Asanas during premenstrual syndrome

Each woman feels PMS in a different way. Some just don’t enjoy everything, some are nervous and angry, and some have chest and abdominal pain. Symptoms come one at a time, and sometimes “the whole team”. Yoga for PMS or yoga for your period should be non-stressing and as comfortable as possible.

Attention! If it became absolutely bad, and your sensations at PMS are not like a normal state – immediately consult a doctor. This way you will trace serious problems with women’s health at an early stage.

However, if the symptoms are moderate, then we can try to improve your condition with the help of yoga. Also answer the question – can you do yoga during menstruation, if there are no changes in health.

Йога и женщина: занятия во время ПМС

Yoga and menstruation – yes or no?

Strictly universal “no” for women during menstruation we can not say If you feel good, then there should be no reason to change your usual practice. When practicing, it is worth observing some nuances, depending on: the intensity of your period, the strength you have for regular asanas, your emotional state.

If your condition is worse, we recommend either to postpone the classes altogether or to modify the exercises for yourself.

Some women feel that their period is coming. Some a week before, some a day or two before. During this period, you can help yourself with special asanas to reduce the discomfort, if:

  • there is bloating, constipation, asanas containing small twists from a sitting position will help;
  • a headache or “everything is annoying” – we can use relaxing postures with bends and deflections;
  • Stress and fatigue – in addition to asanas, the practice of pranyama can help here to oxygenate the brain and increase strength.
Йога и женщина: занятия во время ПМС

What else to do and how to alleviate PMS:

– Watch your diet, for example, by keeping a food diary during PMS; if you have bloating GI problems, reduce your intake of gas-forming foods – legumes, sodas, etc.;

– Try to go to bed early so that you can fully restore your body’s strength

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– If possible, do not plan activities that bring stress – in a cafe with a girlfriend, yes, but a long line at the passport office – then.

Yoga for PMS: asanas for problems

If you feel able to perform the poses, some of them will help to relieve pain and dispel sad thoughts. You can choose to perform one or combine them into a short complex:

– For digestive problems and bloating, try performing asanas that gently engage the abdominal muscles – Prasarita Padottanasana, Jana Shirshasana, Jathara Parivartanasana.

– If there is tension and stress, headache or swelling – Shavasana, Supta Baddhu Konasana;

– Before menstruation, try a pose where the pelvis rises above the level of the heart – Sarvangasana, Halasana, Adho Mukha Shvanasana.

Йога и женщина: занятия во время ПМС

If you start your period

Choose anti-stress, slow and soothing complexes. Pelvic opening poses work well if your period is not too heavy. When there is discomfort, then inverted asanas temporarily postpone. The same applies to strong twists and prolonged static tension in the abdominal area.

Only start with your own condition and your doctor’s indication if you have more serious problems. Light asanas and breathing exercises relieve stress, normalize breathing and oxygen intake into the body, improve lymph flow and blood circulation.

Pay extra attention to your emotional state when practicing yoga during your period – try meditation practices and mindfulness podcasts. You’ll find them all on MomsLab programs.

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