Joint exercises for mother and child

Not all women can find time for fitness with a baby in their arms. The problem with young mothers is that no one else is able to occupy and understand the baby. A salvation in such cases are joint exercises for mother and child.

Фитнес мамы с малышом: упражнения с ребенком на руках


Don’t be in a hurry to start doing exercises after giving birth with a baby in your arms. A woman needs time to recover in any case. As a rule, after a natural birth all systems return to normal after 5-8 weeks. If you had a caesarean section, the recovery will take 8-12 weeks, and you can start exercising only with the doctor’s permission.

It is not necessary to start exercising at this time: if a woman feels ready for fitness later, there is nothing wrong with it.

In addition, there are a few additional rules for exercising with children after childbirth:

  1. You should not exercise immediately after feeding – this will lead to regurgitation.
  2. Exercise for a mother with an infant can only be done if both are in good health.
  3. Exercises for moms with an infant should be soft and smooth, without jumping, abrupt movements and shaking – all this is detrimental to the health of the child’s spine.
  4. Exercise to the point of exhaustion is not worth it: after childbirth a minimal load is enough, which will increase over time.

Фитнес мамы с малышом: упражнения с ребенком на руках

Fitness with a baby in your arms

Any workout should begin with a warm-up, which includes active movements to warm up the muscles. This part of the exercise is best done alone, and the baby should be left in a crib, stroller, or other comfortable place for the time being.

Exercises for a mother with a baby in her arms can be chosen from both regular gymnastics and yoga. A sample list of exercises looks as follows:

  1. Lunges. The baby should be pressed to the chest, in this situation he plays the role of a weight lifter.
  2. Lifts of the baby in the arms. You can lift your arms with the baby up or forward, from a standing position or lying on your back.
  3. In the supine position, legs bent, you should put the baby on your shins. Bending and unbending the knees, you can arrange a real swing for the baby.
  4. Glute raises from a position lying on your back, legs bent at the knees. The baby at this time should sit on the stomach.

If the woman has already fully recovered after childbirth, she can include push-ups, squats and twists with the baby in the program. The trainer of the online course Ksenia Vlasova will help you to choose the right exercise program.

It is important to remember that most exercises are suitable for classes with children from 3 months of age who are already confidently holding their heads. Before that, it is only acceptable to press the baby to the breast during training, or keep him in a sling.

Фитнес мамы с малышом: упражнения с ребенком на руках

Benefits of fitness with a baby in your arms

Exercising with the baby for moms is a way to spend time with benefit without leaving the baby to any of the relatives. In addition, it will help to improve the spiritual connection with your baby, to awaken in him more interest in the world around him, to entertain him.

An important advantage is the fact that the child, watching his mother’s workouts from diapers, will grow into a person with a solid concept of sports, perhaps he will take an example.

The child’s vestibular apparatus and sense of balance develop while exercising.

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