Dispelling Yoga Myths

Myth #1. You need to start practicing yoga when you’re young or even a child

Naturally, any complex activity requires enough time and effort to master it. But this does not mean that it is too late for mature people to learn something new. Starting to practice yoga in childhood and laying a good foundation for further self-improvement, it is realistic to achieve very serious results. However, history knows a lot of cases when the practice of yoga began at a mature age, when people started practicing yoga after an injury, when to master the asanas was prompted by terrible diagnoses. The most vivid illustration is the example of the Belgian queen, who started the practice at the age of 84, mastered the most difficult poses, including the headstand or Shirshasana.

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Yoga Myth #2. The modern pace of life is a hindrance to yoga practice

If you make a cult out of the practice and treat it as a major life activity, then you have to spend hours and hours practicing almost all of your time. But does yoga really require this? Yoga is not a goal, it’s a means. Modern systems of practice make it possible to fit regular practice into a busy schedule so that neither work, nor spouses, nor children suffer. And if hatha yoga can become a common hobby of the household, it also serves to bring the family together.

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Yoga Myth #3. The practice of yoga – it’s mostly stretching, quite a serious physical load in the workout is not

The main principle of developing a set of exercises in yoga is the principle of compensation. The alternation of muscle tension and tension is mandatory, so stretching is only a part of yoga practice. There are asanas that are performed in dynamic variations, that help to strengthen muscles, there are many power classes that train endurance. There are different kinds of yoga and individual programs that are suitable for different tasks. The main thing is to choose the complex adequately to the current state and the goals set with the help of specialists.

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Yoga Myth #4. Yoga forms incredible skills and fantastic abilities

It would seem that in today’s information space, claims that yoga is the ability to sleep on nails, stop heart rhythms and boil blood should have already gone into oblivion. To this day, however, this misconception still resurfaces in the minds of our contemporaries. A deep, long-term practice of yoga can, of course, build skills for perfect mastery of one’s own body, but fantastic abilities are not an end in themselves. The main thing in yoga is harmony with oneself and the world around, not the ability to surprise the curious with unusual tricks.

Yoga Myth #5. Yoga – a great way to lose weight

By no means every yoga complex contributes to intensive calorie burning. On the contrary, there are even complexes that can result in a slowing of the metabolism, contributing to weight gain. Therefore, wishing to get rid of extra pounds, it is necessary, under the guidance of an experienced specialist, to make a training plan and develop a balanced menu.

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Myth about yoga #6. Yoga is absolutely safe

Experts say that yoga is not a panacea, but a tool that you need to know how to use competently. Therefore, it is better to start classes under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Advanced practitioners know: any discomfort – a signal to stop. If you recklessly, without listening to your body, performing exercises on the principle “the more, the better”, you can cause irreparable harm to your body. Among beginners, overestimating their strength and aiming for instant results, a fairly high percentage of people injured during training.

Myth about yoga #7. Religion or cult?

Yoga itself is not a religion, much less a cult. There are millions of people around the world who practice yoga: their religions are quite diverse. Most religions are tolerant of yoga as well as the teachings of yoga recognize the freedom to choose one’s worldview.

Some Orthodox priests are wary of yoga due to individual cases of people falling into sects that disguise the teachings of yoga for their own selfish purposes. But against the physical improvement and regular exercise the church does not oppose.

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Yoga Myth #8. Every yogi is a vegetarian.

Yoga does not practice total bans, there are only certain recommendations. And in the first place, this refers to limiting, and preferably a complete rejection of the use of intoxicating and stupefying substances (alcohol, nicotine, narcotics). As for the vegetarian diet, it is true that many yoga practitioners give up meat sooner or later, but this is the result of realizing the true needs of one’s own body.

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