Motivation for Yoga during Pregnancy

Sooner or later, expectant mothers who begin to get acquainted with the practice of yoga are visited by doubts about the necessity of exercise and the correctness of this lifestyle. Even awareness of the importance of training for the health and full development of the baby does not seem to be enough motivation for yoga. Former enthusiasm gradually wanes, and under pressure from skeptical relatives daily classes are discontinued.

Мотивация: почему бросают занятия йогой

Every expectant mother can motivate herself to continue her practice, overcome doubts and eliminate imaginary obstacles. To begin with, it is worth determining the reason for the reluctance to continue.

Why does motivation for yoga disappear?

Women in the situation who find it more and more difficult every day to spread out the mat and devote a quarter of an hour to performing asanas, will find among the following reasons a familiar one.

– There is no desire to change the usual rhythm of life. It is much easier to get up in the afternoon, devoting their free time to shopping and watching TV shows with a bun in hand. Moreover, girlfriends do exactly that.

– To cure diseases and eliminate the defects of the figure in a week is not possible. Often we expect instant results and are not ready to take the time every day to get a positive effect in the future.

– Negative attitude of others. Envious comments from girlfriends, grumbling spouse about the “useless waste of time” and just ridicule from people whose opinion is dear, can completely remove the motivation to continue the practice of yoga.

– The body lacks the strength to practice. The heaviness of a growing belly, toxicosis, irregular and untimely meals, sleep and rest disorders exhaust the body, leaving no desire and physical ability to devote time to yoga.

Depression. Comparing yourself with experienced yogis and beginners who have achieved success in mastering complex asanas, involuntarily there is a feeling of inferiority and inability to achieve the goal.

There are many such situations that inhibit the desire to practice asanas on a daily basis. The main thing is not to let circumstances prevail over the practice of yoga, which benefits the body, improves health and raises the mood.

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Мотивация: почему бросают занятия йогой

Recommendations for increasing yoga motivation

Expectant mothers starting to master Eastern practices need to be prepared for the occurrence of destructive thoughts and situations that interfere with yoga classes, which all beginners face at a certain stage. Simple secrets and advice from experienced yogis will help you cope with doubts and strengthen your will to continue practicing.

– Find a workout partner. A friend who is passionate about oriental practices will be a good incentive to practice together every day. Helping each other in mastering the poses, encouraging and praising for achievements, it is easier to achieve success and cope with the desire to stop exercising.

– Indulge in new exercise equipment. Buying a yoga outfit or a yoga mat is a great excuse to keep practicing and learning new asanas.

– To choose an idol. A role model who has had a lot of success in improving your body and health through yoga, be it a real person from a yoga center or a virtual idol from the Internet videos about yoga, will give you inspiration and motivation to do more exercises.

– Change daily routine and habits. Waking up early energizes the body and fills it with energy for physical activity. Proper nutrition, rest and walks in nature strengthen your health and give you strength to practice yoga. Avoiding bad habits and communicating with negative people promotes spiritual development and strengthens the will to practice yoga.

– Capturing successes. Take a picture or video of yourself while mastering the postures, capture the process of achieving perfection in the performance of asanas. Such documentary evidence helps to assess the significance of the work done and its result.

– Make exercises varied. Repeating the same set of exercises every day at home can turn yoga practice into a chore. Master a variety of asanas, use video courses for training, practice in the fresh air, getting a charge of vivacity and new positive impressions from the practice.

Мотивация: почему бросают занятия йогой

Do not forget about the positive attitude. Try to think about your successes, about the benefits of yoga for the baby’s development and strengthening your own health, praise yourself for your achievements, communicate with optimistic people, “charging” with energy and desire to act from them. Proper yoga – motivation and properly selected “antidepressant” will help to cope with laziness, discouragement and continue to practice to achieve harmony of body and soul.

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