Everything is important in pregnancy. Even the mood of the future mother affects the development of the fetus, and her well-being, what to say about the physical indicators of health. In this critical period, the body rebuilds, raises all its resources, and experiences strong hormonal changes. This affects the woman as a whole. Externally, these changes manifest themselves with rashes on the face, changes in taste preferences. A woman changes the rules of nutrition, lifestyle, and the basic principles of hygiene must also change.

Hygiene of a pregnant woman – basic principles

What is the hygiene of pregnant women

Hygiene of a pregnant woman includes many factors that are difficult to equate to hygiene in the usual regime. Pregnancy hygiene is a set of self-care measures, adjusted for the increased needs and altered state of the body.

Today we will talk not only about intimate hygiene, but about a set of measures to reduce the risk of pathologies, and contribute to maintaining a comfortable level of daily life.

General rules of personal hygiene

General rules of hygiene of a pregnant woman are important in this trembling period. Adhering to them you will be able to significantly reduce the risk of various diseases, including infectious diseases.

Occupational hygiene

The first thing a pregnant woman should think about is the daily routine. In order to feel better, and to create a correct environment for the development of the fetus, a woman should go to bed before 22:30. This is due to the production of melatonin, which is produced in greater quantities at night, and contributes to the development of the brain and endocrine system.

Hygiene of a pregnant woman – basic principles

Nutritional hygiene

Nutrition is a kind of baseline that needs to be built every day. Despite all the “wants”, it is very important for a pregnant woman to keep her diet normal. Hygiene for pregnant women will:

  1. Avoid the possibility of a number of diseases. Among them hemorrhoids, varicose veins, diarrhea and others.
  2. Eliminate the possibility of excessive weight gain. Obesity during pregnancy complicates childbirth, makes carrying a fetus a difficult process, and reduces self-confidence.

Because of the slowing of intestinal peristalsis and a decrease in the level of acid produced, meals should be fractional. It is better to apply the food 5-6 times in small portions. It is also important to avoid fatty foods, complex meals.

Food should be balanced (because of the increased need for vitamins), without additives of different types, light. Eat plenty of green vegetables, but be careful with fruit. Some can cause allergies, diarrhea, and constipation.

Air Hygiene

Walking is a mandatory part of the day for a pregnant woman. Fresh air has a positive effect on well-being, improves the quality of sleep, and helps digestion. Walking allows you to keep yourself in shape, simplifies the process of childbirth. But, looking at the issue of walking from the angle of hygiene of a pregnant woman, it is important to adhere to some rules:

  1. The air should be fresh. Walking should be in green parts of the city, it is better if you can go for a walk outside the city, at least not far away.
  2. The walk should be at a comfortable temperature. In winter, walk at lunchtime, when the sun warms up the air a little. In summer, go out in the evening or early morning, when the sun is not yet in an active phase.
  3. Avoid walking in flowery areas, especially if you are allergic.
Hygiene of a pregnant woman – basic principles

Hygiene of clothing

In maintaining the personal hygiene of a pregnant woman, clothing plays an important role. They should be made of natural materials. Clothing should “breathe” and be comfortable. In the third semester it is better to choose dresses or special clothes for pregnant women.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of underwear. Comfortable, natural cotton, not tight, no bones, and most importantly – in size (be prepared to change size a couple of times in nine months). These are factors of ideal underwear for pregnant women.

Oral hygiene

Dental health needs to be given special attention. Over the course of a pregnancy, even with proper care, the baby can “eat” a couple of mom’s teeth. Not paying enough attention to oral hygiene in pregnant women, leads to an increased risk of serious problems, up to and including tooth loss.

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You need to:

  1. Be examined and have carious lesions corrected before pregnancy (if you plan to conceive). You can get treatment during pregnancy as well, but a specialist will not be able to do the full range of treatment, and possible procedures will have to be done in different trimesters.
  2. Pick a good brush and paste. Now this plays a particularly important role.

Don’t forget that germs develop at an incredible rate in the mouth, so brushing regularly is simply necessary. To comfortably maintain oral hygiene in pregnant women, choose a toothpaste that does not provoke nausea.

Hygiene of a pregnant woman – basic principles

Shower rules

Now for the most important procedure of the day: showering. Many women, grudgingly accept the new rules. Among them – a moderate temperature, the absence of baths, a complete rejection of saunas, baths. Showers should be taken daily, or several times a day, if you need it or if it is a hot summer outside. It is also necessary to abandon the scented shower gels, and for intimate hygiene of pregnant women choose only specialized gels.

Skin hygiene

Hygiene of a pregnant woman is different, and skin care changes dramatically during pregnancy. It is better to refuse foundation and other dense products, as the skin increases the production of secretions, which leads to a deterioration of its condition.

Also, be prepared for the possible formation of pigmented spots on the skin. They often accompany expectant mothers, due to elevated estrogen levels. It is not necessary to struggle with them. Your skin will return to normal immediately after childbirth.

The only thing your skin really needs in this period is moisture. This applies not only to your face, but also to your body. Buy a quality moisturizing cream made of natural ingredients for the body hygiene of pregnant women. It will help to saturate the skin, give the necessary nutrition, and reduce the risk of stretch marks.

Also pregnant skin hygiene includes all the standard rules for the selection of high-quality shower gels, frequent change of sponges and use of clean towels.

Hygiene of a pregnant woman – basic principles

Pregnant women’s intimate hygiene

Intimate comfort and sexual hygiene in pregnancy plays an important role in every woman’s life. In pregnant women, the need for meticulous care increases several times. It is necessary not only to provide basic hygiene to pregnant women, but also to do it with a glance at several rules:

  1. Treating the intimate area should only take place with products that are suitable for pregnant women. PH balance plays an important role in maintaining daily comfort.
  2. Treat the intimate area as often as possible. Hygiene of a pregnant woman is a systematic and frequent approach. It is best to wash after every visit to the toilet. You can use special sanitary napkins without additives and alcohol.
  3. Do not forget to wash your hands before the treatment of the intimate area. Bacteria from your hands can cause inflammation.
  4. Control the temperature of the water. It should be warm.
  5. Do not use any scented deodorants. Use daily pads with caution. It is important to change them every 2 hours, and choose a personal care product without fragrances.
  6. Do not use a towel to dry your intimate area. It is better to take disposable soft paper towels or wipes.

An important step in intimate area care during pregnancy is to consult a doctor. The gynecologist will choose the right products for proper care, taking into account your individual peculiarities.

Hygiene of a pregnant woman – basic principles

Breast hygiene in pregnant women

Pregnancy breast hygiene is one of the most important issues that every woman raises. During pregnancy, it is important to maintain the health and beauty of the bust. To do this, it is necessary to adhere to a few simple recommendations:

  1. Choosing a bra. Hygiene of a pregnant woman begins with a properly selected bra. It is worth to refuse lingerie with metal bones. It is important to choose a bra in size and of soft natural materials. During pregnancy, the underwear should provide support for the breasts and comfort of daily movement.
  2. The mammary gland is devoid of shapely tissues. In order not to lose the elasticity of the skin, which suffers greatly from increased strain, it is worth not only to choose a supporting underwear that takes into account your anatomy, but also to use special creams, do self-massage according to the prescribed mammologist scheme.
  3. Take “air baths”. Every evening, free the breast from lingerie and clothing for 15-20 minutes. It is better to carry out the procedure lying in bed. If you feel uncomfortable, cover yourself with a light cotton sheet. This is a very pleasant part of the hygiene of a pregnant woman.
  4. It is important to wash your breasts properly. Try to take warm showers twice a day. Rubbing the bust, it is important not to affect it with excessive force. Movements should be smooth and massaging.
  5. In the third trimester colostrum can begin to emerge from the breasts. It is worth to use breast pads to keep the underwear clean and provide comfort for the whole day.

The hygiene of a pregnant woman is slightly different, and is more significant. During this period, you can not “lazy” and skip procedures, negligent about the choice of underwear or hygiene products. Approach the issue of pregnancy responsibly, and the momslab.app will help you not to forget anything.

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