What causes eye problems

Why is yoga for the eyes so necessary?

Have you noticed that your eyes are getting tired quickly, your vision is deteriorating, and sometimes you even get a headache. What caused these side effects? The cause is not always obvious. For example:

  1. The case of the spine – during pregnancy, he already feels the load in the form of additional weight.If the vertebrae are displaced or there are other violations, it could pinch the optic nerve.
  2. You got sick with complications.
  3. The problem with the eyes is hereditary.
  4. The influence of bad habits finally manifested itself at a time when the body is most vulnerable.
  5. You are simply tired: stress, nerves, frustration or banal overexertion in front of the computer monitor.

In most cases, special exercises will help to at least slightly alleviate the symptoms. If there are no problems, then “eye asanas” will act as a prevention.

Do not forget that the psyche has a huge impact. We learn to work with our emotions and awareness. To do this, we have special meditation courses on the program, podcasts with the analysis of the psychological state and other chips to improve health, both physical and moral.

Йога для зрения: упражнения для глаз

Use Your Hands

Strike a comfortable pose – lie down or sit down and make sure you’re not cold:

  • rub your palms together – form a “bowl” shape with your fingers;
  • cover your eye area so that your fingertips are on your forehead and your nose can breathe freely;
  • open your eyes under your palms – keep your fingers closed so as not to let the light in, gaze into the darkness.

The exercise will not only help to relax the eyeballs and shield them from constant visual exposure, but also help calm the nervous system.

Yoga for the eyes: focus on one object

Light the candle and observe the burning flame for a few minutes. Position the candle so that the gaze falls on it by itself, without effort. Ideally, at eye level. Ask your family not to let anyone distract you.

Watch your posture – straighten your back and try to “sit on your pelvic bones,” open your chest and breathe freely.

If there is no candle, then focus on any stationary point or object.

This technique also helps you to feel the “here and now” moment well, to find equilibrium and reduce tension.

Mini Exercises to Relieve Fatigue

  1. Squeeze your eyes shut for two seconds and open them.
  2. Blink steadily for 60 seconds.
  3. Move your gaze as far right as possible, as if behind your right ear, and then to the left, as if you want to see what’s on the other side. Don’t turn your head. Then repeat the same in the downward and upward directions.
  4. Try to look around the room where you are sitting. From the floor, to the right wall, then to the stream and to the left wall.
  5. Squint hard again for a few seconds.

Neck disease prevention also affects the eyes: imagine that your nose is a feather. Lean slightly forward and try to “write” a letter.

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Йога для зрения: упражнения для глаз

Exercises for the body that improve vision. Yoga for the eyes

To keep your eyes in order it is worth paying attention not only to them separately, but also to the body as a whole.

Try yoga asanas for the eyes such as:

  • plouga;
  • “birch”;
  • fish;
  • the bent candle;
  • Shavasana, the resting pose.

We practice each of the above asanas directly in our MomsLab courses.

Before performing the poses, consult your doctor about contraindications. Among them:

  • recovery from eye surgery;
  • high blood pressure;
  • feeling of nausea.

How Moral Condition Improves or Worsens Vision

Often physiological problems are joined by mental ones. Our feelings, unremitting emotions, chronic dissatisfaction can implicitly harm our health. For example:

– Constant anger directed at others, sometimes worse, at ourselves;

– unwillingness to accept reality as it is (literally – refusal to see);

– Envy and a feeling of inferiority.

To cope with the problems it is first necessary to identify them. A diary of emotions will help you in this, where you will “explain” to yourself and record the state, for example, every 3 hours during the week. What do I feel now? Name it. What happened? After what event did I feel it? What is the true nature of my anger, envy, anxiety?

Imagine that emotions are your guests. Mentally banish the “unwanted” and “invite” those you want to see – Forgiveness, Love, Tranquility or Peace.

Йога для зрения: упражнения для глаз

The key to success is daily yoga practice for the eyes. Only with consistency and the right technique you’ll find at MomsLab programs will you understand what the body can do and how good it can really feel!

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