A lot depends on the well-being of the mother during pregnancy: carrying the baby, the development of the fetus, the birth process. Therefore, physical activity is quite important during pregnancy, and gymnastics will help to maintain it at the proper level. You can choose a suitable course of yoga for pregnant women to learn to feel your body better – this will help during childbirth, as well as in the first months of motherhood. For example, our website has programs that are designed specifically for pregnant women, and if you want to continue practicing yoga even after giving birth, you’ll also find great programs and video lessons on our website.

Yoga for pregnant women is also called prenatal yoga, which is the reference you may hear from doctors and hatha yoga specialists.

Программы тренировок: список комплексов для занятий

What is yoga for pregnant women aimed at?

The most important thing to do during pregnancy is to develop your muscles and hips. You can also add spiritual practices that help to relax and keep the expectant mother calm. You can also add breathing practices to help with the birthing process, in general, hatha yoga, if there are no contraindications, is a great activity. If you choose a course of training for pregnant women, then yoga is your choice.

We mentioned contraindications for a reason. You should not practice yoga if there is a threat of miscarriage or premature birth, it is also forbidden to practice and in general you should avoid physical activity if you have a lot of water, if you have hypertension. Well, and if you noted in yourself severe toxicosis, then you obviously will not be up to yoga, do not even try. These are contraindications during pregnancy, and of course, here are added contraindications based on your physiology: for example, in case of spinal injuries, muscle stretching you can not practice yoga, or you can, but with caution, and after consulting your doctor.

Программы тренировок: список комплексов для занятий

How to choose a course of training for pregnant women?

Our website contains different exercises aimed at working out different muscle groups. If you like a complex for pregnant women, pay attention to the degree of difficulty of the asanas it contains. Check if there are any asanas that you can’t do for the reasons mentioned above. If you found a complex that suits you, you will get video-lessons from professional instructors. Complexes differ in intensity and in duration, but we have tried to make sure that they do not take a lot of time and are suitable for different levels of fitness.

Let’s take a closer look at the complexes for pregnant women of three levels: simple, medium and complex.

Simple level asanas.

The video lessons of the simple level contain asanas and exercises created for beginners with minimal training. Anyway, remember, do not take out your mat and start immediately after watching the video – the warm-up before practice is very important for your joints and muscles. The complex stretches your back muscles, relieves tension in your legs, and you learn how to relax. When, if not now, right?

Mid-level asanas.

The above complexes can be implemented into their training program for women at different stages of pregnancy. Here already the asanas require certain skills, but do not forget that you can also use additional yoga equipment – bricks, belts and soft rollers, which will help facilitate the performance of many asanas.

Advanced level asanas

Here you will find more compact in time, but at the same time more rich in content sets of exercises. Please note that women who have a certain level of fitness and have practiced yoga before pregnancy should consider this course of exercises for pregnant women.

Программы тренировок: список комплексов для занятий

A morning invigorating workout.

The workout will help cheer you up and set an invigorating tone for the entire day. Basically, in these video tutorials you’ll find muscle-intensive asanas aimed at working out your muscles.

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Whole Body Workout

If you’re already familiar with yoga, practiced it before pregnancy, and know how to keep your balance – these complexes are for you. Lessons can be classified as intermediate or advanced, sometimes additional yoga equipment may be required.

Yoga before bedtime

To relax your tired muscles from the day and relax not only your mind but also your body, spend half an hour practicing this set. You’ll find breathing exercises and gentle, comfortable asanas for every level of training.

Working the pubic symphysis muscles

You only need to set aside ten minutes a day to strengthen your abdomen and glutes. By starting to do these exercises during pregnancy, recovery after childbirth will be quicker and more effective.

Learning to breathe correctly

Many people have heard of pranayama, but have they practiced it? Breathing is an important moment in yoga practice and in performing many asanas; in addition, correct, calm breathing promotes relaxation and harmonization of the mind. And what’s especially important for pregnant women – by learning how to breathe correctly, you’ll find that you can use the techniques you’ve learned during labor and delivery.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles

Short 10-minute asana sets can help strengthen your abdominal muscles and maintain a narrow waistline without putting undue stress on the fetus.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles

During pregnancy, it’s important to strengthen your crotch and pelvic floor muscles, as this will help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and a quicker recovery after delivery. The video lesson includes asanas aimed at normalizing blood flow to the pelvis and strengthening the muscles.

Hip Joint Workout

Before giving birth, it is important not only to strengthen the muscles, but also to work the joints. This is especially true for the joints and bones of the small pelvis, which are the most heavily involved in the labor process.

Lower Back Relief

Yoga complexes useful from the 8th month of pregnancy – a time when living is already quite heavy, and the lower back is constantly strained. You will need a ball – rolls on it will allow you to relax your lower body, and you can see the correct technique on our video lessons.

A healthy lower back

The familiar Cat pose from yoga perfectly compensates for the strain on the abdomen and back. Slowly arching your back, you will manage to evenly distribute the load over the body and give your back a rest.

Beautiful Back

This ten-minute set includes exercises that focus on the back, arms and shoulders. During pregnancy, it is important to maintain proper posture, no matter how much you want to slouch. In our articles we tell you how a slouch affects your internal organs and the fetus during pregnancy, and in our video tutorials we teach you how to keep your back nice and straight.

Программы тренировок: список комплексов для занятий

Tips for Beginners

  1. Be aware of safety precautions: do a warm-up before yoga practice.
  2. Make sure there are no contraindications: if you doubt whether you should perform a particular asana, it is better not to do it or consult a doctor or hatha yoga specialist.
  3. Follow the technique: every asana has its own lined up technique that must be followed, especially during pregnancy.
  4. Follow the instructor’s instructions: we have specially selected complexes of different levels, but at any level the instructor tells you how to do the exercises correctly.

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