Cellulite… on your back?

Yes, the back after childbirth suffers just as much as the abdomen – this is no exception. Hormones affect the formation of fat under the skin, so that in general the body of a woman due to this may slightly increase in volume. In addition, during pregnancy itself expectant mothers eat more – this is also the influence of hormones, which contributes to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. The accumulation of excess nutrient tissue during pregnancy and lactation is provided by nature itself, and hormones “heat up” this process.

So, are there any ways or exercises for the back after childbirth that will help to get rid of folds and cellulite. So how do you remove folds on your back after childbirth?

Спина после родов: убираем складки

Causes of folds on the back after childbirth

As we said earlier, the main reason lies in a change in the hormonal background. In addition, a special role is played by the weight of the fetus – because of the increase in weight the center of gravity is shifted, the load on the back changes, the muscles of the back because of this can become sluggish and give up under the pressure of weight. But this is the simplest, scientifically explainable option.

There are some other factors that influence the appearance of fat deposits under the skin, including the back area:

  • Reduced levels of thyroxine, which is responsible for the thyroid gland;
  • Increased mammary glands, which provokes the deposition of fat below the shoulder blades;
  • Lack of proper activity, because not only walks with a stroller, you also need to do physical activity, which young mothers often do not have enough time and energy;
  • Improper diet, because of which any person will have a failure in the body and, most likely, there will be excessive weight and fat deposits.

If your back after childbirth has accumulated folds and you want to fix it, then pay attention to two main points – food and physical activity. There is not much sense to worry about hormones, because the hormonal background will recover over time, but you need to start working on your diet and body almost immediately. The nutritionists and trainers of our project can help with these issues: they will choose the right exercises for your back after childbirth and will form the optimal diet, supporting you and correcting it online.

Спина после родов: убираем складки

Healthy eating for your back

The back is part of our body, so you don’t need some special “back weight loss” diet. Although, at the same time, working on local weight loss is quite a difficult process and even almost unattainable. A comprehensive approach and working through the whole body is important in this matter.

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Therefore the complex is as follows: training, proper nutrition, and a drinking regime.

Yes, the drinking regime is very important, because you probably know that the body can slightly deceive us, and in many cases when it seems to you that you want to eat you actually want to drink. So listen to your thirst and quench it mainly with clean drinking water, excluding coffee, tea and sweet drinks.

As for nutrition, you should simply follow the rules of healthy eating. Exclude fatty foods, less fried food, in general, all the standard rules, which you can read about in the materials of our website, as well as ask for online support from the experts.

Recovery of the back after childbirth

Correctly chosen sets of physical activities will have a positive impact on the body as a whole. Remember, the main thing is regularity. And, of course, introduce the types of exercises that are not contraindicated to nursing mothers: gymnastics, cardio exercises, swimming, fitness. Yoga also has a good effect on the body in general and on the back in particular. Find the right asanas with a specialist, for example, it can be:

  • Marjariasana – Cat pose;
  • Shalabhasana – Grasshopper pose;
  • Adho Mukha Shvanasana – Downward facing dog;
  • “Lotus” for the back – while in this pose, one should make rotational movements of the shoulders and neck;
  • Bhujangasana – Cobra pose;
  • Pashchimottanasana – bending toward the legs while sitting and standing.

More exercises and yoga recommendations for recovery after childbirth can be found in our online course materials.

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