Sore throat often accompanies pregnant girls. There can be many reasons for the unpleasant sensation, below we will talk about most of them. Also, today we will discuss what medicine to take for a sore throat during pregnancy without harming the baby.

Medicines for sore throat during pregnancy

Causes of sore throat

Researching the causes of sore throat, experts have identified several major causes that lead to discomfort during pregnancy:

  1. Infiltration of viral flora on the mucosa of the nasopharynx. Provokes swallowing discomfort, redness of the throat.
  2. Bacterial diseases of the mucosa. Becomes the cause of the development of a variety of diseases of varying complexity.
  3. Acute inflammatory processes.
  4. Peppers and irritation due to problems with the stomach and pancreas.
  5. Allergic reactions to plants, animals, dust (even if this was not previously seen).
  6. Hormonal changes accompanied by side effects.

It is important to understand the causes of the disease. Because each of them can lead to serious consequences, especially in the 1st trimester. For example, with an inflammatory process, pathogens can overcome the placental barrier and harm the fetus.A visit to the doctor is also mandatory in order to pick up medications for sore throat during pregnancy. Not all common medications can be taken during the trembling period of carrying the baby.

Medicines for sore throat during pregnancy

First aid for sore throat

During pregnancy, medication can be present in a woman’s life. Before resorting to it, first aid is necessary. Why is this so important?

  1. First aid will prevent the disease from starting. This is very important during pregnancy, especially in the 1st trimester. The development of clinical signs complicates treatment, especially considering the small range of possible medications.
  2. You can avoid having to take medication for a sore throat during pregnancy.
  3. First aid stifles discomfort and helps with further treatment.

It is important to remember that self-medication is possible if there is no increase in body temperature, dizziness, swollen nasopharynx, swollen lymph nodes.

Medicines for sore throat in pregnancy with their own hands:

  1. Inhalation using mild herbs (chamomile, sage). They soothe and relax the mucosa.
  2. Tea with cranberries, raspberries, infusion of cranberries, cranberries. They will help to relieve painful sensations, swelling, and boost immunity.
  3. Infusion of oak bark will also cope with this task. Gargle with it in your mouth and throat several times a day.
  4. Milk with honey will help to soften the mucous membranes and make swallowing easier.
  5. Of course, the best cure for a sore throat during pregnancy in the early stages is gargling. This is how germs and bacteria are removed, the mucosa is moistened, the medication protects the throat from fixing new infections.

To the medications for sore throat in pregnancy, you should add restrictions on eating and drinking. Avoid hot, cold, sour foods. Continue such treatment without consulting a doctor for no more than 2-3 days. If the symptoms do not decrease, you should come to see a specialist who will prescribe medication.

Medicines for sore throat during pregnancy

Medication treatment for sore throat in pregnancy

Treating a sore throat not during pregnancy usually has nothing false. There are enough remedies in the pharmacy to treat any symptomatology. Soothing, antibacterial, refreshing, remedies with antibiotics, etc. But 90% of these drugs are strictly prohibited for use during pregnancy.

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However, there is a medical treatment for pregnant women, and we have prepared a selection of the best medications for sore throats during pregnancy.

  1. Means on the basis of phyto components are safe. The famous remedy Doctor Mom is one of the best solutions for farting, a slight cough, redness of the throat.
  2. Pharyngosept is an excellent choice of medication for sore throat during pregnancy.
  3. If you need to relieve swelling, use inhalipt. It works effectively without penetrating into the bloodstream, and therefore – without harming the baby.
  4. Oralsept.
  5. Hexoral to protect the mucosa.
  6. Bronchicum with mucolytic action.
  7. Cameton with antiseptic action.

To increase the effectiveness of medicines, take note of a couple of tips on the use of medicinal sprays:

  1. Rinse your throat with sage or chamomile before applying pregnancy sore throat medicine in the form of a spray. You can purchase the herbs at any pharmacy.
  2. Watch the dosage, sprays are the same medications as shots, pills, etc.

Despite the fact that all these drugs are recommended by the manufacturer for use during pregnancy, you should treat with caution, following the clear dosage in the instructions.

Medicines for sore throat during pregnancy

Prevention of viral infections during pregnancy

The above are common causes of throat diseases. But there are also more terrible causes of pain. Severe illnesses are dangerous not only for the mother, but also for the child.

During pregnancy, it is especially important not to let any disease occur. In order to protect yourself from infectious diseases, it is necessary to carry out daily preventive measures. Note that prevention helps to protect yourself not only from sore throat, it eliminates the need to take medications for sore throat during pregnancy, provides general protection from viruses.

Prevention includes:

  1. Constant control of personal hygiene. This is simple. Wash your hands, change clothes and underwear daily, wash towels often or use disposable paper towels.
  2. Cleanliness in the house is the second most important step. Damp cleaning, airing, put away in a distant pantry all unnecessary notebooks, unnecessary books (they strongly accumulate dust).
  3. Give up cash. Money keeps millions of bacteria and diseases on it. It is better to use only cashless payment during pregnancy.
  4. Vitamins. Eat fruits, vegetables, take vitamins prescribed by your doctor. But be careful with them, there is a risk of provoking allergies.
  5. Swimming pool, yoga, and other health enhancing procedures.

If you still have a pain in the throat, increased and accompanied by fever, you should not independently use medications for sore throat during pregnancy, it is worth to consult a doctor.

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