The body after childbirth: recovery by months

Recovery after childbirth is devoted to an online course that breaks down recovery after childbirth by months. A comprehensive approach is practiced here. To achieve and consolidate the effect, it is necessary to use comprehensive methods to combat the unwanted effects of childbirth: do physical exercises, follow a diet, create a comfortable regime of the day and conditions for yourself.

Восстановление мамы после родов

However, there are many nuances in this case. So, during the recovery of the body after childbirth it is not always safe to exercise or follow a diet. So it is always worth taking into account the time elapsed after childbirth, and a number of other circumstances.

The first month – a time when it is better to “postpone for tomorrow.

During the first month after childbirth a woman is unlikely to think about sports and diets. Typically, during this period, young mothers do not have enough time for anything other than taking care of the baby.

Восстановление мамы после родов

As strange as it may sound, in terms of recovery after childbirth it is absolutely right and commendable to do nothing in the first month. The fact is that the body at this time is not yet ready for additional stress. And the first steps to recovery will happen without a woman’s participation.

At a time when a woman does not take any steps towards recovery on her own, the mechanisms inside her body are already running. For example, just 10 days after delivery the uterus halves its weight and continues to return to its previous size. By the end of the first month, the cardiovascular system returns to its former mode of functioning: now it does not have to supply blood to the fetus.

Immediately after childbirth, as well as during the period of active blood loss, it is important to provide yourself with increased amounts of fluids. This can be compotes, dairy products, mineral water, milk. The most important thing is to prevent dehydration of the body.

During this period of recovery after childbirth, it is best to devote yourself to maintaining psychological comfort: to realize and accept all the changes that have occurred in life, to establish everyday life. All other aspects are better to postpone for now.

Recovery after childbirth: What to do in the second month

At this time, physiological changes continue to take place inside the body. The uterus finally returns to its former weight and shape, and non-breastfeeding mothers may already return their periods. The vagina heals completely, muscle tone is restored.

By the end of the second month, you can already start exercising if you had a natural birth. After a cesarean section there is also a chance to start exercising 8 weeks after delivery, but only with the doctor’s permission. In addition to traditional exercises you can also practice vumbilding.

Восстановление мамы после родов

However, you should be careful: the full recovery of the body after childbirth has not yet occurred, so many exercises are forbidden. So, do not give too strong load on the press – it provokes or aggravates diastasis. An online course instructor will make up a program of exercises and explain what and why it is forbidden now.

Do not forget about the psychological component: at this time the baby may have trouble sleeping, and the mother – postpartum depression or chronic fatigue. You have to work on all these things, otherwise full recovery after childbirth will not come.

Three months is the period of recovery after childbirth of the body’s basic functions

By the end of the third month, all the changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth have usually subsided. The reproductive organs have already returned to their former shape, the pelvis has narrowed again, and the joints have lost their increased mobility. At this time it is already allowed to have a sexual life, with the exception of individual cases where for some reason the doctor imposes a ban.

At this time, even after a caesarean section, you can start exercising to recover from childbirth. It is impossible to say exactly how long it will take to get back into shape: it depends on many factors – heredity, existing and past diseases, availability of motivation and resources for recovery.

A joyous occasion during this period for young mothers will be the opportunity to indulge in salon procedures: at the beginning of the third month you can afford almost the entire range of cosmetic services. The only exceptions are breastfeeding women. For them in the list of services of cosmetology centers there are also bans. Procedures such as ozone therapy and mesotherapy are not used during breastfeeding.

The fourth month is one year. This is the time of active recovery after childbirth.

During this period, the woman intensifies her efforts to recover from childbirth. How long it will take to make a full recovery is still unknown, but the fact that she is already doing something for herself sets her up for a positive result.

Восстановление мамы после родов

Physical exercise is now in full swing, although a number of restrictions still apply. At this time, the woman still has to do special programs for young mothers, otherwise she runs the risk of harming herself.

During this period, many people finish breastfeeding. This fact allows the woman to use in her recovery process as previously prohibited cosmetic procedures, and various diets. The postpartum recovery site has two nutritionists who help moms make a competent menu and restore their weight, even while breastfeeding. In general, diets are not prohibited even when breastfeeding, but if the baby is found to be allergic to any mandatory product, you should not experiment.

In addition, it is still better to choose a sparing diet – the lack of nutrients can lead to weakness, dizziness, impaired attention, which, combined with the care of a child is unacceptable.

How long does it take to recover from childbirth: a year or more

As mentioned above, it is impossible to predict the exact period of full recovery after childbirth, as it is individual. That is why it is impossible to answer the question of how many months after childbirth a woman recovers, unequivocally.

However, on average it happens in more than a year. That’s how long it takes to solve such a widespread problem as diastasis by means of competent regular exercises. It is worth noting that with a competent approach diastasis “goes” in 3 months, or becomes controllable. But for that it is necessary to do the right workouts. The other problems are solved much faster.

In addition, a year after giving birth it becomes more comfortable psychologically: a woman gets used to the role of a mother, the child is already developed enough and it is interesting to be with him.

Восстановление мамы после родов

By this time, a rare woman continues breastfeeding, which means that the menstrual cycle and reproductive function is already restored. The body begins to work in its former mode.

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