Therapeutic Yoga – Where can I see classes?

Yoga for hips doesn’t just solve a local problem. Although that’s exactly what it may seem like! In fact, the position of our pelvis affects the entire symmetry of the body. The problems that improper pelvic positioning causes tend to accumulate. Therefore, the consequences come sometimes all of a sudden, and sometimes they manifest themselves in chronic illnesses.

Particularly often it is pregnant women who have problems with their hips. After all, being in the position, unfortunately, we are the most acute feel and manifest all the “hidden” diseases including.

In this article, we’ll break down the basic exercises for the opening of the hip joints. However, the role is also played by the correct sequence and adjustment of the breath, in order to get the most out of the practice. Therefore, in addition to doing it yourself, pay attention to ready-made exercise sets from “MomsLab”.

Лечебная йога для тазобедренных суставов

Therapeutic yoga: preparing the body for asanas

If you do decide to start by doing the following exercises on your own, don’t forget about the warm-up:

  1. Start with simple pelvic rotations, placing your palms on your hips.
  2. Adjust the position of your pelvis so that it doesn’t lean too much forward or “stick out” from behind. Even looking at yourself in the mirror it is difficult to understand whether the center of the body is in the right position. So we start developing the pelvis on purpose: we move it gently forward and backward. At the same time we hold one palm on the coccyx, the other on the pubic bone. At the end take the “middle” position, helping yourself with your hands to better understand the position of the body.
  3. Place your hands again on your hips. Stand on the supporting leg so that both the toes and the whole leg stand firmly on the floor. Lift the other leg, bend it at the knee and start doing an inverted figure of eight. Imagine that the knee is a tassel. You should feel your body at the hip joint. Repeat on the other leg.
  4. Hold the initial pose of “Cat.” Your wrists are under your shoulder joints and your knees are hip-width apart. Extend the leg straight out from behind, resting the foot on the floor. Now start making circular movements with the whole foot, feeling a slight tension. Change your foot.
Лечебная йога для тазобедренных суставов

Asanas for hip joints

Lizard pose

The easiest way to do it is in the dog pose: standing on the mat leaning on the hands in front of you (straightened or, if your training allows, on your elbows. Bring one leg to the side of the arm line. The leg bent at the knee forms a 90 degree angle.

Gently lower yourself into asana, getting accustomed to the position, helping yourself to synchronize the movements with the help of measured breathing. It shouldn’t hurt! If it’s comfortable, make it more difficult:

– take the knee of the bent leg away from you to a comfortable position, if you can’t get it to the floor, it’s OK, we’ll stay with the result we have now;

– Knee back to the old position.

If comfortable, you can fix the foot with your hand and make light rotational movements with the knee.

Repeat on the other leg.

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Deep Squat

An uncomplicated but useful pose for those interested in yoga for the hips. Requires balance and skill. Spread your legs a little farther apart than waist width. Turn your feet to the side and try to get down into a deep squat without taking your feet off the floor. Put your palms together in front of you, and put your elbows out so as to gently “push” your knees apart. Hold the pose for a comfortable time.

Лечебная йога для тазобедренных суставов

Pigeon pose

Again, this pose is comfortable to enter from downward-facing dog asana. Bend one leg and take the knee to the side. Gently lower yourself onto your stomach and rest your foot so that the heel is in the area of the pubic bone, or higher, if possible.

The other leg is quietly extended behind you, arms in front of you, and your back relaxed. Lightly press with your weight, feeling the stretch in your buttock. Repeat on the other side.

Лечебная йога для тазобедренных суставов

Butterfly pose

A simple pose, even for beginners.

Lower yourself onto the mat and straighten your back. To make it easier not to slouch, then put a small pillow under the pelvic bones. Put your feet together in front of you, knees apart. If you feel pain and discomfort, you can also put your knees on an elevated position. For example, on an even stack of books.

If, on the contrary, stretching is not enough, you can put them on top of your knees to increase the downward pressure.

You can also alternate the load by pushing comfortably with your hands. Do not go beyond your pain threshold.

Лечебная йога для тазобедренных суставов

Another useful exercise with which to close the asana cycle. Sit down, press your knees against you and hug them tightly with your hands, creating a natural resistance. Try, overcoming it, to bring your knees apart.

Yoga for hips for women

What are the benefits of the above asanas:

  • Relieve the load on the hips and lower back;
  • stimulate the work of internal organs;
  • increase joint mobility;
  • Tone muscles of the buttocks, abdomen and back.

Therapeutic yoga is suitable not only for pregnancy, but also for the recovery period after childbirth. Do not neglect these exercises if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Лечебная йога для тазобедренных суставов
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