Immunity is not a tree, it does not fall.

When we think that the immune system has “fallen”, that is, when we see colds, herpes, we observe the presence of fever, then in fact the immunity has not fallen, but even more intensified. This is due to the fact that the body’s defense mechanisms have increased, and it is now ready to fight viruses and infections. Immunity after childbirth is no exception, everything works almost the same, except that pregnancy and childbirth themselves are quite a stressful process for the body.

Иммунитет после родов

Natural Immunity Changes

During pregnancy, the immune system is purposely actively suppressed by the body – this provides an opportunity not to reject an “alien” object for a woman – a fetus. Imagine a completely new object in your body. Moreover, it was created not only by your body, but also contains your father’s genes. And they may not be very compatible with your body, which can lead to a situation called “Rh conflict”. So, now your body, which has fixed a “foreign body”, could reject it, but due to the fact that the immune system is suppressed, as nature intended, rejection does not occur, and you can safely carry a child.

Although, even with a lowered immune system, pregnant women do not get sick more often than others; on the contrary, their bodies release more anti-inflammatory substances. Scientists call this the “immunological paradox of pregnancy.”

Иммунитет после родов

What to do about it?

Immunity after childbirth does not affect the state of the body much. Rather, its condition is affected by the labor process itself, which takes a lot of energy – physical and psychological. Add to this a new rhythm of life, daily routine, lack of sleep, and here is the result. Therefore, against the backdrop of stress, even if pregnancy proceeded smoothly, the body will still feel the stressful situation and may respond to it some colds or simply loss of strength, there may be some health problems after childbirth. Example 3 months after childbirth everything will already come to “pre-pregnancy” normal, so do not worry about how to raise immunity after childbirth. Now your task is to adapt yourself and your baby to the beginning of his life, and then everything will return to more or less normal.

A woman’s immune system after childbirth: the middle of a half

Of course, during pregnancy, most of yourself and, accordingly, your immunity, you gave to your baby. Therefore, the immune system is weakened, and you can understand this by the following signs:

  • General fatigue that does not go away even after rest;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • The appearance of new or intensification of existing allergic reactions;
  • Increase in the frequency of colds such as acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections.
Иммунитет после родов

How to restore immunity after childbirth?

Since the immune system will return to normal approximately 3-4 months after childbirth, now is the time to work on eliminating the causes of reduced immunity. Let’s list the main factors that affect a woman’s immunity.

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Nutrition. Your body should get enough essential nutrients and calories, plus another 300-350 kcal for breastfeeding. Try to eat a full, varied and regular diet. In doing so, choose foods that can be combined with breastfeeding. This also includes keeping a water balance.

Vitamin preparations. As always, vitamins should be taken with caution and with all due attention to your body. It is better to be diagnosed and consult a doctor before starting to take any vitamins. Otherwise it may happen that you take vitamins, which you already have in excess, but you ignore the vitamins, which are reduced in the body, and this affects the overall condition of the body.

Muscle tone. After childbirth, muscles and tissues have weakened, and since they are related to blood circulation and lymphatic movement, you need to keep them toned. Good blood circulation is the key to immunity, and the tone of the whole body is the basis of good circulation. Walk a lot and try to take time for a simple workout – our specialists will help you in their selection.

Sleep Mode. Our moms used to do everything themselves, but there’s nothing wrong with asking for help – from your husband, relatives, friends, a babysitter. Otherwise, the situation is that mom gets up in the morning with the baby, feeding, cooking breakfast for her husband, then cook dinner for the whole family, again gives time to the baby, putting him to bed, doing cleaning, some business, and so on until late at night, and no one knows how sleepless night will be … In general, allocate time for sleep. Baby sleep – go to sleep and you. Try to pass the work around the house to someone, otherwise you’ll be as a squirrel in the wheel.

Reducing stress. Try to look at everything through a positive attitude. If you have questions about child care, then ask your relatives or contact the experts on our portal. If you want to discuss any “mommy” topic, we have support chats – also a great way to unload psychologically in pleasant company. To work with anxiety and fatigue, learn meditation or breathing practices. Make your motherhood comfortable and happy.

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