose of the joint birth, to make the moment of birth at an emotional, and physical level more pleasant;
  • Provide support. During labor a woman wants to choose the most comfortable position, in which pain is not so strong. To do this, a woman tends to hang onto something.
  • Listen to the woman in labor. You should not give your opinion and comment on the situation. Therefore, fulfill any whim of the mother-to-be and even what may seem like a whim.

You do not usually have to undergo special tests for partner delivery. All you need from your partner is a chest X-ray result (no more than a year old). It is necessary to confirm that there is no respiratory system pathology. But it is worth checking this with the administration of the institution.

Partner delivery: how it happens and what to consider

Occasionally, additional tests for HIV, hepatitis, AIDS, and syphilis may be required. Before entering the delivery room, the spouse should take a shower, put on clean underwear, and then change into new plastic slippers. He will be given a disposable suit with a cap on the spot. Before this, a complete disinfection of the room is performed. After the childbirth process, the woman in labor is transferred to a private room. Her spouse may rest in a separate room, but may be with her.

How they go

Before a partner delivery, it is important to consider, all the nuances of the birth process. It consists of three main periods:

  1. First contractions. First, the cervix begins to open. For the moment of opening to go as necessary, the partner of the woman in labor can help her: to massage her back, together with her to normalize breathing, to change the position of the body. At this stage of joint labor the woman has enough motor activity. Attention should be paid to the normalization of morale.
  2. Pushing. The woman in labor moves to a separate room with her partner and takes a position for the baby to come out normally. For the entire process of giving birth to the baby, the partner may decide to leave the room. He can be the first to take the baby in his arms, cut the umbilical cord and capture the happy moment in a photo/video.
  3. Appearance of the placenta. At this stage, the afterbirth comes out. The woman no longer feels so much pain, so the father leaves the room and the medics will do all the work.

It should be borne in mind that in a partner delivery it is important to support the woman in labor. Only with a competent approach, attention, care for the expectant mother provides a normal process of birth of a baby without complications.

Partner delivery: how it happens and what to consider

Main advantages

The issue of partner delivery is very delicate, so it is decided with a partner on an individual basis after discussing the pros and cons. Pros and cons should be analyzed in detail, and you should start with the main advantages:

  1. In a calm state, the woman’s cervix opens faster, which has a positive effect on the whole process;
  2. The husband assists the spouse during the joint birth: massaging her back, monitoring the time between contractions, helping to organize proper breathing, as well as providing assistance in other aspects;
  3. The father is able to hold the baby in his arms, which forms a strong emotional bond not only during the birth of the child, but also afterwards.
  4. Attachment between partners and responsibility for the family is strengthened. As testimonials from men show, their paternal instincts are awakened more quickly.

Keep in mind that a partner delivery should be done with the consent of both parties. If the partner does not want to be present for certain reasons, you should not force him.

Main disadvantages

Childbirth with the husband, with its many pros and advantages, also have disadvantages. Take into account that they are not suitable for every couple. To the other disadvantages of partner childbirth include:

  • They should not be treated as a fashionable trend to be followed. A woman can doubt the rightness of the innovation for a variety of reasons: personal beliefs, cultural, religious views. Regardless of the reason, if a member of the fairer sex has decided that she does not want to have a baby with her husband, then that decision is not subject to appeal.
  • If the atmosphere in the family is tense and the woman wants to “punish” her husband and show who has a harder life, then it contributes to more discord in the couple.
  • If the man is “sensitive” – afraid of blood, he gets sick just from going to the hospital, the partner childbirth is not for him.
  • Often there are situations when the representative of the stronger sex is superfluous and only in the way. It is difficult to predict a woman’s reaction.

That’s why every woman should decide at the very beginning whether she will give birth with her husband or alone. And if the answer is affirmative, the question is discussed with the future father of the child. Once this idea is approved and decided, then go to the hospital to draw up a contract for the birth of a partner. Without this document, the man will not be allowed into the room.

Preparation for the delivery

Childbirth with the husband requires preparation. It is easier for dads to be trained in special courses than for women. Full awareness of what is happening, a positive attitude and practical skills allow women to go through the process of childbirth more easily.

When preparing for a partner delivery, an additional meeting between husband and doctor brings good results. The doctor will explain in detail the main functions of the “freelance” assistant.

Ask the administration of the medical facility in advance about the required tests for a partner delivery, as well as medical examinations necessary for the admission of the man to the process of childbirth.

If the woman gives her written consent, the individual room in the medical facility is paid for, and the partner has no infectious diseases, then he gets the necessary admission.

Partner delivery: how it happens and what to consider

Preparation for partner delivery consists of a small number of parts. The first part involves psychological preparation. To begin with, decide whether a man will be present during the entire period, or only in the first stages during contractions. The best option – make the appropriate decision in the first months of pregnancy. Then there is enough time for full preparation.

The second part is devoted to the process of giving birth to a baby and male help. In order to understand how a man can help, you should consult with your doctor.

Men’s Testimonials

The feedback from men is 90% positive. If a man decides to support a woman during the birth of their child, it means he is aware of his responsibility and willingness to help. This is possible if the man personally makes the decision to be present.

In the testimonials men mention that they went to the partner birth with their spouse not for the experience, but to help their wife. The partner performs a number of functions during birth: to massage the back, give water, bring the charger for the phone, answer the calls of worried relatives.

Partnered births are specific. Before a woman goes into labor with her partner, it’s a decision that needs to be deliberate and considered. This scenario is not suitable for everyone and it should be considered.

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