Yoga: mom and baby

Yoga is just as useful for children as it is for adults. It will give physical and spiritual development from a young age. A special style was created for the very young – baby yoga. It is similar to massage and “baby gymnastics”. Mom and baby yoga is a great idea to keep you physically and emotionally fit.

Mom and baby

A newborn is dependent on mom both physically and emotionally. Mom and baby yoga together helps to increase the depth of interaction and increase the emotional connection.

Yoga from a young age develops the moral aspect of personality – nonviolence. There is no aggression or coercion in the classes. The movements are done gently, smoothly and freely.

Yoga contributes to the development of body and spirit. When practicing together, partners adjust their breath to the same rhythm. This creates an even more trusting contact. The baby is not yet separated from the mother. He feels calmer. The mother helps the child to know its possibilities and to develop.

The older the child gets, the more detached he becomes. Yoga helps to maintain contact. Parents and children interact as equals in class, discarding the standard “parent-child” roles.

Совместная йога для мамы с ребенком

Benefits for children

For the body:

  • Improved flexibility.
  • Increasing strength.
  • Forming the correct posture.
  • Development of coordination of movements.
  • The body is becoming more plastic.

The spiritual component:

  • The proper distribution of energy helps to calm hyperactive children and “wake up” withdrawn ones.
  • Their behavior is balanced. The child learns to focus and maintain attention.
  • The quality of sleep improves.
  • A conscious approach to health, activities and life (as the child gets older) increases.

The body’s capabilities are gradually revealed. This has a positive effect on self-esteem. It is formed in childhood. It is important to lay the foundation for the harmonious development of personality.

During joint classes, the mother also recovers from childbirth and tonifies the body.

Совместная йога для мамы с ребенком

Yoga for mom and baby: limitations

Yoga, like any sport, has a number of contraindications:

  • Fever, colds and viral diseases. When the child recovers from illness, you can resume training.
  • Chronic diseases. In this case, it is important to consider the recommendations of the doctor.
  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Critical days do not completely limit girls. It is better to refrain from asanas, which focus on the work of the abdomen and pelvis.

Age peculiarities.

Joint yoga of the mother and the baby can flow into an independent exercise. Each age needs a different workout, based on the capabilities of the “little man. The load is increased gradually so as not to overstrain and not to discourage the child from practicing.

  • At 2-3 years, children are good at perceiving, memorizing and reproducing images. During training, it is recommended to explain actions by analogy with the behavior of animals – we stretch like a cat, stand like a tree, sit like a frog. Asanas naturally repeat these movements. Sometimes it is said that by doing the postures one develops the qualities of these animals – the flexibility of a cobra, the grace of a cat.
  • From 4 to 7 years, a form of play works well. It is possible to switch to sets of exercises.
  • By the age of 10-12, the child can do exercises independently. At this age, children are able to concentrate on their feelings and sensations, tense and relax certain muscle groups, watch their breathing.
Совместная йога для мамы с ребенком

Yoga for moms and kids together is not always the basis for the child’s hobbies. He needs the support of his parents. If yoga does not arouse a desire to practice, you can choose another interesting sport or art. has a blog with helpful articles, a 12-week postpartum recovery course, and a link to a free telegram chat.

Xenia is a mom of two babies. Her instagram – – is full of discussions and posts about childbirth, recovery, yoga, choosing a daycare, etc.

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