Paired Yoga Classes

One of the names of paired yoga is trust yoga. And although the practice with a partner has many other names, this is probably what captures the deeper essence of paired yoga.

Парная йога: асаны для тренировок

Choosing a partner

The practice of couples yoga postures promotes mutual understanding, enhances trust and gives a sense of security. That’s why it’s often recommended to do yoga together with a spouse or a close friend. Of course, in a group yoga class you can choose a couple from a group of similar singles, but only on condition that a confident mutual sympathy arose.

Often, moms with children do yoga for couples: special yoga complexes for different ages have been developed for such classes.

It is not recommended for beginners to practice couples yoga at home: the risk of injury is too high. However, if at least one of the partners is an experienced practitioner and can ensure the safety of the workout, you can practice at home using video lessons.

Pair yoga – a class for the lazy or another dimension?

There is a myth that in paired yoga exercises are performed in a rather relaxed state, and therefore there is no need to give it all up. In fact, in pairs with a partner many asanas require less physical effort, and therefore their practice does not require such a strong physical preparation, as for single exercises. That’s why we often hear that paired yoga is called “lazy”. This is a profound misconception, because interaction with a partner requires another, no less costly work. It is important to make efforts to achieve synchronization of movements, to be attentive to your partner to ensure his safety, to adjust your breathing under another. There is definitely no place for laziness.

Парная йога: асаны для тренировок

Of course, when one of the couple just starts their yoga practice they are passive “players”. But as they gain experience, the couple reaches a new level: asanas are performed as equals, and the partners achieve the deepest emotional and spiritual unity. But you should not use the practice as a family psychotherapy. It is better to solve all the problems in a relationship before the practice and to approach the practice without negative emotions towards each other.

Couples yoga exercises and problems of over control

As a therapy paired yoga can be used in a completely different case. Since childhood, most of us learn to control everything that happens as much as possible. The problem of overcontrol is a disease of modern man. We stop trusting the world, we do not know how to ask for help, we are afraid to share our worries, we avoid appearing weak.

By practicing yoga as a couple, one can learn to fully open up to another person, a loved one. One can ask for support, confess one’s fears and share emotions. In this way mutual responsibility is born as a couple, the need for self-giving is formed, sensitivity is developed. At the same time, each partner learns to relax, trusting the other and getting rid of the compulsive desire to control the world.

Парная йога: асаны для тренировок

What are the results of paired yoga asanas?

The practice of paired yoga gives many positive effects:

– A balance of boundary-building and trust in the world is achieved;

– Sensitivity, mindfulness and emotional flexibility are developed;

– a creative approach to relationship work is formed;

– health is strengthened and physical endurance is increased;

– Prerequisites for a breakthrough in solo practice are created.

Pair yoga classes: what should I pay attention to?

First of all, special attention should be paid to the skills of correct breathing. Only by mastering this technique, it is possible to achieve the desired result. It is important to feel the breathing of the partner, to control the synchronization of breathing. At the initial stage it is better to adjust the breath under each other and only then proceed to the execution of asanas, continuing to monitor the synchronization.

Practice should be preceded by a small warm-up, to minimize the risk of injury. As in single yoga, not a single exercise in a couple should not be performed by force. Therefore, in case of discomfort, and even more so in case of pain, you should immediately warn your partner about it and cautiously step out of the asana together.

Парная йога: асаны для тренировок

Paired yoga postures: a rough list of asanas

Some of the most popular paired yoga asanas include:

– Navasana;

– Pashchimottanasana;

– Upavishtha konasana;

– Ardha matsyendrasana;

– Adho mukkha svanasana;

– The combination of Adho mukkha svanasana plus Dhanurasana;

– the combination of Danadasana plus handstand.

Of course, there are also more challenging paired yoga routines, but during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, it is worth taking extra care when organizing your workouts.

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