Many moms are interested in yoga in the context of keeping fit, but you get so much more! First, yoga is the gentlest and safest way to prepare your body for the strain of childbirth. In addition, you will significantly reduce the number of unpleasant feelings in the last terms. For example:

– alleviate lower back pain;

– open up your chest for easier breathing;

get rid of constipation and prevent varicose veins.

For mothers who have given birth, intensive yoga for weight loss will also help. However, remember that to lose weight it is worth adjusting your diet in addition to exercise.

Also for pregnant and postpartum moms, psychological well-being is more important than anything else. Daily breathing practices and meditations will help to solve the problem of anxiety.

Интенсивная тренировка: йога для подтянутого и гибкого тела

Yoga for flexibility and improving body relief

These postures can be performed while pregnant or a few weeks after giving birth:

– Utkatasana – adjusts the proper position of the pelvis, gives even weight to the legs and opens the shoulders.

– Utkhita Parshvakonasana – gives gentle tension to the back of the legs and stretches the lateral surface of the body.

– Prasarita Padottanasana – unloads the back, shoulders and neck and promotes gentle tension on the inside of the leg.

– Virabhadrasana – trains balance, back muscles and the posterior thigh muscle group.

In the seated position for flexibility, prenatal training and recovery, poses will help:

– Janu Shirshasana – relieves unnecessary stress on the lower back and spine.

Vajrasana – stretches the thigh muscles properly and increases calf mobility, gently presses the feet and relaxes them.

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– Paschimottanasana – stretches and relaxes the back during recovery. A slight tilt in Upavishtha Konasana pose is good for pregnant women.

Lying down is good to practice variations of bridges and half-bridges, which will work the buttocks, abdomen, the back of the arms and legs. Pregnant women are advised to include incomplete variations of inverted poses, Sarvangasana – for example, without lifting the lower back, but simply by straightening the legs against the wall.

Интенсивная тренировка: йога для подтянутого и гибкого тела

Marjariasana or “Cat” exercise is good to combine with bends and easy rolls. It’s a safe and easy exercise to do if you’re pressed for time or don’t have the energy for more intense exercises.

The Baddha Konasanais used to relax and stretch the thigh muscles and open the hips. To add dynamism, you can connect the movements of the knees, like a “butterfly”. This simple exercise increases circulation.

Интенсивная тренировка: йога для подтянутого и гибкого тела

How to prepare for a dynamic workout when pregnant

It won’t hurt to do a light warm-up, as well as to do breathing exercises. Do not concentrate only on one muscle group. Try to compensate the muscles – for example, after a static load on the back, choose an asana that gently stretches and relaxes it.

In order to make it easier for you, we give you a ready sequence of intensive workouts in the “MomsLab” programs, where the correct sequence with compensation is taken into account.

If you feel the urge to take a break you can always retire to “Child Pose”. It is desirable to finish each cycle of practice with a relaxing Shavasana.

To feel the benefits of yoga, do not try to keep up with the trainer. Breathe at your own pace. Asana practice should be based on proper technique, not speed.

Remember, all the sensations should be pleasant. Where there is pain and discomfort, there is a risk of harming yourself.

Who is suitable for intensive yoga

Interested in yoga for a trim body? MomsLab’s online programs offer both short workouts and full long cycles. The former are designed for moms who are just getting acquainted with the practice. The long intensive complexes are a great extension with an adapted workload for the advanced.

In addition, the duration of the workouts can be alternated. For example, on weekdays in the morning and in the evening to perform workouts of up to 10 minutes on selected parts of the body. And on Saturday and Sunday, devote up to one hour of detailed practice.

All video workouts are completely safe.For moms in any position separate workouts are scheduled with a gradual level of progression. That way you’ll be sure to train without risk.

Important: Still, consult your doctor before taking any workout cycle.

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